July 01, 2017

Happy Anniversary Rita

It has been 1 year since Rita joined Fuzzy, Birdie and I; I picked her up on 4th of July weekend of 2016. She has fit in well. Although Fuzzy and she aren't best buds, there isn't any annimosity and they are polite and pleasant to each other. She is my desk and bed cat - making sure I can't see the computer screen and laying between my arm pit and hip at night. She has had new experience such as going outside, which it was evident she had never been allowed to do before. Heck, until November or so of last year, she didn't even get near the door and looked indifferently on as Fuzzy went in and out.

Rita on porch walking-trnd
Rita on porch walking-trnd
Rita on porch walking-trnd

As you can tell from the blurry pictures, when I am outside she is always twining around my legs and "talking" to me. When she is not next to me, she is looking for bugs to chase. She definitely has some Siamese in her or may even be purebred Oriental Cat. Doesn't matter to me, I've been enchanted by her and am happy I can give her a good home.

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October 30, 2016

A Couple of Cuties

Just had to share a couple of cute pics of Fuzzy and Rita

Fuzzy stretched out on couch
Fuzzy stretched out on couch
Fuzzy stretched out on couch
Fuzzy stretched out on couch

That is all :)

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September 24, 2016

Kitty Cuteness

Just a few pics I've taken over the last couple of weeks

This blanket strip was placed on the floor while the folks were here. I spent days trying to pick it up, but every time I thought of it, one or the other cat was on it. This time they doubled down :) I did eventually get to pick it up a couple of days after the pics were taken (taken 9/6)

Fuzzy and Rita on Blanket
Fuzzy and Rita on Blanket

On 9/17 I picked up a couple of catnip mice for the kitties.

Rita with catnip
Rita with catnip
Rita with catnip
Rita with catnip

Fuzzy with catnip3

On 9/18, Rita ventured outside for the first time. Pics are a bit grainy because it was dusk. Rita loves to chase bugs that are on the other side of the glass in the storm door - and she managed to hone in on a bug out on the grass.

Rita on ramp
Rita on ramp

Today, I let Rita outside for a few minutes, but I didn't think to get pictures. Later, after she was back inside, she was trying to get me to let her outside to go after the dove. Not that she would have known what to do with it (and the dove probably would win a cage match), but that didn't stop her from really wanting to go after it.

Rita and dove 1-turned
Rita and dove 1-turned

And that concludes today's cuteness quotient.


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July 17, 2016

Fuzzy and Rita Update

When we last left Rita, she was ensconced in the craft room with a gate between her and Fuzzy.

Fuzzy at Ritas door 2

Oh sure, Fuzzy could, and did, jump the fence, but I made it quite clear to him that was not acceptable. Twice, the first day Rita was here, he jumped the fence and started yowling and hissing, and generally trying to chase her around. Both times he got his butt lifted out of the room and put outside  Since he wanted to be in to check out the cat, he got the picture pretty quickly. As an observation, it is a testament to his temperament  and level-headedness that he never tried to claw or bite me as I was non-too-gently getting him out of the room, even though he was worked up about the strange cat.

Rita also could jump the gate, but chose not to as she realized her safety depended on her staying in.

The night of the 4th (ir early morning of the 5th), she jumped the gate and started exploring. I was asleep on the couch and Fuzzy was sleeping on my legs (his favorite place to sleep). I was suddenly jerked out of sleep by growling and hissing. Fuzzy was swatting at something under the couch, and I realized it was Rita. I grabbed her and placed her back in the room, where she stayed until the afternoon of the 5th. Once again she jumped out and this time Fuzzy just watched her.

I left the gate up in case Rita needed to jump back in for safety (her food and litter box were in there too). By Wednesday evening, after I got home from work, it was evident that the gate was a moot point, so I took it down. Byt the 9th, I was able to move the litter box downstairs. interestingly enough, I still feed her in that room as she doesn't want to jump on the table that Fuzzy's food is on.

Gratuitous pic of Fuzzy

Fuzzy in cat bed

Last Sunday I was a couch potato (reading), and the cats took full advantage.

Fuzzy and Rita on couch
Fuzzy and Rita on couch

Last night I was vacuuming and as I came around from the living room toward the kitchen, here is what I saw (neither is a fan of the vacuum - LOL).

Fuzzy-Rita at door while vacuuming
Fuzzy-Rita at door while vacuuming
Fuzzy-Rita at door while vacuuming

Rita has not been outside yet. She only evinces interest if I am outside, but the minute I open the door she leaves the kitchen, so she isn't much interested - except when the vacuum is out :), but even then when I approached the door she went into the office. She also likes to chase the bugs on the other side at night.

Although not fast friends, they are doing well. They already get along better than Fuzzy got along with Tory, so all is good.


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July 04, 2016

Spirit of America

It has been lonely without a lap kitty in the house. Sure, Fuzzy keeps me company, along with Birdie, but Fuzzy is definitely not a lap cat and although not stand-offish, is not as willing to be sociable at a drop of a hat. Tory, since moving into this house, had always jumped in my lap every time I sat down. Didn't matter where he was, or if he was in the deep of sleep, he knew when I sat down and would come over to sit in my lap for a time (annoying when I was try to eat - but still endearing).

Last Sunday I decided to go to the Animal Rescue League (ARL) in Bedford to see if there were any grown cats that I thought would fit in the household. I had a specific wish list for a cat; gets along with other cats (some don't), somewhat outgoing (although I could work with a shy cat), must be a lover - after all I want a lap kitty. I was also looking for an adult younger or older didn't matter) and preferably female (spayed of course) as I felt Fuzzy was more apt to accept a female as to another male. Color was unimportant, although I do tend to favor darker colors such as black and gray with black stripes. Additionally, hair length was unimportant.

The ARL had several cats that I fancied, but most were not good with other cats. Then I saw some posters of cats that were held in some of the offices (allowed to roam free during the day in their designated office. One, a white cat named Spirit, was said to be good with other animals and the adoption fee was already paid by a good Samaritan. I asked to see her, and off we went to her assigned abode.

Spirit, a 4 YO white cat with light blue eyes and red ears (actually the blood going thru her ears), was walking toward the door as we opened it. Although she didn't rush up to the stranger (me), she came over within a minute or two to see what was up. after petting her and talking to her, she was quite vocal - although a soft vocalization, I decided that she would be a great new companion. I started the adoption process, and that is when they discovered she had dental issues and hadn't been tested for FeLV - a requirement before she went to a new home. She had been recently been transferred from a rescue in the northern part of the state, and apparently all of her records hadn't made it into the computer yet, which was the reason the dental and testing issues were not known at the time.

The ARL didn't know when she would be ready since they depend on vets volunteering their time to do needed surgeries and they said they would get back to me when everything was set. Friday, they called to let me know that the test had come back negative and that three back teeth had been removed. She would be done with her meds Saturday morning, so would be ready to pick up after that. Was I still interested? Of course I was.

Saturday afternoon, I picked her up - here is a picture of her in the office as we were waiting for the paper work to go thru.

Spirit (Rita) at Animal rescue league shelter

Even though her adoption fee had been paid, I made a donation that was equal to what it would have been. She talked to me a bit in the truck as we were headed home, but she settled for travel fairly quickly.

I had readied the craft room, the coolest main-floor room in summer, to receive her - that would be here "home" for a while until Fuzzy figured out she was part of the family. I let her out of the carrier and she immediatly scooted for cover. A couple of hours later I went and checked, and she had eaten the few kibbles I had placed in the food bowl and gone back into hiding. The next time I checked, she came out and greeted me - and wouldn't stay still for a picture :)

Rita (spirit) first exploration in back room

Since then, she has claimed a window seat on top of Cop Car's old sewing machine. Fuzzy still isn't enamored of the idea, but he has quit standing outside the door and yowling/growling at her. He does check out the door several times a day. The door is cracked open a couple of inches, with a baby gate in front so Fuzzy can't go in, but they can get used to each other's scents and presence.

Meanwhile, every time I go in there she greets me, talks to me, and presents herself for belly rubs. Yep, that's right, she thinks she's a dog :) She is very affectionate and she is very good with her claws; when she kneads, she kneads air.

As for her name, Spirit just doesn't flow from the tongue. I have decided that Spirit is short for Spirit of America (being she is red, whit and blue) and have shortened that to Rita (spiRIT of America).

Rita on sewing machine

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June 25, 2016

Tory 5/2000 to 6/23/16

Several weeks ago I noticed that Tory's purring changed in depth and timber. He was also slowly loosing weight, although I could only tell because I picked him up every morning into my lap while at the computer before leaving for work. Monday he didn't eat enough for me to tell that he had eaten. Tuesday and Wednesday were the same (Fuzzy eats different food, which Tory wouldn't touch). I thought I felt a hard lump in his throat, but was unsure.

Thursday morning I took him to the vet. She confirmed that he had a restriction growing along his windpipe that was squeezing it shut. Thus, the change in his purring/snoring (he was working hard to breathe) and probably the culprit for his not wishing to eat. It was a hard mass along the full length of his windpipe, and there was no way they could remove it. My choices were to take him home and watch him decline for the next couple of weeks before putting down, or let him go then.

I had already prepared myself over the last couple of days (hoping for the best, fearing the worst) and had spent extra special time the previous night and that morning - I held him as he drew his last breath on the examine table.

This is the most at peace I have been with helping a furry friend to the end. I didn't wait too long as I did for some, circumstances didn't force the decision too soon as happened with others, I had the opportunity to help as I didn't get to for a couple of others. He went before his struggle became a burden.

Pictures taken 6/22 and 6/23

Tory standing in office
Tory standing in office
Tory standing in office

He looks remarkably good for a 16 year old cat who had, at best, 2-3 weeks to live. I miss my lap kitty, but know it was for the best.

Rest easy my friend.

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May 22, 2016

Comfy Kitty

Went in to make the bed and apparently Fuzzy liked the configuration it was in.

Fuzzy on bed

Needless to say the bedding did not get pulled up - wouldn't want to disturb the kitty ;D

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April 02, 2016

Watch Kitty

I have squirrels that constantly raid my birdfeeders even though the feeders are literally right outside my back door. I thought that when Fuzzy was outside the squirrels stayed out of the penned in area. They have figured out they are in no danger from me if they are outside the pen and I am on the back porch, but surely the squirrels wouldn't come onto the porch while the cat was outside. Remember, Fuzzy was feral the first 5-6 years of his life and I imagine he caught a lot of his own food.

Yeah, right. See how my hopes are dashed :)

Fuzzy and Squirrel

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April 19, 2015

Birdie's Cage Fail

When last I left you in this riveting story, due to the base of Birdie's cage breaking, I bought a new cage for him and seemed to be doing well in his digs 9picture taken 3/27).


Well, he liked his mirror (transferred from the old cage), but he was rooted to his spot on the upper perch. He would not venture down to eat, even when I clipped one of his favorites, whole grain bread, above the food dish. By 3/31, he still had not moved to eat, although he did eat some bread that I placed in a clip next to the perch he was on - so I knew I had to do something - especially since I would be leaving for my 3 day trip to Rhode Island. So. I brought the old cage back pstairs and placed him in it until I could come up with something better. He immediately ran down to the food dish and started munching away.

I started searching CL, and found that several weeks previously someone had posted the exact same model as Birdie's old cage. I had tried desperately to find the same model as new, but evidently it had gone out of production (not surprised since it is at least 12 years old). So, I found someone who was selling the cage - or were they? You never know on CL with older ads. Did they sell the item and not delete the post? Did they get tired of waiting for someone to want it and take it to the dump or local swap shop?

Only one way to find out, so I mailed the person that had placed the ad. In the email I offered a little less than they wanted explaining that I really only needed the base, not the whole cage. Yes, the cage was still available, and they would take what I offered so I arranged to pick it up the night before leaving for RI. I didn't wet it up as I had other things to accomplish (like pack), but at least I didn't have to worry about it while I was supposed to be relaxing.

A couple of days after I got home, I transferred Birdie to the new/used cage (hey, it was already clan, so I might as well use the whole thing). Although traumatized by the move, as usual, he settled in as if it was the same old cage.

Birdie new used cage

At the same time, I decided to go ahead and assemble the stand that I had gotten for the new cage. Since the stand is contoured to fit the base of the new cage exactly, I had to scrounge in the basement and found a couple of shelves from a broken book shelf that works well for holding the cage.

If you look below the cage in use, there is a clear plastic seed catcher in the above picture. That thing has been in use since sometime in the 90's, and is brittle, cracked and falling apart. I looked and looked for a replacement, but the company that used to make them was bought out by another company and they discontinued making the seed catcher. Birdie is very messy for a cockatiel; throwing food and pellets out of the cage, so a catcher is needed.

Most solutions available now consist of a covering that blocks off view from above the seed bowl to the cage bottom. I knew Birdie would never go for that, so I finally found something that works, although it freaked out Birdie for a couple of days - but he is okay with it now.

New Seed Catder

Note that I only put up a couple of sides to the catcher so it sags and looks like crap, but it is the only way that I can still access the food bowls every day (it interferes with the latches for the bowls - if they slid upwards the catcher would be fine). It works better than the old catcher as Birdie hasn't figured out how to flip the pellets/seeds over the side, so the floor stays a lot cleaner.

Since the new cage that Birdie doesn't like is used, it can't be returned. I am torn as to whether I will try to sell it (and take a loss), or hold onto it. Every once in a while I see birds being given away on CL (cockatiels or parakeets), and I wouldn't mind having a couple more birds. Even if I don't get more birds at this point, Birdie has surpassed his life expectancy (he's over 20), so when it is his time to go, I am sure I will get another small bird or two - and having a new cage would be preferable to the used cage, which is about as old as the cage that I replaced.

 At least Birdie is happy and eating, so anything beyond that is just a minor irritant.

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March 29, 2015

Birdie's New Digs

I was cleaning Birdie's cage Wednesday evening when this happened.

Broken cage base
Broken cage base

I can't be too upset. It was Birdies original cage; I have had him since 2003 and he was about 10 years old when I got him. That cage came with Birdie, so I assume it is around 20 years old or so. Additionally, the center part had cracked a couple of years ago, so it was only a matter of time. Fortunately, Birdie isn't a big wanderer, the biggest issues the break caused would be more mess outside the cage and the wire being less securely balanced on the base. Heck, that portion that is still attached was very floppy even with the cage wire settled on top of it, and I was afraid it would break too.

I was originally going to go to a pet store to get a replacement cage - I could run out during lunch and pick one up. I got online to see what was available in-store, and couldn't believe what they were charging for a small cage (smaller than the 18 x 18 x 22T  cage I had). I did find a somewhat larger cage that would be good for Birdie, but I  wasn't liking the cost (really - it should have come with a bird or two already). People on CL also must have coated their cages in gold.

So, off on an internet search I went. At Overstock I found what I was looking for with the additional bonus of being able to buy a stand (total cost was for what the cage cost at where the pets go). A stand would be good because even wwith birdie's broken cage, it was all I dould do to fit the cage and the cat food on the table. With a stand for the even larger cage, I wouldn't have to worry about that. However, the cage wouldn't arrive until next week if I got it from Overstock. Although not a catastrophe, I had issues with that for my own reasons.

Since Overstock gave me a good skew number (the pet place used its own numbers), I was able to track one down on Amazon, where my Prime membership would get me 2-day delivery for the cage (the stand will be here sometime in the coming week - but that is not so urgent a need). So, Friday evening FedEx delivered the cage and I got it all set up.

New cage
New cage

The cool thing about this cage is that I can take it completely down to flat if needed (the other cage I couldn't).

Birdie is still getting used to his new place. The more vertical bars, versus his old cage having more horizontal bars, are not as easy for him to maneuver around with. He was never that good at climbing cage wires to begin with. The perch dowels supplied with the cage were for slightly larger birds (O'hara-size), so I bought a dowel yesterday and fashioned a new main perch for him - he seems more comfortable now.

As I suspected, the new cage takes up almost all the width of the table so I have moved the cat food to the living room bay window until the stand arrives.

Hopefully Birdie settles in quickly and enjoys his new cage for a long time to come.

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