September 17, 2016

Biker Chick and her Parents

While Cop Car and her HH were here, they actually got to see one of my motorcycles - they never saw, in person, my previous bikes. Since that Sunday was the monthly HOG meeting, and their hotel was just a couple miles down the same road, I rode over when the meeting was over. After performing some errands, using HH's car, and just prior to heading towards my place, CC told Dad she wanted a pic of him on the bike. And here he is.

  Dad on bike

Of course, they had never seen me ride before, so CC went a little crazy with the pics as they followed me home. She literally took more pictures of me than had previously been taken in total. These are just a sampling of the pics; The first is as I was getting prepared to leave the hotel parking lot, then various places thru the ride home, and finally as I am backing into the driveway.

  Getting ready to leave parking lot
Getting ready to leave parking lot
Getting ready to leave parking lot
Getting ready to leave parking lot
Getting ready to leave parking lot

  On bridge street 2
On bridge street 2

 Once home, I had Mom get on the bike for a pic together.

Mom on Bike

I appreciate that CC shared the pics with me as I have a hard time rotating my FB profile pic since I have so few photos of myself (which I only do a couple times a year) - usually I resort to just pics of my bike. 

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May 07, 2016

International Female Ride Day 2016

The first Saturday in May is IFRD. Last year I didn't get to participate, but this year I did and joined the local LOH chapter in their ride. As per usual, when I plan a ride, it was in the low 40's and rainy. I'm so used to that turn of events that I don't even blink or question whether I am going or not.

We met at the local Harley dealer ("local" being relative - it is 30 miles from where I live). I got there early so had my pick of parking spots (mine is the one facing the building)

Bike parked ready for IFRD

We took a group photo before leaving. There were a lot more ladies scheduled to join us, but the weather must have kept them away. Several guys from the HOG chapter volunteered to ride with us to road guard.

Internation Female Ride Day Group Pic-small

The guy in back isn't super tall - rather super short. He was holding onto the shoulders of me and the gal on his other side and jumping up and down - LOL.

And for Cop Car, who I'm sure is having kittens because she can't see my face

Internation Female Ride Day Group Pic-super crop

There I am in the center, back, to the left of the "tall" guy. The lady center front was the leader of the ride. She created and scouted the route. The two women to her left are the one's I normally hang with at LOH and HOG meetings because they talk enough that I don't have to try to fill silences with small talk (which I suck at). The shorter of the two is the one I usually hitch a ride with to drop off or pick up my bike for/from winter storage - she drives right by my place when going to Concord. I return the favor; last year I took her to pick up her bike. This year she picked up her bike this morning (just before the ride), then after we got home I drove her back to the dealer to pick up her car. She stores her bike in my town so it is convenient for both of us.

This is the first time I have joined an LOH group ride, and only the 2nd HOG chapter ride (the one other time was last summer when I was headed to NY anyway and joined them for 1/2 their trip. It was a good time and I certainly hope to join again next year.

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April 03, 2016

Birthday Party 2016

Because Cop Car was complaining that I didn't post the picture on my blog - all the people that attended my birthday part (otherwise known as the April HOG meeting that happened to fall on my BD)

HOG Meeting 4-3-16

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April 02, 2016

Just in Time for Snow

After cleaning out the garage to make room to bring the bike home from storage, I arranged a ride for Sunday (4/3). What is magic about Sunday? The monthly HOG meeting is held on the first Sunday of the month and one of the gals goes pretty much right by my house to attend the meeting. The plan was that she would pick me up to go to the meeting and I would ride the bike home.

Monday night the weather guessers started talking snow for the weekend. Tuesday, they sang the same tune - ARRGGHH!. Wednesday they were predicting inches of snow for Sunday. Meanwhile it was in the high 60's with thunderstorms coming on Friday.I didn't want to wait another month to pick up the bike (the next HOG meeting).

So, I called the dealer and arranged to pick up the bike Thursday after work. I left the car there and rode home in 60* - a bit on the windy side, but plenty warm so it was a good ride.

Bike home on 3-31-16

I drove the truck to work yesterday even though it was plenty warm. I was glad I had as there were torrential rains on my way home.

This morning I texted the gal to make sure she didn't forget to pick me up tomorrow morning so I could pick up the car, and added that if she was going to Concord today, that would work for me also. Ack, she was sick and going to the minor emergency center because she thought she had pneumonia. If she had pneumonia, she wouldn't be going to the HOG meeting. I offered her a ride to the ME if she wasn't up to driving but she said she would pick me up instead . Turns out she went to the ME in Concord instead of the one closer to her; evidently, she doesn't like that place closer to her home.

Anyway, I got the car picked up, so all vehicles are now home. The gal texted me a while ago that she doesn't have pneumonia (Yay!), just a terrible cold. It was a juggle, but everything worked out.

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January 23, 2016

2016 Heritage Storage Party

Yes, I'm still alive, just haven't done anything either inside or outside the house, so haven't had anything to post about.

Today the place that I store my motorcycle, Heritage Harley Davidson, had their winter storage party. This is an invitation only event, for those who store their bike. Sure, the public can still come to the store, and they get an extra treat in being able to go into the wrenching area, but they don't get drink or food chits, nor do they get tickets for door prizes.

So I got to visit my bike (middle one in picture) and talk to a couple of LOH and HOG members that I usually only see during meetings.

Bike at Heritage Storage Party Jan 2016

Didn't win anything this year, but I have won some pretty good prizes in the past, so still had fun watching those who did win. they also have a chili cook off competition for the guys in the service department. The  attendees are the judges and the winner of the most votes gets a vacation day.

Was happy that we aren't getting out of the Nor'Easter as it would have hit about when the party got out. Did some shopping while I was in Concord, and now back home with a cat on my lap as I type.

Don't see anything happening for the next several weeks, so may be a while before I post again. Don't worry, I'm not just neglecting my blog - I'm also not posting on FB except to Like people's postings. Just be happy that I'm not posting what is "happening" in my life so you don't have to try to cheer-lead something like, "I got up, I went to work, I got home, I watched TV, went to bed, I got up, I went to work" etc. etc.

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November 15, 2015

Sad Day

This morning I took the bike in for winter storage. Left the house at 34 degrees and it wasn't much, if any, warmer when I got there before they opened at 10.

Bike waiting for Heritage to open
Bike waiting for Heritage to open

Looking forward to next March or April when it is warm enough for me to pick it back up!

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September 06, 2015

Day of Riding

I took a break last Sunday and didn't do a dang thing to the house or yard. I had been contacted by a QOTR member (one that I had ridden with summer of 2014 on a 3 day tour of the northeast) asking if I wanted to meet her and pick up the QOTR "mascot". The mascot is a banner that we send around the country. The rules are that it has to be passed at a "meet and greet" where both ride their bikes for the hand off. Usually several people attend the meet and greet, and there is a short group ride before they go their separate ways.

Raven63 lives in very southern MA, at the Cape. Both of us would ride around 100 miles just to meet, and we decided to have a short tour of the middle part of MA as neither of us were familiar with it. Others were invited, but couldn't attend. That didn't keep us from having a great time though.

The map shows the planned route; Meeting at the Publick House Historic Inn and riding counter-clockwise. Of course some of the towns did not mark the roads very well, so we got off course a bit

Ride Objective  with Rachel

We ended up going way further north, on Rt 10 than we had planned and almost ended up in NH. However, we finally found a road going south again and regained our route. Actually, the portions we were lost on were the most scenic of our tour. We decided to cut out the Paxton / Leicester sections at Rutland and take the cut-off road to North Brookfield.

Me and Rachel with QOTR Mascot
Me and Rachel with QOTR Mascot
Me and Rachel with QOTR Mascot

The tour itself was right around 135 miles, as the original planned route was and we each ended up with a little over 335 miles for our individual mileages. I left a little after 7am, and got home at 6:45 pm - so it was a full day of riding - just what I needed!

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August 14, 2015

New Culvert, Now a New Road

Monday I rode the bike into work. When I was coming home, I turned onto a dramatically different road than I left that morning.

Road torn up right
Road torn up right

The dirt was very soft and made the bike squirrely. I was glad I didn't have to go far (you can see my tire tracks in the first picture to the right of the driveway). Since then it has rained hard, so it has compacted a bunch - a good thing since I have to ride the bike to have some service done tomorrow.

Oh, and now that they have removed all the shade creating plants by the culvert, Japanese Knotweed is growing like, well, weeds - better in fact. I have to inform the town that it is there and maybe they will try to take care of it before it comes into my yard (if you will remember, that is what I spent so much time eradicating/controlling over by the garage). I read that Deering just did a spray program to try to control/eradicate this nasty invasive, maybe Hillsboro will do the same.

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July 19, 2015

Saturday Ride

Last Saturday I went for a ride in the afternoon and took a couple of pics. First stop was at a quiete little lake in Jaffrey

Lake at Jaffrey
Lake at Jaffrey

Eventually I wound my way to Weare and took a water stop at the Gazebo in Weare.

Gazebo in Weare

It wasn't a long ride - only a couple hours and 100 miles or so, but it was refreshing.

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July 04, 2015

Newport, NY Trip

The HOG chapter I belong to schedules several group rides a month. There is always a ride after the monthly meeting, and several other rides - both closed and open (closed = only Chapter members allowed). I haven't been on any of the rides as I'm not really into group rides - or at least not large group rides, and most of the time I'm not really interested in the destination. Add to that all the work I have been doing on the house and landscaping these two summers, and planned rides that take up most of a day just isn't something I feel I can do.

However, I noticed there was a ride to Hoosick, NY on June 28. This interested me as I was thinking of doing an overnight trip to the VT/NY area, and one of the Queens (QOTR) that I had ridden with last year lives in NY. Jessica lives near Utica, NY and has beautiful gardens that she has shared pictures of on FB, so touring them would make that a good destination. Add to that that there was another HOG ride for charity scheduled for that day, so chances were that the Hoosick ride wouldn't have a huge group participating, and I started thinking about it.

I contacted Jessica and she said to come on out - in fact they would put me up. So I joined the HOG ride last Saturday. It was a smallish group; 10 people total with one other gal riding her Shadow, and the rest were guys. We had a meandering ride (not direct by any means) with one rest stop.

HOG group at rest stop

When we got to MOK, I ate a great lunch with the group then headed on my way. Oh, did I mention I was heading straight into rain? In fact, the forecast was for rain from Saturday afternoon all the way thru Sunday - on my entire route. Hey, but I'm nothing if not practiced at taking my trips in the rain, I was just glad it was fairly warm (most rainy trips I take are in the 40's).

I made it to Jessica's about 5 PM and she ran out of her house with camera in hand.

Arriving at Jessica place in NY

She then commenced to preparing the finishing touches on dinner that she had prepared - a gluten free, vegetarian dinner (I'm wheat free and she is vegetarian), that hit the spot - while her husband showed me to my room so I could get all set up.

Jessica fixing dinner

Jessica and Steve are great people; we conversed late into the night hitting all kinds of subjects. I toured the gardens between bouts of heavy rain and just loved the fountain they had set up.

Jessicas fountain
Jessicas fountain

We went out to breakfast the next morning at the local diner

Jessica and me at diner

I left their place about 10:30 - trying to beat the heavy rain that was headed in. I took a more direct route than the HOG group took and was on highway for about 60 miles in NY. It rained most of my way home, although I did hit a few dry spots. Of course the temps had plummeted and I was riding in the 50's and high 40's. Still, my gear kept me dry and the rain was much better than the times I hit dry sections. In the dry sections there was massive wind. I stopped to rest in Bennington, VT at the school. The wind was so strong it was actually moving the handle bars of the bike. A few times the bike lurched and I thought for a moment it might go over despite it being blown toward the kickstand.

  Stop in Bennington VT - sm
Stop in Bennington VT - sm

I was happy when I got out of Bennington. It had started raining again but the wind abated some so it was better. I was disappointed though that Hog Back Mountain was to foggy, in addition to the rain, to see any of the view. That is the 3rd time I have been thru that route in the last couple of years, and that is the 3rd time the weather has been foggy and rainy enough that you couldn't even see the end of the parking lot. One day I will go thru and have a reason to stop!

I got home about 3 so had plenty of time to see to the animals and get groceries for the week. Wish I had had more time with Jessica and her husband. If I had gone by myself I would have left much earlier (the HOG group met me at 9:30) and taken a more direct route (going by Hog Back, which may have been clear at that point - LOL), but I still had fun with the group, so it all balances out.

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