May 17, 2014

Can't Blame Autocorrect

Emailed someone about my day earlier and included this little tidbit, "got nothing done basically except weeing some of the flower gardens . . "

That person emailed me back, too polite to point out my wording, but I noticed it as I reread myportion. OMG - I was WEEING the garden. Not weeding, weeing.

Can't even blame autocorrect for that HHLOL (hangs head and laughing out loud)

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April 23, 2014


Dear MA Unemployment,

That brand new website that you are so proud of is light years behind NH's in user friendliness, organization and useability. And I'm talking about NH's website that I used back in 2004! When I submit paperwork, I expect it to be submitted; I don't expect it to sit there and do nothing - every time regardless of which browser I use. When you tell me to submit online, I don't expect to have to mail it because it won't submit. And, I expect if it doesn't submit, to let me know that it didn't work.

I expect it to take URL's when asked for a URL - and not have it complain that I didn't put in a valid email address. And, when I put in an email address (because it complained about the URL and specifically said it was looking for an email address), it still complains and I have to back out and redo the entire thing to MAYBE get it to go thru.

When I have actions pending, I expect a notification to pop up somewhere. I shouldn't have to guess - expecially since finding those notifications is like a treasure hunt, without a good prize at the end. Oh, and those notifications have some strange ID, that doesn't match with the ID of the submissions that I am making (or trying to make) online, so I have to guess which it goes to. Could you give the two items that are related some sort of matching ID, if only the title?

The programmers, project managers, and debuggers should be fired for making such a poor product and allowing that poor product to be released for public use when it does not do what it is supposedly designed to do. MA citizens, and those that work in MA - this is your tax dollars supporting very poor work!

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March 27, 2014

More Changes to Bogies Life

So the big news for Bogie is that since life hasn't thrown me enough curve balls in the last 10 months, I apparently needed one more - I have lost my job. The Company has decided to mothball the plant as the market conditions for our product make it impossible to make money. I thought since I worked for a huge company with deep pockets, it would be safer. But somehow smaller companies are still able to get investors to keep  them afloat, while the mother company is no longer willing to invest. Which is weird since the plant has not even been open for 2 years, and we lost less money last year than we were allowed.

So, once again, for the second time in 16 months, I am hitting the pavement. I really wish I could find a position with the same parent company as I would be able to keep a decent amount of vacation time. Speaking of vacations. A long time ago I mentioned how every time I have a vacation planned (other than to see family), something comes up to keep me from taking it. Yep, had a vacation planned for July with good riding in new territory with people I have known on-line for years. That got cancelled in a hurry. Only good news was I hadn't made airline reservations yet.

The closure announcement was sudden. The decision was made late Friday, and announced on Monday. It was so fast that there wasn't any time for rumors to fly, so everyone was taken completely by surprise.

Last day of work was Tuesday (that was actually exit orientation) and by yesterday afternoon I had 4 resumes out. But these days even if they really like you, it takes at least a month to get hired since they have to do background checks, drug tests and physicals.

Dang, if this had happened before I bought the house, I would have had options (like relocating to another state and working for the same company if a position becasme available). But now my hands are tied as there is no way I could get what I had to put out for the place - all stemming from the way I financed it. The good news is that I don't have to worry about a house payment, so can survive quite a while withouth that worry.

Wouldn't want my life to be stress-free now would we?

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March 23, 2014

Walking the Dog

Coming home the other day, I got behind someone out for a "stroll" with his dog. I know it is hard to see, but the dot to the left of the truck is a medium-large dog.

Exercising the Dog

I remember when we used to exercise our huskies this way.

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September 15, 2013


On Friday the 13th in 2013, a control number that I gave out was 13-313. Enough 13’s make good luck right? Just a giggle I got the other day. And, I think it worked, my luck definitely seems to be turning a corner.

My current mantra is, Good Luck is Rising to the Top!

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September 08, 2013

Some Luck Came My Way

I got a break on Friday in my luck. I got stopped before I lost a tire.

Seems the technician where I had the Jeep worked on forgot to torque either of the tires on the driver's side. Coming from work, about 40 miles from home I start feeling a front tire wobble. I thought my ball joint had decided to let go. Found a place to pull over and WS (who I had called) suggested I check the lug nuts. Sure enough, all the lug nuts on the front tire were extremely loose and several were on the last thread. I checked the other tires and the left rear had 3 loose lug nuts (not nearly so bad thought). The tires on the passenger side were fine.

That was me trying to get to my tire iron. Finally found it beneath the cargo section floor. tightened them up, got to a gas station (I wouldn't make it home) and re-tightened the lug nuts. WS met me further down the road where he really cranked them down.

Fortunately the rim seems no worse for the wear. Certainly didn't help the tires any, but at least I didn't lose a tire, or get killed, so that was a bit of luck that went my way.

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June 30, 2013

Sunset Over Deering

On the 21st of this month, I looked out the front window and told WS that I would be back in a couple of minutes. He was confused, but I left in a hurry, bacause I saw a photo oportunity. I had missed a similar opportunity a couple of weeks earlier, and I wasn't going to miss this one.

I headed down the hill to the Deering View and snapped a couple of pictures of the sunset.

Take a close look at the lower left corner of the 3rd pictue and you can just see a beautiful bush covered in blooms.

Oh, and I turned around, and there was the full moon.

I was going to crop out the house, but I think it makes a much more complete picture with the house in it.

Sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the beauty that is around you!

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June 22, 2013

Home Trip on the Cool Tool

Just to get a feel for how it works on longer trips, I activated my new app before riding home from work last night.

Tour home map-1
Tour home map-1

Pretty cool, they also give a video showing exact roads wheree htey use a "pin" to trace the route - so if you were in unfamiliar territory, and wanted to know your exact route, you can just look at your "video". (I am unsure if you will be able to access the video, thru the link, please let me know either way).

Not too shabby a tool for only FREE!

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June 20, 2013

Cool Tool For the Phone

Thru the HDForums, I found a cool tool (app) for my phone that will track your travels by almost any imaginable transportation (walking, bus, bike etc). Then it gives you a rough map, time, distance and other stats. These you can share with anyone, some people or no one.

I thought it would be a cool thing to use on bike trips. I downloaded CheckMyTour a couple of days ago thru GooglePlay store (it is also available for iPhones) and decided to test it out during my walk at lunch. Now that walk isn't bery long - just around the parking lots of the building I work at, but I figured that would give me an idea of what it could do. so here are a couple of screenshots of my stats:

Tour map lunch1
Tour map lunch1

Check out the max speed of 4 mph, but my average was only 3.055. That is because I stopped at my bike and removed the engine guard chaps and stowed them away in the saddlebags. I also had my chaps and a sweatshirt that I had used for riding into work, which I stowed in another saddlebag. All-in-all, I probably spent 3-4 minutes at the bike before continuing on my walk. I could have hit "pause" and it wouldn't have counted that time, but I didn't want to bother. And truthfully, I had no idea what stats it was keeping, so didn't see a need to pause the recording.

Obviously it uses GPS to track where you are and I find it funny that it could track me so precisely that it shows how un-straight my walking line is! And, I was unsure what the picture would show inside my circular route - but obviously it knows the building is there, so I would guess that it works off of some type of mapping program (although it cannot give you pre-made maps).

I could also have taken notes of pictures and uploaded them to the site for use later (or sharing), but there wasn't much use of that during my test.

I think I will find use for this, if I remember to start it up before any of my travels.

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May 19, 2013

Scenic Drive

If you think about it, you have seen something very similar in paintings:

Do you have it in your mind what was depicted in such paintings? Good, now compare it to reality:

Really, I wondered what people were smoking when they painted pictures with the wood walls of old buildings look all warped and stuff. This is the first that I remember seeing that actually looks that way. If you look really closely in the last picture, the barn in the background has a portion that is the same as the shed. 

It is really striking - I pass it every day on the way to work and marvel every time.

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