July 05, 2014

Office Worker on a Motorcycle

 Last weekend was fairly easy. I only had to demolish one wall, in the office. I got the demo done on Saturday, including running all the dtritus to the dump. Then I got the plywood scabbed in and caulked. Sunday morning I got the insulation put in and then I played the rest of the day by going out for a ride.

  Office start demolition
Office start demolition

Left about 11 and got home shortly after 4 so I would have time to get regular chores done.

Bike - mountain

There is a hang-gliding hill outside Claremont and I stopped to take pictures becuase I saw an ultralight towing a hang glider

At hang glide Claremont
At hang glide Claremont

It was good to get a project done (or at least as done as it is going to get until contractors come in) and still get to relax for a while.

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June 26, 2014

Riding Off

One of the gals that I rode with several weeks ago recieved a video (sorry, can't seem to embed it in the post) from one of the passengers of the Essex Ferry we took from NY to VT. Comes with sound too! I am the 4th rider off the ramp (on the best looking bike of course - LOL)

Here is a slideshow of pictures that I and the rest of the queens took on the trip.



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June 14, 2014

Rhodys in Bloom

When I got home from my bike trip, the rhodys out front were in full bloom - just gorgeous!


Last Sunday I got invited to ride with a bunch of other people that I didn't know. 20 bikes rode around the Big Lake. Okay, I only went for about 1/2 the ride because I needed to get home and do some chores, but still had a good time with this bunch of NH Riders.

Group Ride around big lake

Finished tearing out the rest of the rock wool in the living room, plugging the holes at the top of the plywood and installing real insulation during the evenings of last week. Next project - bedroom

Living room front wall

And that is pretty much the news for the last week. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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June 08, 2014

Americade 2014

Left 6 Am Wednesday morning to meet a bunch of gals I know on a motorcycle forum in Chatham, NY for breakfast. Met some Blue Knight riders there (retired police officers), and they bought us breakfast - great way to start a trip! 


Then we rode to Lake George, NY to experience a bit of Americade (a biker rally). Yes, I know I went backwards to get there - I could have gotten to Lake George in just a little over the time it took me to get to breakfast. We spent some time walking around and shopping before finding our hotel for the night.

Thursday we left to go riding thru VT, taking the Essex Ferry from NY to VT. We stopped at the Dutch Mill Restaurant in Shelbourne, VT where the owners took great care of us. Mary (owners wife and hostess) was great. She had a fantastic sense of humor and was very friendly. The owner ran out to move his van when we arrived so that all 10 bikes could sit on fairly level ground. The food was very good and I heartily suggest stopping by there if you are ever in the area! She took pics with us - and this one really captures her spirit and personality (she is in the dress and the cook is the guy in back):

  QOTR and Mary

We ended up in North Conway, NH about 8 PM to spend the night. Then on Friday we rode thru the White Mountains. Some of the gals braved the Mt. Washington auto road even thought the weather was sucky (very foggy and fairly cold). I didn't go, with my fear of heights (and no gaurd rails on the road), and opted to do an alternate ride on the Kanc and thru a few of the notches. We got to Bentley's in Maine about 6 PM, where we spent the night.

Yesterday morning we road to the beach to walk the sands, then we all started the trip home. Some of the gals came from TN and GA, so they still aren't home now. There were several NY gals, who made it home shortly after I did - about 3 PM. I had a great time with the gals - I had never even met 8 of the 9 women. The one I had met, it was just for a short time 2 years ago, so I was unsure how the personalities would work out. But we did great together and I look forward to another ride together - perhaps next year.

Here are  a few pics from the ride: Americade, ferry ride, VT, Kanc, Bentley's

At Americade
At Americade
At Americade
At Americade

At Americade

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May 17, 2014

Rindge Bike Blessing

After all my hard work on the house on Saturday, I deserved a break and decided to take up an invitation to attend a bike blessing in Rindge - the last blessing I had attended was 1997 (I found the shirt the other day, that is why I know the year).

We met in Antrim, rode to Milford for breakfast, then headed back to Rindge. My bike is the second on back, and the one in front of it is the bike of my riding companion (guy with his back to the camera).

Bike at Blessing
Bike at Blessing

It was great weather for riding, but after the blessing I decided I better head back home and get some work done, while my riding companion rode to MA to place flowers on his mother's grave for Mother's Day.

I got my raised beds turned and pulled weeds from around the outside perimeters. Then recovered them with black plastic to help kill weed seeds. I'll be planting Memorial Day Weekend, assuming the weather cooperates anyway.

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May 03, 2014

Out Riding

Today for International Female Ride Day, I went on a trip out to the Lakes Region. Didn't plan it, it just sort of happened. My second stop (first stop was inconsequential) after I left the house was Heritage Harley Davidson where i gave a donation to the wonderful ladies serving Mexican food to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease. I was there at the same time as another lady who had attended the Ladies only Garage Party several weeks ago, so we chatted while we ate.

Ialso went inside to check out chaps. My chaps, at an XS are too big now since I lost weight after all the hoopla last year and although they still protect my legs, they let in every bit of cold air that should just go by. I found a pair of XS thate are a tighter fit, so bought them, had them remove the tags for me, and immediatly put them on for the next part of my ride.

New Chaps-sm

Then I took a right out of the driveway (not towards where I came from, and started heading norht/west on 106. I went past Louden and Belmont until I came to Rt 3, which I knew would get me back toward Franklin, at which point I would be able to find my way home. I stopped at the shoulder on Rt 3 and took a couple of pictures.


Right after I started riding again, I hit rain. Wasn't too bad and I just smiled and sang to my MP3 player louder! I rode thru Tilton, on to Franklin and hit 127 which would lead me past the Pig Roast and down to Hopkinton and eventually to 202. Before heading directly home, I stopped at Agway to get peanuts and meal worms for the squirrels and birds. I pulled up and parked, got off the bike and grabbed my purse from the saddlebag before looking up at the truck on the other side of the entrance. I had to chuckle as STBX was inside. Even funnier, was he was getting corn and peanuts for the birds and squirrels. Funny coincence and made me laugh.

Then I headed across town to the store, where I bought a few things and headed home. Wonder how many strange looks I got carrying this on the back of the bike?


Had a great ride and when I got home I was notified that I had won a prize from the raffle, so I pick it up next week). Was a great day!

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April 18, 2014

Learn Something New Every Day

Just a little something I just learned today. I've been doing it wrong all this time by grasping the grips like a lawn mower, which could be a contributer to the tingles I get in my hands. So, saving it here so I can remember where it is.

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April 08, 2014

She's Home for the Season

Picked up my bike today from storage. In Concord it was 55 and breaks of sun. In Hillsboro, not so much (45 and dark clouds). But, I had a good ride home. We have to work on backing down the driveway - it is full of potholes, lumps, bumps and valleys. But after about 5 minutes of jockeying around, I got her in the garage. I think she likes her new home - LOL

Bike in Driveway after pickup from storage
Bike in Driveway after pickup from storage

And yes, those are shiny new tires that I had to have installed to pass inspection. Had to take it a bit easy on the way home as it takes about 50 miles of riding to abrade the oils off the rubber, but it was still fun.

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October 19, 2013

Grass Drags 2013

Last Sunday I had a first experience, going to the Grass Drags. Those are snowmobile races on the grass, held in a farmer's pasture. WS has always gone with Jimmy, and I didn't want to intrude on their "buddy time", so I had never been before. 

I went by myself and found a lot to see. There were grass drags, water drags, and exhibition jumping:

Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner
There were vendors with all kinds of cool stuff like a machine that looks like it will go thru just about anything,

Go Anywhere
and another that is supposed to do work, but just looks like good old fashioned fun

Fun Machine
Fun Machine
There were helicopter rides, which I wanted to go on, but you had to have at least 2 people in your party. They weren't placing seperate parties together, so I just stood and watched the two helicopters do their thing for a while:

Helicopter Rides
Then there was a sign that you don't see very often - at first I thought it was a No Guns Allowed sign, but then I saw I was mistaken and had to smile at the sentiment - so of course I had to go into the establishment:

Guns Welcome
and there was abanner on the right to bear arms:

Right to Bear Arms
I had a great time, just wish I could have seen the drag final. Unfortunately I had to get home to take care of Prince, who much appreciated being taken for a walk and being fed, so that was okay with me.

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September 15, 2013

How Much Wood . . .

Can Bogie chuck. . .

Stacked wood-sm
Okay, stack. In the last two weekends, I stacked the comlete right bank, and started the middle bank of wood. The left side is left from last year. WS has to come and split wood, then bring it down to the landing before I have more to stack.

He may or may not do so today - he is coming over to fix the driveway that was washed out from the rains on Thursday (made it interesting getting up the driveway on the bike - but the challenge was overcome.

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