October 27, 2013

Tables Galore

I have been keeping my eyes out for furniture and in the last couple of weeks I have had some great finds.

At the swap shop at the local dump, I found a solid wood, octaganal end table that has a door in the side and a swiveling top. I love the design on top and it will clean up quite nicely when I refinish it. The sides and base are in good shape, so if I can match the stain color, I may be able to get away with just doing te-doing the top. Then upon opening the door, I found about 70 music CDs,  about 30 of which are to my taste - double bonus!

  Oct Table Top
Oct Table Top
Oct Table Top

Early last week, at the side of the road,. someone put out another nice end table. It too is solid wood and has a small drawer for holding odds and ends. Although a bit beat, it will clean up nicely with sanding down , re-staining and a bit of polyeurathane.

  Square Table Top

The next day, at the same place as I found the square table, there was a bunch of furniture out. I bypassed the dresser (I have plenty thanks to Cop Car and HH), and the chest of drawers (which was not solid wood, so would not have refinished well. However, amongst the other stuff was a solid wood coffee table. It is extremely heavy and 60" long (our current coffee table is 50") so getting it from the Jeep, up 2 flights of stairs, thru the hallway into the back room was challenging, but I prevailed.

  Coffee Table Top

All of these pieces of furniture are older, made of heavy wood, so will easily serve me well for the rest of my days. A little TLC, which I am well practiced at, and they will be as good as new.

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