June 21, 2015

First Picture

Here is the first picture taken of me riding my 2011 Street Glide. As far as I know, it is the only picture thus far. Taken at Weir's Beach in Laconia, NH 6/18/15. Too bad it was a bit cloudy so the color doesn't show well - I lightened it up some and you can see a bit on the tank, front fender, and the lower.

Weirs Beach drive thru photo-lightened

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Relaxation Time During Bike Week

Last week was bike week here in NH so I took a couple of days of to do some riding. Thursday morning I left the house before 8, road to NHMS and got my HOG event pin (only HOG members can get it), then off to Weir's beach to cruise the boulevard and get my picture taken. Didn't even stop - just hopped on Rt. 3 and headed north.

  Trip to N Conway

I was staying the night in North Conway, NH, so headed there first, identified where my hotel was, then road a couple of the notches (Pinkham and Crawford). Here are miscellaneous pictures of my trip up.

  Route 2-sm
Route 2-sm
Route 2-sm
Route 2-sm
Route 2-sm

That evening, I met up with a friend and his riding companions, who came down from Canada. I use the term "friend" loosely as I only know him thru Facebook. Originally he thought they were staying in Woodstock, so the plan was to meet them Friday morning for breakfast. However, on Wednesday, I found he had been mistaken and their motel was just a couple of blocks from mine. Here is the crew - FB friend is across the table from me.

Vernon Enos and Crew at barbque dinner-sm

Their group was made up of great people, and we met again for breakfast the next morning. Then we went our separate ways; they were headed to Weir's Beach, I was headed for more notch riding (Dixville and Franconia) before riding for home.

  Trip to Plymouth (on way home)

More miscellaneous pictures of my eventual trip home.


I wish I had gotten some pictures of 13 MIle Woods, but that was a narrow, twisty road and I needed all my concentration so didn't pull out the camera. I also didn't realize that I was passing right by Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in Colebrook - a place for blessing of the bikes until last year. I should have stopped and taken pictures, it is a beautiful place that I've been to a couple of time for bike blessing (the last in 1996 or 97).

Had a great time, met some great people and put about 550 miles on the bike. Not much considering that I rode for about 7 hours each day (by coincidence, arrived at my destination both days right at 4 pm - left both times just before 8 - take away gas and rest stops to get 7 hours). However, until I jumped on the highway at Plymouth to head home, most roads were fairly low speed limits.

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May 03, 2015


The Harley dealer that I store my bike at also hosts a HOG (Harley Owner's Group) and the associated LOH (ladies of Harley) chapter. The LOH members were given the opportunity to model some of the new clothing that had come into the store lately. This was to take place prior to a ladies ride yesterday (5/2/15), organized in recognition of International Female Ride day. Unfortunately I had a major crick in my neck, so couldn't participate in the ride. But, I had committed to taking a Lady in to pick up her bike that day, so got to model using someone else's bike.

Me Modeling clothes-sm

This is my one shot at fame and fortune - LOL.

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January 18, 2015

Motrocycle Storage Party

Yesterday was the storage party where I have my bike put up for winter. They have a Storage Mambers Only (and guest) party where they supply a couple of free drinks, an indoor poker run, chili cook-off (all the employees make a crock of chili), vendors, and prizes. The party is held in the service area and They also open up the storage area so you can visit your bike and look at what others have done to theirs.

This is the first year that I remember that my bike has ever been in the front row, so it was easy to eake pictures.

My bike at storage party
My bike at storage party

There were two guys looking at it and they didn't believe me at first when I said it was mine, They finally believed me when I could tell them the year, about the fog lights being new to the HD available parts and the fact that the previous owner must have put the color-matched lowers on since no SG comes with those (Except CVO, which also has the trunk and special paint schemes)

Additionally, I saw a bike that I swear was BIL's previous pride and joy.

Side of Ultra
Side of Ultra

When it came to drawing for prizes, I won a pair of boots ($150 value). Unfortunatwly they are men's boots, and ironically, they are the size EX wears. I may or may not be able to trade them in for women's boots (they usually just trade sizes), but if not I can sell them on CL for a decent price I'm sure.

I had a good time, saw a couple of people I know in passing (heck, don't even know their names, but enough to exchange a couple of words), saw my bike, got fed lunch and won a prize - can't ask for any more than that.

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November 22, 2014

Long Winter's Nap

I have been trying to get my bike to storage since last Saturday, but haven't been able to find a ride to get back home. The one person I thought I could at least bribe with a meal, has decided I'm persona non-grata, and just said no. I wasn't going to ask EX after he helped me bring the stove home, so I had arranged to have it picked up by the dealer this coming Wednesday. It would cost me $50, but that was fine.

However, this morning EX texted me that he had just made a delivery for work to the seacoast and would be coming thru Concord (where the dealer is), so if I wanted to drop the bike off, he would pick me up. Worked for me so I dug my gear out of the downstairs closet (I had stowed everything away the night after I arranged the pick up), and rode to Concord in 20 degree weather. I was dressed for warmth with ear coverings under my helmet, t-shirt, sweatshirt, heavy leather coat, long johns, jeans, heated pant liner and chaps. I also had my mid-weight gloves, with in conjunction with my heated grips did a decent job of keeping my hands warm (except the fingertips, but it was still manageable).

So, I save $50 and got in a last ride today.

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October 14, 2014

Motorcycle Lowers Explained

In the comments to Putting CC Out of Her Misery, Cop Car didn't understand my term of "lowers", which the new bike has, but the old bike didn't.

  2011 street glide at work-sm

See the little light to the left of the wheel and in front of the engine guard? Behind that light is a lower. Here is a side view:

2011 street glide at work-sm
Lowers, are the leg protectors that are attached to the engine guard. This particular set has vents in it so I can have more air flow on warm days, and almost no air flow on cold days. They are also removeable if I so wish. They do have small "glove box" type compartments. I'm not sure I would trust anything too valuble in there as the covers are held on just by snaps - and they hold only so well as you snap them on :)

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October 11, 2014

Putting CC out of Her Misery

So, I have driven Cop Car nuts with the pic of my bike asking what is different. Here is one of the pics I posted:

Bike in garage side

Buffy, was so kind as not to spill the beans. I am sure she saw my posting on FB, so she declined to participate. Alright, here is the last hint - before:

2006 SG before CB 2006 SG side before CB


2011 SG sun
2011 SG sun

Yep, just a little difference. In fact, a lot of difference. The black bike is a 2006 HD Street Glide. The Merlot Sunglow (burgundy/reddish) bike is a 2011 Street Glide. And here is the story as told on the Queens of the Road Forum:

So I was at my favorite Harley dealer a couple of weekends ago, looking at bikes like I always do. I wasn't looking for a bike, I just like to sit on the SG's [Street Glides - bogie] that take my fancy when I am at a Harley dealer. That day, I saw a bad ass 2011 Merlot Sunglow SG with lowers, but a naked back end. I walked past it a couple of times, circled it a couple of times, then sat on it.

Now I've sat on probably 100's of bikes since I got my '06 SG and never got the urge to do anything with it. BUT, this one felt right (only had one other bike "feel right", that would be my '06 SG). And, just like when I sat on the '06, the 2011 "spoke" to me.

My ever practical self got off the bike and left to continue with my errands. See, I have spent so much on my fixing up my house this year, and being single now with no back up income if I should lose my job, a new bike just wasn't in the cards.

A couple of days later I was looking to see what I could reasonably expect to get for trading in my '06. Then I thought of the things I would have to add to the 2011 - musts; heated grips, fog lights, LED headlight and 2 year extended warrantee. And I thought about what dollar amount I would be willing to finance (not payments, total dollar amount). Then, just for giggles, I emailed the sales guy to see what I could get for trade. Not nearly enough. 

He asked me to come in and talk, but I told him I didn't want to waste his, or my, time and we were just too far apart. He said to come in anyway and bring the '06 so they could look at it and see if they could give me more. Last Saturday [9/20/14 - bogie], I went in and they offered me another grand for my bike. With the add-ons I wanted, and the price of the bike, the number was within a couple of hundred of the figure I was willing to finance. Then I asked if the price came with the 2 year warrantee, as I had earlier told him I wanted. Um, No.

So, I ended up in a room with the salesman, the boss, and the finance guy. At one point I got up, put out my hand to the sales guy and said, "well, it was worth a try." He got up, shook my hand and we took 1 step towards the door when the boss said "wait". He gave me a lower total (basically one year of the warrantee for free) and I just stared at him for about 2 minutes until he finally just stated that he couldn't do any better.

I thought about it some more, decided I could pay the difference and still have the loan amount of what I wanted. They spent the week putting on my parts and today [9/27/14 - bogie] I said goodby to my 2006, and hello to my 2011. I no longer have to lust after the 6 gallon tank, or the 6 speed transmission. And, it had the power pack upgrade, giving it the 103 motor with security system.

So here I am, with winter just around the corner, with a new-to-me bike. Most of my riding has been to work, or to the Harley shop for tweaks (they wired the fog lights in a way that I didn't like so they fixed them to the way I wanted), but it has been fun. The 2006 had right around 24k miles when I bought it 12/18/2010 (never rode it until the next April), and had 51k when I traded in. The 2011 had just over 24k when I bought it, so I know that I have many a year ahead to enjoy it.

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October 04, 2014

What's Up With This?

Notice anything different? Maybe not for those not into motorcycles - give it your best shot.

Bike in garage side
Bike in garage side
Bike in garage side

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July 05, 2014

Office Worker on a Motorcycle

 Last weekend was fairly easy. I only had to demolish one wall, in the office. I got the demo done on Saturday, including running all the dtritus to the dump. Then I got the plywood scabbed in and caulked. Sunday morning I got the insulation put in and then I played the rest of the day by going out for a ride.

  Office start demolition
Office start demolition

Left about 11 and got home shortly after 4 so I would have time to get regular chores done.

Bike - mountain

There is a hang-gliding hill outside Claremont and I stopped to take pictures becuase I saw an ultralight towing a hang glider

At hang glide Claremont
At hang glide Claremont

It was good to get a project done (or at least as done as it is going to get until contractors come in) and still get to relax for a while.

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June 26, 2014

Riding Off

One of the gals that I rode with several weeks ago recieved a video (sorry, can't seem to embed it in the post) from one of the passengers of the Essex Ferry we took from NY to VT. Comes with sound too! I am the 4th rider off the ramp (on the best looking bike of course - LOL)

Here is a slideshow of pictures that I and the rest of the queens took on the trip.



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