July 20, 2014

Pet Pics

I haven't shown any photos of the kids for a while, so here are a couple

Prince and Fuzzy out in the pen (Fuzzy is way back at the fence):

Prince and Fuzzy

Prince all spiffyfied up. I took him to a kennel Friday morning thru Saturday afternoon since the window guys were there with the door open all day. While he was there, I had them give him a bath, and apparently their groomer gives an extra touch with the bandana. This pic is after I picked him up on Saturday.

Prince from kennel

They said he did well, which is nice since he has never been in a kennel except at the vet for a procedure, and he doesn't like other dogs since being attacked several time. He definitely looked like a happy and relaxed dog when I picked him up. Sure, he was happy to see me, but he knows how to guilt a person, and he didnt' do that. He was relaxed and in good spirits - a huge relief as I will probably want to kennel him for any trips I take.

Guess I'll have to make an effort to get a pic of Tory so he isn't left out next time.

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April 05, 2014

Walking the Dog

With warmer and sunny weather for most of the week, I have been taking Prince for a walk (but not today - cold, cloudy and windy). With the rain earlier this week and some snow meltage, the river, which is 3 short blocks away, has risen a bit. It isn't at flood stage, but still loud and impressive to behold.

River at Mill St
River at Mill St
River at Mill St
River at Mill St

Looking forward to more nice days to come!

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February 13, 2014

Unexpected Sighting

I just saw my two favorite veterinarians, Derek and Nancy of Tenney Fritz & Combs, on tonight's NH Chronicle feature of Monadnock Oil and Vinegar Company. They were tasting different flavors of olive oil. Nothing exciting, but it was cool to unexpectedly see them in a setting other than their vet clinic!

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November 03, 2013

Getting Ready for Prince

All of the houses I looked at, none of them had a fenced in area - which is neccessary for keeping Prince. I certainly don't want to take him for a walk at 3AM, especially when it is -13 outside. So I have been keeping an eye on Craig's List.

Early last week I found what I was looking for, a young man had 8 - 10' x 6' panels of chain link fencing for sale. They had never been used and he was selling them for less than I could get them at a home improvement store. I offered him $50 less than the asking price and he jumped at it (should have offered even less I guess).

I asked WS if he could get a company truck and pick them up for me as they were in a town about 30 miles away. He agreed and we met at the seller's house on Tuesday to pick up the panels.

Fence (1024x768)
I didn't realize until I went out to take the picture that I got a bonus "Beware of Dog" sign. If Prince could read, he would laugh!

So I got the 80' of fencing before I knew that I had a house to attach it to. It should work well going off the corners of the backside of my house. Things have been falling into place pretty well the last couple of weeks (knock on wood). Now all I need is the hardware to fasten the panels together - and to close on the house.

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July 27, 2013

RIP Missy

Yeah, this blog is going down the crapper.

Today we had to put Missy (Mischief) down. She was a "used" dog when we acquired her in late September of 2001. She immediately bonded with Sampson as his protector against Princes rambuntiousness and became friendly rivals with Prince. she was a dog eager to please, alway happy (unless she thought you were displeased with her), and fearfull of so many things. Hoses were scary, new people, or even people she didn't see often created a submissive response. all of her neuroses were obtained from her former owner. It took years, but she blossomed.

She wasn't an overly confident dog, but eventually we didn't have to have her greet people on the deck so she didn't mess up the house. She was a great girl and I will miss her sunny disposition.

It has been a hard 4 weeks - an aunt and two pets have died. And husband is lost. My family is shrinking too fast. It was an honor to help Missy find some confidence and lots of joy. As tribute, here is my favorite photo of her.

Missy Jail-2003


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July 14, 2013

Rabbit Stew

We have had a tame rabbit visiting us in the early mornings. We usually scare him off when someone has been leaving for work - as the sky is lightening. We don't know whos rabbit it is, but have informed the neighbors in case they knwo who it belongs to. It could be one of the country "drop offs", where someone who can no longer care for the animal drops it off hoping it makes its own way in the world (or someone takes care of it). Or it could be an excapee who, like others before it, somehow makes a beline for our house.

Friday when I rode into the yard to get the bike to the shed, I was starteled to see the rabbit on the rock in front of the steps to the porch. I was evidently interupting its sunning, and it took off to behind the steps. I figured it would be gone by the time I got the bike turned around and backed up to the shed, removed all my stuff from my saddlebags, and made my way to the front door. I figured wrong.

  Rabbit-geting home

The rabbit had already recommenced his sunning, and rolling on the rock. Fuzzy had come running from the back yard, and followed me thru the gate only to get an eyefull.

Fuzzy Sees Rabbit
As I got to the steps, I found Tory waiting - and he was just plain unconcerned, which was kind of strange because usually he doesn't react well to new situations or animals invading his yard.In the picture it looks like his back is arched - but he was just rubbing the post waiting for me to let him in.

  Tory unconcerned

The rabbit had hidden behind the rocker when I got too close. I opened the door and expected Fuzzy to run right in (it was, after all canned food time, and Fuzzy just doesn't miss that), but found he had  decided to confront this interloper - or perhaps it was a large dinner just waiting to happen.

  Fuzzy Stalks rabbit

Instead of being scared and acting like prey, the rabbit came out and stared at Fuzzy. That was too much for the cat, so he decided he had to go sniff it.

Fuzzy sniffs rabit
Since it didn't smell like cat (so Fuzzy was unconcerned about his territory), and it didn't act like prey, Fuzzy was just plain dumfounded as to what his response should be. Then the rabbit decided it would be fun to run laps around Fuzzy.

  Rabbit circles fuzzy
Rabbit circles fuzzy

This seemed to concern him and after about 30 seconds of that, Fuzzy decided the canned food was definitely calling his name.

Haven't seen the rabbit since then, but I'm sure he'll be back.

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June 22, 2013

RIP Shadow

12/28/1997 to 6/17/2013

Shadow Kingdom
He is the only pet that passed away at home and I am terribly sorry I couldn't be there for him at the end. He is buried in the back yard, 30-40 feet directly behind where this picture was  taken.

He is sorely missed by both me and WS.

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April 21, 2013

Photo Op

The other night I came into the living room from the kitchen, and saw a sight that I need to get a picture of; Missy and Prince laying down, facing the dining room with Tory sitting between them, looking the same way.

I got the camera off the microwave (don't ask me why it is kept there, but there it has resided for several years). and was just in time . . .

Missed opportunity

. . . to get a shot that looked nothing like what was happening only 10 seconds before. Not a single animal had stayed - in fact Prince had done a lot of moving (standing up, then turning around). Missy had started to get up, and Tory obviously got bored and started to wander off.

Pretty much par for the course around here - getting a good picture is left for flowers and greenhouses.

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March 02, 2013

Instead of Content - Pics

Dogs by stove
Dogs by stove
Dogs by stove

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January 27, 2013

Tory In A Box

A picture I often can't get because Tory usually gets in and out rather quickly - one of the other cats will notice and stare him out of the box (no, "stare" is not a typo).


Shadow noticed Tory shortly after the picture was taken, and decided he wasn't going to allow such indulgence on Tory's part. So, he walked right up to the box and the staring began . . .

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