January 31, 2015

Tough Luck

No, not my luck - the Town of Henniker just lost almost its entire fleet of snow removal equipment due to a fire at the town barn. Henniker is next to my town, and I know several people who live there (the town, not the barn - LOL). There is a snowstorm expected Monday that should dump 12-18" of white stuff on us.

Henniker Garage Fire
Henniker Garage Fire
Henniker Garage Fire

I hoped this morning my town, and other surrounding towns would pick up portions of Henniker streets. Then late this afternoon, I was on my way to Manchester, and passed 3-4 state plow trucks heading the other way. I wonder at the time if they were headed to Henniker as loaners.

On tonight's evening news, I found that both my hope and my guess were true; several towns, including mine, will help cover some of the routes, and the state is supplying some equipment too.

Although they like to say that this is good old Yankee generosity, it is my belief that the same would hold true in Kansas (neighbor helping neighbor), or any other state.

EDIT: Here is the NHDOT FB page describing the help that Henniker will get.

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January 11, 2015

Low Temp of the Season

The lowest temperature yet this season was at 4 AM on January 8th:

Neg 17

Right now it is -10F.

Still nice and warm inside from the pellet stoves!

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November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Snow

I started today with snowblowing the driveway. I had snow blowed last night, but that was just the first 5-6", so I had to get the rest of the 13" total taken care of along with the berm the town plows left at the end of the driveway.

After getting the driveway cleared, I took time to look at the trees and how magical they look

Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees

These trees are just across the fence

Trees at ditch

This tree is across the street from me, and usually doesn't look like much, but with the snowy covering lit up by sunlight makes it just explode with beautifull

Tree across street

I went to my boss's house for an early Thanksgiving dinner and she had created a lovely spread

Turkey at Jens2
Turkey at Jens2

On the way home, I was enchanted with the trees to either side of the road

Snowy Fir Trees
Snowy Fir Trees
Snowy Fir Trees

Stop and smell the roses during the spring and summer, Enjoy the colors of fall, and take the time to be enchanted with the beauty that fresh snow brings to the otherwise barren landscape during winter!

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Thanksgiving 2014

For Thanksgiving NH recieved a snowfall that turned the landscape beautiful. The first measurable snowfall for fall of 2014 measured 13" here in Hillboro. I am so very thankful that we didn't get the massive snowfall that Buffalo recieved last week!

Trees in back
Trees in back
Trees in back

Along with being blessed with the beautiful scenery, I am thnakful for family (both by blood and in-laws), internet friends and furry friends, that I have a job, that I have a place to live and can afford to keep myself warm and fed, and that I am healthy and able to take care of myself. Addtionally, I am thankful for those men and women who defend our country.

I hope everyone finds time today to realize what they have.

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October 04, 2014

NH Home of the Mini Earthquake

One of the few times I didn't feel/hear/realize that there was a quake when I was awake. Heck, minor quakes have waken me up before. In my defence, that was when I was at the other house sleeping in the basement. Also, I live in town now, so more heavy traffic. Don't think twice when I hear what sounds like big trucks coming down RT 149, unlike the quiet road I previously lived on.

US National Earthquake Event Center

October Earthquake


WMUR TV New Article


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July 07, 2014

Summer in the 603

The Super Secret Project is a NH band that doesn't do mainstream airwaves, but has done several songs about NH (or the 603 - our area code). The have teamed up with Roots of Creation and made a new song, Summer in the 603.



Money quote in my book: The Devil Went Down to Georgia because Daniel Webster kicked his ass!

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May 11, 2014

Busy Day in Deering

Heard sirens most of the afternoon today. Found out there was a brush fire in Deering that went to 3 alarms.

Then a fire truck and a SUV had an argument (no link, but it was breaking news on Channel 9).

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April 14, 2014

Early Brush Fire

Have been hearing sirens go by several times in the last 10 minutes. Went on FB and found there is a brush fire on 149 in Deering. If I were a betting person I would say t the very least Hillsboro and Antrim are there too from the sound of the sirens.

Very windy today so my gues is somebody threw a butt out the window and it caught the still brown grass at the side of the road on fire. We had rain yesterday, and are due for some tomorrow so the grownd isn't dry - but the vegetation isn't green yet so will burn quickly anyway.

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Relaxing Sunday

Yesterday I went adventuring with a friend. I left the house at 5:30 AM as we were to walk Wildcat Falls in Merrimack and take photos shortly after sunrise. Even though it was cloudy and cool, and the sun didn't make an appearance as it was supposed to (per the weather-guessers), the hike was worth it.

Wilcat Falls 2
Wilcat Falls 2
Wilcat Falls 2

Then we went and saw Captain America at a place where you sit at a table in comfortable chairs and they serve you lunch (or dinner if you are there later). They had very good burger (no bun for me) and their fries were awesome. I haven't had fries for a long time but these were obviously fresh made and not overly salted.

Then we headed out to walk the old canals in Nashua to MIne Falls. I never would haave thunk there is such an extensive walking trail system in the heart of Nahsua - NH's second largest city. By that time the sun had come out and it was starting to warm up. It ended up being a beautiful day to discover Mine Falls.

Nashua Canals 2

At that point I had to get back home to let Prince out, but it was a wonderful day full of fresh air, new sights, great hiking and never ending discussions. Oh, and I scored a planter box (sans the bottom) from the early morning walks - someone had left it in the middle of the trail so I carried it out (you know, leave the trails better than you found them). And, my friend had an extra weed wacker that he didn't use because it hurt his back, so I brought that home too.

Couldn't have asked for a better day!

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March 16, 2014

Town Meeting 2014

I attended my first Hillsboro town meeting on Tuesday, after voting. I am used to attending Deering's meetings on Saturday, and that usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. I knew I was in for a short night of sleep, being on a week night, but there was nothing to do bu buck up and deal with it.

First surprise: They didn't announce that they were following Robert's Rule of Order. Not neccessarily a bad thing, but it meant I didn't know the language the would use (I never heard the words "move the article", "move to vote", 'point of order" etc.

Second surprise, they commonly create articles that are "nonlapsing until xxx date" meaning that we would be obligated for a matching sum neach year until the date was reached (usually until December of 2015 for this year's articles).

Third Surprise: it was madatory that you walk up to the front and talk into a microphone, and address the board. That meant you didnt' get to face your fellow voters, and you were definitely in the spotlight when speaking. I have never had an issue being heard at town meeting, and I found the requirement that we strictly face the selectboard to be a bit disconcerting.

Fourth Surprise: Whenever the board was asked a question for information, rarely did they have a clue who would/could answer the question. Often there was a couple of minutes of silence before any type of response was given. The board did not seem as knowledgeable as I am used to, nor did they seem to recognize when it would be best or easier to call on a town employee to respond.

Fifth Surprise: the town is just now getting around to establishing capital reserve funds for such things as municipal building repairs.

Sixth Surprise: They hand out voter cards, but don't use them for hand votes. Any outcomes that couldn't be deterimined by voice vote, they asked the voters to stand at when "Yeah" or "Nay" was called. I am used to holding up the voter card and remaining sitting. However, it was niced to get off my butt for a minute.

Surprise 7: Even though the voters seemed to be determined to spend lots of money and pass every article, they did not approve purchasing a 5 acre tract of land for conservation purposes. If the selectboard had done a test on the land, to ensure there were no contaminant, this probably would have passed. But it seems that they figured since it was upstream from a former mill site, it couldn't possibly be contaminated. This site also happens to be downstream from the papermill in another town. I gather from the discussion that the town has purchased several parcels of contaminated land - which they found out after the fact so had to spend lots of money to clean up. You would think the selectboard would wake up after that happened a couple of time!

Biggest Surprise: The first 3 main articles worth over 7 MILLION dollars, comprising of the town budget as well as the water and sewer department budgets, all passed without a single comment from the voters. NOT ONE! To wit, they didn't even go thru the town budget line by line to give the voters an opportunity to discus and/or ammend that line item. A big change from Deering!

No Surprise: one of the articles worth the least amount of money took up the most time. $11,000 wasw argued over for 20 minutes or more. (the article was actually for 17k, but 6k was coming from a grant).

And the last point: if anyone ever says that they can't make a difference by attending town meeting, Hillsboro passed one article by 1 vote. Yes, 1 vote (58 to 57). This standing vote was actually taken twice since it was so close. One more person could have defeated the measure (or forced a secret ballot). And by the way, a whole bunch of people in attendance didn't vote as I estimate there were around 150 people in attendance.



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