August 12, 2017

HOG Ride

Last Sunday I finally got to take a break and joined a Concord HOG Chapter ride. There weren't many attending as a lot were on vacation, but I prefer small groups anyway. We met up a 10 at the dealership then took a circuitous route that eventually meandered past my place and over to Peterborough, where we stopped for lunch.

My bike is closest to the camera

Bikers in peterborough

I asked Darlene to take a picture to prove I was actually there. I stood behind her trike, so am a bit hard to see.

Bikers in peterborough

After lunch, many of us split off to find our way home, while others continued on for a couple more hours. I chose to ride home in the company of two other members; one of which stores her trike in my town (although she lives elsewhere) and another trike rider who was headed back to Concord. It was cloudy and cool so I decided to wash and shine the bike up a bit. As I finished, the sun shone a bit thru the clouds - she cleans up nice :)


Bike wash front fender
Bike wash front fender

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May 06, 2017

Live and Let Live Farm LOH Donation

Back in March, LOH of the Concord HOG Chapter held a fundraiser and half the money raised was to be donated to Live and Let Live Farm, an animal rescue organization of which one of our members is a volunteer to.

L&LLF Barn
L&LLF Barn

We wanted to give the donation at the farm and get a tour, which was great in theory. After two snowstorms, HOT training and lots of rainy weather, we finally made it come together. Although not many got to go, we had a good time feeding the animals and getting some of the background on them.

First, because the farm is a working farm and obviously very busy, we got the donation presentation out of the way; Michelle is on the left with the owner of L&LLF next to her. I'm in back with Darlene in front of me. Keith is next holding a goat. Then there is Tom and Linda (married to each other and both volunteer at the farm.

Donation group with LOH flag

This kitty was having a ball playing with its toy. He had the run of the upstairs of a barn where dogs are kept in isolation until it is determined they don't have any communicable diseases and have gone thru temperament evaluation.


The cattle loved the carrots that I brought


As did the goats. The goats are so energetic and fun to watch


The fowl (geese, chickens etc) are allowed to roam the grounds freely. This goose has set himself up to be the greater / protector of a specific barn that housed several hens, some horses, goats and sheep.


Keith, our Director, feeding a horse



Linda, an LOH/HOG member who also volunteers a lot of her time at the farm



I got to pet and feed a mustang who was being worked with by the farm's "horse whisperer". The horse was very good at taking the carrots out of my hand and seemed to be thriving under the whisperer's guidance.


These two mini horses roam the grounds. They are very good with people and kids. They, of course loved the carrots.

Some of the animals had horrific stories and it was amazing how a lot of them have come back to trusting people again. They took in 5 horses from an alleged neglect situation a couple of days after our visit. There were a lot of children there volunteering their time - some with their parents and some were dropped off by parents who did not share their children's interest, but who had found a great outlet for their children's love of animals.

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International Female Rider Day 2017

Today, 5/6/17, was International Female Rider Day (IFDR). Our LOH group had a group ride planned by Assistant Director Michelle and for which a couple of us ladies contributed by arranging the additional insurance (it was open to anyone, so we needed gap insurance for the day) and creating the flyers. Michelle also made sure we had additional Road Captains to help keep us safe (they all have communications so if anyone had troubles or if part of the group got caught by a light/stop sign they could keep in touch).

And, just like last year, Mother Nature decided not to cooperate and it rained quite heavily Friday afternoon into this morning. However, we have a core group of die hard ladies, and all our Road Captains are quite hardy too, so a group of about 8 ladies and 3 Assistant Road Captains, and one guy that goes to everything set out for the 1.5 hour ride. We had a great time and only saw a couple of light showers. Pictures before we left:

In the purple is our Assistant Director Michelle and Blake, her husband and one of our Road Captains is the guy next to her. Behind Blake is Sandy, our Membership Officer and way to the left in the background is Darlene, our Secretary. I don't know the name of the other guy in orange and yellow - he just joins any ride and has that beautiful bike with red, white and blue decals. Oh, and my bike is the closest one to the camera.

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm


The two ladies, Gina and Traci, in this next picture don't belong to our chapter. They rode from near the seacoast to join our ride. Apparently the group they had planned on going with wimped out for IFDR :). They were great and we were glad to have them join us! Traci's bike is the gold Deluxe and Gina's bike is the Road Glide (the one she is standing behind).

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm

Dave, our Editor a(the tall dude) and Bob, our Safety Officer (the smaller guy) who rode Sweep (last) were both Assistant Road Captains. Sandy is over on the right and Michelle is way back there by her beautiful purple bike.

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm


This was the registration table with Patty, our Treasurer next to Bob. Sylvie, our Merchandise Officer is in the white coat and is standing next to our Director (sitting). Peter, our Activities Officer is in the background. Everyone under the tent stayed and ran raffles and held a BBQ.

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm


The BBQ was just getting set up and we were happy as heck there was food there when we got back around noon!

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm

And then the Group photo after we came back; Gina and Traci, our guests are at the very left. The tallest one in back is Patty, and the short one in front of her is Darlene.  Peeking over Darlene's shoulder is Nancy, who had a heck of a time getting out of her muddy driveway so she joined us part way thru the ride. Then of course, there is me, then Michelle, then Sandy.

IFDR group pic 3

After eating I left for home, and naturally it started pouring so I got soaked (seams in rain pants don't keep out water when you are sitting in a big puddle - the seat). Fortunately it was fairly warm, almost 60, and I had my helmet on, so my biggest worry was that traffic on the highway could see me thru all the road spray and rain. I got home fine and of course the sun came out about 10 minutes after I pulled into the garage. No matter, I still had a great time!

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April 29, 2017

2nd Day HOT Training

I realized I had neglected to post about the second day of HOT (Harley Officer Training), so I will rectify that here.

The second day started much as the first day, with a general assembly before everyone went to their respective classes

  Attendee start meeting day two

My first class of the day was "Welcome to the Family". This was a class aimed at inspiring ways to motivate new and existing members to participate in our Chapter. This was very informative as it gave us insight into what success looks like and strategies to that success. We broke into 3 groups (Dealer, Existing Members and New Members) to explore the expectations that different people had of the Chapter Officers. Then we also discussed concerns that Officers had in discharging their duties. Yep, I was the organizer and then 3 people immediately said, "you're the presenter".

  Class 1-welcome to the family

The second class was HOG Talk where we discussed appropriate means of interacting with different people (those we have a background with versus people we don't know) and reading body language. However, our leader did stress that body language can be misinterpreted; arm crossed is very difficult as it can mean someone is closed off, comfortable, hiding tremors not to be quick to leap to conclusions based on body language alone. Somehow I neglected to get a picture of the intor screen, so just trust me when I say I was there :)

My third class was another Power Pack and I chose Risk Strategies 2. It was a class more geared toward answering questions that arose during the first Risk Strategies (More Fun Less Lawyers) and it was interesting to see what other chapters had for questions.

Class 2-risk strategies

My fourth class was Creating and Delivering the Excitement which dealt with rethinking rides and activities that would entice more than the core group of the Chapter. The group activity for this class was to create a poster/flyer dealing with a theme that the instructor assigned. Our group did an okay job, and I, along with someone from another NH HOG Chapter presented it (I was the talker, he was the "billboard" - held the presentation sheet that was our "poster" so I could talk to the points. The best presentation was for "Hookers Wanted". this was a ride based on a final destination for fishing. Obviously they had a marketing guru in their group (literally - one of their group was in Marketing for their dealership) at at least one person with some artistic talent. The posters were created in 15 minutes!

Class 3-creating and delivering the excitement
Class 3-creating and delivering the excitement
Class 3-creating and delivering the excitement

Then there was the final class where we once again hooked up with our own Chapters and rehashed what we had learned. We then set a date and time for a debriefing so that we could share our learning and exchange ideas with each other as well as our HOG Chapter Director, who was not at the training.

Calss 4-building strong foundations

After a final general assembly, classes were out and we got a group picture of our attending Chapter Officers in front of the HOG flag in the Lobby. Unfortunately we did not get our Dealer in the picture as she left for church before the final general assembly.

Concord HOG Officers group pic at end

Left to right: Editor Dave, Safety Officer Bob, Secretary Darlene, me, Assistant Director Michelle and Treasurer Patty.

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April 22, 2017

Bike is Home for 2017 Riding Season

On April 12, Heritage H-D dropped off the bike.

Bike back from storage april 2017

It has been a cold April so far, so I've only ridden twice; to the debriefing of the group that went to HOT training the following Saturday (mine is the one on the left - the other bike belongs to another Officer that attended the training)

1st ride of season to Heritage

and to work on the 17th

Ride to work 4-17-17

Hopefully it warms up soon (today was in the low 40's) and riding to work will become a regular thing.

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April 16, 2017

1st Day of HOT Training

They kept us pretty busy thru the Harley Officer Training (HOT).The Introduction to the training was held in an auditorium with all attendees.

Welcome screen

This year's theme of the training was "No Boundaries". That was in reference to the boundaries that we, and our groups place on ourselves that can limit chapter growth, member retention and yes, even the riding and fun.

Theme - No Boundaries

Sometimes I felt like I was back at high school changing classes every hour or so. The first class for everyone was Building Strong Foundations. Although these classes went on in several different rooms, each chapter was placed at one table. We were lucky and our Sponsoring Dealer attended training also, so we could all discuss what we wanted out of the training and preliminary planning for putting that in action

  1st class - building strong foundations

After the planning stages, the schedulers had broken up the Chapters by placing members in different classes. Somehow they knew that I was the one that am not comfortable with other people, so they managed to always place me in a class by myself (except one class on day two). Most of the other Chapter members got one other familiar person in their class.

My second class was Inspire thru Leadership where we were introduced the reason for HOG, what rules the Company institutes for HOG Chapters and ways that leaders handle challenges.

2nd class - inspire thru leadership

My 3rd class was a "Powerpack" or bonus class that we got to pick from and I chose Using Social Media. I learned a few things about posting picture do's/don't's and a few things to put into action for emails to new members.

  3rd class powerpack - using social media

My 4th class was Forging the Dealer-Chapter Relationship. We broke into groups and were asked to think as  a sector of the Chapter - Sales, Engineer, Designer, Production/QA (this coincided with the 4 types of people that started the H-D brand/company). The groups were self-determined thru personality types and my group was "William - the Production/QA person who listened and didn't talk a lot. Each group was given an exercise and to share results with the entire class. Once again I became the organizer. My work experience with leading meetings was certainly coming in handy by keeping group members on task and leading them thru the different aspects that we were asked to consider.

4th class - forging dealer-chapter relationship

That evening HOG hosted a dinner with entertainment. I was not originally planning to go as I was all peopled out, but decided to attend the dinner. The had screens set up where pictures taken thruout the day were presented on a slide show. Much to my surprise, my mug was captured.

Profile on screen

While everyone else stayed for some of the entertainment (a cover band, alcohol and dancing), our dealer and I headed back to the hotel as neither of us drink (okay, she doesn't drink at all and I rarely drink), nor fully appreciate bashes with all kinds of strangers. After a full day, it was nice to curl up with the Kindle and just decompress.

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Buffalo Side Trip

On the way to Harley Officer Training, we took a small side trip to a Buffalo Harley-Davidson dealer. They had an area that showcased some old bikes, which was the best thing about that shop.

1917 j model bike
1917 j model bike
1917 j model bike
1917 j model bike

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April 07, 2017

Silence Please

3 more days of this person and her non-stop talking. the 8 hour drive out here was bad enough, but we also share a hotel room. The 8 hour drive will be a contest of my willing myself not to strangle her.

It will be a miracle if I'm still sane after this.

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April 02, 2017

Patches and Pins

I am going to Harley Officer Training in Buffalo, NY soon. As an officer of our Chapter, I am expected to proudly represent my chapter - and let others know what chapter that is. Up until now, I have worn a leather vest with verious patches - 2A, 9-11 memorials, travels map, a Lady Rider and LOH Patch (national group). That vest is quite full (and I have lots of patches/pins that sit in a box).

I happen to have a HD denim vest given to me by a coworker who used to ride with her ex. She no longer had a use for it and gave it to me quite some time ago. I have never used it, but no am putting it to good use by placing Chapter as well as National patches on the back. Oh, and please notice that Rita was helping so had to photo bomb - at least her chest and legs :)

Jacket back - turned

On the front are featured my officer patch and pin (on the left as you look at the picture), and on the other side are the chapter pin, the national LOH pin, and the national HOG pin for the current year.

Jacket pins

1 day of driving there, 2 days of classes, then another day of driving back. My butt is going to be telling me all about the sitting I will be doing.

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March 25, 2017

I've Been Busy as a HOG

Since summer of 2014, I have belonged to a HOG (Harley Owners Group) and their subgroup LOH (Ladies of Harley). I haven't participated much in their activities, but do attend the monthly meetings. I also helped man the tables for selling tickets in a fundraising endeavor in the spring of 2015. And I also participated in 1/2 of a ride that fall. I was going to visit a friend in central NY at the same time they were having a ride to extreme eastern NY so I tagged along and peeled off when they stopped in NY. I've also participated in the Internationale Female Ride Day. But that has been the extent of my participation in activities.

Late last fall, the LOH Officer announced that she was going to be submitting her name for consideration as the Assistant Director of our HOG chapter and asked for ladies who were interested in the LOH Officer position to let her know. A week or so later she emailed me asking if I was interested. I responded that with working two jobs I didn't feel I had the time to put into it, but if she couldn't find anyone else, that I would do it. She had served as LOH Officer for 2 years, done an extremely good and effective job at it, so deserved to look for a higher seat.

She did find someone else, so at the elections held in November, the Officers were elected without fanfare and that was that. Or so I thought.

So how the heck did this happen?

LOH Officer list 2017

Well, In mid January The lady who had accepted the nomination as the LOH Officer found that her work schedule would not allow her to effectively perform her duties as LOH Officer so resigned her position. A call went out for all interested parties to contact the Director and the Officers would chose the candidate from amongst that pool. A week or so later, keeping in mind the troubles of finding a candidate last fall, I contacted the Assistant Director letting her know that IF no one else put their name in, I could do it. I reminded her that I had two jobs and didn't have a lot of free time on my hands so I didn't want my name thrown in if there were other interested parties.

Apparently, no one else volunteered so at the February HOG meeting, our first meeting since the elections, I was tentatively affirmed as LOH Officer - tentative because they wanted to make sure that everyone who attended the HOG meeting was aware of the vacated position. Two weeks later it was official.

Since then I have organized two LOH meetings; the February meeting (which was delayed a week because of a blizzard) was as presumptive LOH Officer, and March meeting as the affirmed Officer. At the March HOG meeting I had to give the report on our meeitng and upcoming events. I have attended a Monarchs Hockey game with the HOG chapter (on the left is our chapter Secretary and on the right is our Membership Officer).

Monarchs Hockey game

And the biggest, most time consuming event so far, was organizing and running the LOH bake sale and raffle of which the proceeds benefited two charities. (I'm way back  behind the white haired lady).

LOH Bake sale-raffle 3-18-17

The first weekend of April is the HOG meeting, for which I have to give my report. The second weekend of April I have to attend Officer training in Buffalo, NY with 5 other chapter Officers. That will consist of two days of travel and two days of training. Then the April LOH Meeting is 4 days after we return, then in May is the International Female Ride Day plus the regular HOG and LOH meetings.

It's all busy and good. But what the hell did I get myself into? :O

And last - at the raffle / bake sale, I had to have my picture taken for the HOG Chapter website.

  LOH Officer Picture

2017 HOG flyer

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