December 03, 2017

Resting the Shoulder - Not

Thanksgiving day I read all day so the start of resting my shoulder seemed to start out well. Then Friday morning Rita didn't show up for breakfast, or to be let out. She always wants out in the morning so that was a bit concerning. I looked everywhere for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Late morning I went to the dump and got a few groceries. When I got back I could hear her crying in the basement. It took quite a while for me to find her; she had gotten herself wedged underneath on of the pallets of pellets in the basement. As far as I can determine there aren't any mice in the house (never seen any sign of mice inside since I moved here) so I have no idea why she decided to crawl under there. I left her for a couple hours with a bowl of food sitting just outside the pallet, but she didn't move and just kept crying.

Rita beneath pallet

Naturally, she picked the pallet of pellets that I had not been heating from. There was nothing to do but unload 69 bags of pellets (50 bags is a ton). The left pallet is the one she was under

Pellets before move for Rita-trnd


I was able to move most of the pellets over to the right hand stack

Pellets before move for Rita-trnd

24 bags of pellets had to be moved out into another part of the basement, then re-stacked on the original pallet after I got Rita out.

Pellets before move for Rita-trnd

The green/yellow bagged pellets put out less heat and more ash than the white bagged paellets so I have been using them for the relatively mid weather. The white bags are being saved for Jan-Feb. Well, I wasn't un-stacking the pellets on the right pallet again, so I brought in 31 bags from the garage. So yeah, I moved 69+24+31 = 124 bags; 2.5 tons in my cat rescuing mission.

Pellets before move for Rita-trnd

I then blocked up all the holes so Rita could not get into mischief like that again.

Saturday, with the temps supposed to be climbing into the 50's, I was planning on going for a last ride for the season (I have less that 5k miles this year - least ever). However, about 10 am I got an email from the HOG Activities director asking me to contact LOH to see if anyone could help him empty out a storage unit for the woman who had lost her SO. I sent out an email to all of LOH, but everyone was shopping or not in town. So I took the Explorer and went to help. The Activities Director was pulling up with his Explorer, and a trailer filled with boxes and furniture when I got to her house. I helped unload that, then followed him to the storage unit where we filled both our trucks and trailer. That emptied most of the unit. After unloading his vehicle/trailer and my truck, I went shopping (since I was in Concord anyway).

Since then, it has been quiet so I haven't had to strain my shoulder anymore. I spent Sunday and my weeknights reading.

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July 04, 2015

Newport, NY Trip

The HOG chapter I belong to schedules several group rides a month. There is always a ride after the monthly meeting, and several other rides - both closed and open (closed = only Chapter members allowed). I haven't been on any of the rides as I'm not really into group rides - or at least not large group rides, and most of the time I'm not really interested in the destination. Add to that all the work I have been doing on the house and landscaping these two summers, and planned rides that take up most of a day just isn't something I feel I can do.

However, I noticed there was a ride to Hoosick, NY on June 28. This interested me as I was thinking of doing an overnight trip to the VT/NY area, and one of the Queens (QOTR) that I had ridden with last year lives in NY. Jessica lives near Utica, NY and has beautiful gardens that she has shared pictures of on FB, so touring them would make that a good destination. Add to that that there was another HOG ride for charity scheduled for that day, so chances were that the Hoosick ride wouldn't have a huge group participating, and I started thinking about it.

I contacted Jessica and she said to come on out - in fact they would put me up. So I joined the HOG ride last Saturday. It was a smallish group; 10 people total with one other gal riding her Shadow, and the rest were guys. We had a meandering ride (not direct by any means) with one rest stop.

HOG group at rest stop

When we got to MOK, I ate a great lunch with the group then headed on my way. Oh, did I mention I was heading straight into rain? In fact, the forecast was for rain from Saturday afternoon all the way thru Sunday - on my entire route. Hey, but I'm nothing if not practiced at taking my trips in the rain, I was just glad it was fairly warm (most rainy trips I take are in the 40's).

I made it to Jessica's about 5 PM and she ran out of her house with camera in hand.

Arriving at Jessica place in NY

She then commenced to preparing the finishing touches on dinner that she had prepared - a gluten free, vegetarian dinner (I'm wheat free and she is vegetarian), that hit the spot - while her husband showed me to my room so I could get all set up.

Jessica fixing dinner

Jessica and Steve are great people; we conversed late into the night hitting all kinds of subjects. I toured the gardens between bouts of heavy rain and just loved the fountain they had set up.

Jessicas fountain
Jessicas fountain

We went out to breakfast the next morning at the local diner

Jessica and me at diner

I left their place about 10:30 - trying to beat the heavy rain that was headed in. I took a more direct route than the HOG group took and was on highway for about 60 miles in NY. It rained most of my way home, although I did hit a few dry spots. Of course the temps had plummeted and I was riding in the 50's and high 40's. Still, my gear kept me dry and the rain was much better than the times I hit dry sections. In the dry sections there was massive wind. I stopped to rest in Bennington, VT at the school. The wind was so strong it was actually moving the handle bars of the bike. A few times the bike lurched and I thought for a moment it might go over despite it being blown toward the kickstand.

  Stop in Bennington VT - sm
Stop in Bennington VT - sm

I was happy when I got out of Bennington. It had started raining again but the wind abated some so it was better. I was disappointed though that Hog Back Mountain was to foggy, in addition to the rain, to see any of the view. That is the 3rd time I have been thru that route in the last couple of years, and that is the 3rd time the weather has been foggy and rainy enough that you couldn't even see the end of the parking lot. One day I will go thru and have a reason to stop!

I got home about 3 so had plenty of time to see to the animals and get groceries for the week. Wish I had had more time with Jessica and her husband. If I had gone by myself I would have left much earlier (the HOG group met me at 9:30) and taken a more direct route (going by Hog Back, which may have been clear at that point - LOL), but I still had fun with the group, so it all balances out.

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June 08, 2014

Americade 2014

Left 6 Am Wednesday morning to meet a bunch of gals I know on a motorcycle forum in Chatham, NY for breakfast. Met some Blue Knight riders there (retired police officers), and they bought us breakfast - great way to start a trip! 


Then we rode to Lake George, NY to experience a bit of Americade (a biker rally). Yes, I know I went backwards to get there - I could have gotten to Lake George in just a little over the time it took me to get to breakfast. We spent some time walking around and shopping before finding our hotel for the night.

Thursday we left to go riding thru VT, taking the Essex Ferry from NY to VT. We stopped at the Dutch Mill Restaurant in Shelbourne, VT where the owners took great care of us. Mary (owners wife and hostess) was great. She had a fantastic sense of humor and was very friendly. The owner ran out to move his van when we arrived so that all 10 bikes could sit on fairly level ground. The food was very good and I heartily suggest stopping by there if you are ever in the area! She took pics with us - and this one really captures her spirit and personality (she is in the dress and the cook is the guy in back):

  QOTR and Mary

We ended up in North Conway, NH about 8 PM to spend the night. Then on Friday we rode thru the White Mountains. Some of the gals braved the Mt. Washington auto road even thought the weather was sucky (very foggy and fairly cold). I didn't go, with my fear of heights (and no gaurd rails on the road), and opted to do an alternate ride on the Kanc and thru a few of the notches. We got to Bentley's in Maine about 6 PM, where we spent the night.

Yesterday morning we road to the beach to walk the sands, then we all started the trip home. Some of the gals came from TN and GA, so they still aren't home now. There were several NY gals, who made it home shortly after I did - about 3 PM. I had a great time with the gals - I had never even met 8 of the 9 women. The one I had met, it was just for a short time 2 years ago, so I was unsure how the personalities would work out. But we did great together and I look forward to another ride together - perhaps next year.

Here are  a few pics from the ride: Americade, ferry ride, VT, Kanc, Bentley's

At Americade
At Americade
At Americade
At Americade

At Americade

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April 14, 2014

Relaxing Sunday

Yesterday I went adventuring with a friend. I left the house at 5:30 AM as we were to walk Wildcat Falls in Merrimack and take photos shortly after sunrise. Even though it was cloudy and cool, and the sun didn't make an appearance as it was supposed to (per the weather-guessers), the hike was worth it.

Wilcat Falls 2
Wilcat Falls 2
Wilcat Falls 2

Then we went and saw Captain America at a place where you sit at a table in comfortable chairs and they serve you lunch (or dinner if you are there later). They had very good burger (no bun for me) and their fries were awesome. I haven't had fries for a long time but these were obviously fresh made and not overly salted.

Then we headed out to walk the old canals in Nashua to MIne Falls. I never would haave thunk there is such an extensive walking trail system in the heart of Nahsua - NH's second largest city. By that time the sun had come out and it was starting to warm up. It ended up being a beautiful day to discover Mine Falls.

Nashua Canals 2

At that point I had to get back home to let Prince out, but it was a wonderful day full of fresh air, new sights, great hiking and never ending discussions. Oh, and I scored a planter box (sans the bottom) from the early morning walks - someone had left it in the middle of the trail so I carried it out (you know, leave the trails better than you found them). And, my friend had an extra weed wacker that he didn't use because it hurt his back, so I brought that home too.

Couldn't have asked for a better day!

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May 11, 2013

Friends from Indiana

Were in town last weekend. We grilled hamburgers and talked up a storm. Jimmy and Karen came over to see Harry and Heather too.

As you can tell, they were enthralled by something that WS was expounding upon. We told stories, laughed at jokes and swapped lies for several hours - too bad they had to go home so soon.

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December 16, 2012

Another Tree Comes Down

Several weeks ago Jimmy took down a couple of maples in his yard. They needed to come down before a big wind took them down, and WS was glad to help. Jimmy was just going to use the wood for his fire pit, but WS told him that we wanted the wood, and we had some pine trees that needed to come down - he could have that wood for his fire pit. So, WS got wood for us and BIL for next season.

Last weekend the weather finally cooperated so Jimmy and WS could take down the huge pine in front of the dog pen.

The placing was tricky as if it fell straight down the hill, the fence and one shed would get hit. If it fell the way it leans, it would hit the deck (and maybe part of the house). If it fell back (unlikely), it would take out the dog pen. If it fell at an angle to the right, it would take out the lean-to for the wood. Way to the right was a bunch of trees they didn't want it to get hung up in.

Tree-jimmie start
Tree-jimmie start
Tree-jimmie start
Tree-half way
Tree-half way

Obviously, they got it right - Jimmy is really good at this sort of thing, plus WS used the 4-wheeler to pull it in the correct direction. Great Job guys!


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November 23, 2012


Another Thanksgiving has been survived! We had BIL&SIL, Jimmy and Karen over (Karen specnt some time with her family then cam over for dessert). I started the cooking on Sunday to help reduce the stress of everything that needed to happen Thursday to create a good meal.

Sunday I made the mashed potatoes - that included pealing and boiling up 10 pounds of spuds (minus 2 potatoes). I still had to put them in the crock pot, but the crockpot was in use because I also made a double batch of Sausage Stew to take to work for the Thanksgiving pot luck (evidently that was a hit as I did't bring home any leftovers and the 6qt pot was filled to the brim with sausage stew). Then I also washed and cut up several pounds of fresh greanbeans, then blanched them, for use in the green bean casserole. After cooking all that on Sunday, I set it out in the lean-to and let mother nature take care of keeping it cold (with lows in the high teens, and highes in the 20's, that worked out well).

Thurday dawned brightly and I got to work cooking. Okay, first I decided it would be good to vacuum, brush Missy, then vacuum again to get rid of any dog hair floating around. Then I made the stuffing, so it could cool before stuffing the turkey. Now, to be clear, I have never made stuffing before. I generally don't care for it, so don't bother. However, I found a recipe in the November 2012 issue of Prevention Magazine for sausage, stuffing that sounded awesome (with a few tweaks), so decided to give it a try. I also used their recipe for turkey in the same artcle (for the most part).

The bird was seasoned and stuffed, then ovenized. The majority of the dressing went into a large casserole, was covered with foil, then placed on the deck to stay chilled. The neck and giblets were boiled and saved for the dogs' dinner. Next I took all the mashed potatoes and started cramming them in the now empty crock pot. A layer of potatoes, then a layer of shredded cheese. Anohter layer of potatoes, and shredded cheese. Topped off with potatoes - and once again the crock was filled to the brim. Set that in the back room on high for an hour, then low until we were ready to eat.

Then it was on to house preperation - cleaning the bathroom, cleaning out the wood stove, filling the wood rack, a little scented oil in the bathroom, and a candle lit in the living room. Shortly after that, Jimmy arrived and WS came in from his final leaf clean up, and we socialized over snacks (chips and dip and a bag of mixed nuts - the peanut gallery can leave the obvious comment alone :).

Shortly before the turkey was done, I put together the green bean casserole. Then it, and the rest of the stuffing went into the oven after pulling the turkey out to let it "rest". then I got the ingredients together for Clinton Kelly's Apple-Cranberry Cobbler so it would be ready to go in when the sides came out. As an aside, I added 1/8 tsp ground cloves and a bit of ground ginger to the cobbler recipe (just because it sounded good to me).

Up until this point everything was wheat-free. I used pure cornbread for the stuffing and used a Bob's Mills gluten free general baking mix for the cobbler. However, Thnksgiving just insn't Thanksgiving without crescent rolls - so it wasn't a totally wheat-free meal. And, Karen brought a fabulous apple pie to go with the cobbler, and I couldn't pass up a slice of that.

I pushed back the dinner because after much conversation with everyone (somewhere in there BIL/SIL arrived, we watched the end of the Lion's game. It was a close game at that point and everyone was busy cheering on the team they wanted to win. So, after the game, WS carved the turkey while I tried to figure out how to get all the food, plates and serving utensils on the few counters we have. I finally moved enough stuff to allow for buffet-style loading of plates, and the feast was on (Karen arrived shortly after we started dinner). Aparently everything was good as it got really quiete, until people got up for seconds.

After that, we lazed around for an hour or so before bringing out the deserts (with ice cream and whipped cream) - then everyone lazed around moaning and groaning from their full tummies.

I managed to send most of the leftovers home with everyone else (another sign that the meal was a hit - they were eager for leftovers!), so the fridge isn't stuffed to the brim!  I'll share the stuffing recipe with you in a day or so - it got rave reviews, as did the turkey and cobbler. I was so happy it came out well since I was nervous I was using three recipes that I hadn't tried out previously!

Eventually everyone recuperated enough to find their way home - all thankfull for the family, friends, and the meal, and the day set aside to enjoy it!


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September 30, 2012

So Long Dear Friends Until Next Year

Jimmy had a bonfire last night. The occasion was to allow peple the opportunity to come see Ray and Christine before they leave to head back south and west. They will head to Tennessee first, to see some friends, then will eventually make their way to Arizona for the winter.

We didn't get to see them much this year. The only time we got to ride with them was when we went to Bike Week in Loudon. Unfortunately, in late July, Ray had to ride the bike thru a newly dug out ditch to avoid running over a bunch of bicyclists who had taken over the entire lane. Ray came out okay (bumps, bruises and a scrape down his arm), but the bike was totalled.  As an aside, you know how it's said that bad luck happens in 3's? During the same week, we found that a woman I used to work with was rear-ended (she was on her bike, the other vehicle was a car), and one of our neighbors just down the street died when he wrecked his bike in MA, coming home from a concert (no, drinking was not involved - and he did have a helmet on). Anyway, they decided not to get another bike until they get to Arizona.

Anyway, we had a great time with Ray, Christine, Bear (the dog), BIL & SIL, Jimmy, Lisa and and several of their kids watching the fire, standing in the drizzle, and of course telling stories. After several hours, the moon made a short appearance - so Ray and Christine were blessed with the Harvest Moon before the cloud cover closed up again.

Until next year - have safe travels!

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September 03, 2012

In the Pits

Saturday we rode to White Mountain Motor Sports to watch a friend of the Wonderful Spouse race his stock car; an expensive past time, not his regular job. Since I was on the back of WS's bike (saves gas and we would be returning at night - I don't drive at night), I had time to look at the clouds. I thought this one looked like a camel.

Camel in the sky
The sports complex is nestled at the base of the white mountains, close to Lincoln. It is a small venue with a track that is probably 1/4 mile long.

White Mountain Motorsports
There was a great view of the mountains from the pit stands (where we were), including the car we were there to watch (#21).

View fro pit stand 2
View fro pit stand 2
View fro pit stand 2
View fro pit stand 2
Hey, I know that dude near the upraised hood!

We were there to watch Oren and his purple 21 car, but that didn't mean we couldn't enjoy the other races like the minis.

Mini Practice
Mini Practice
Mini Practice
All pictures are taken during practice or qualifying as the main events were held after dark. We did get to attend the driver's meeting before the main events though. I don't imagine that NASCAR driver's meetings are quite this informal, but this is the (very) small time, so it was very loose.

Drivers Meeting
WS is there - just in front of the guy in the black shirt in the center of the picture.

We had a great time, got to see some great racing, and even got to see and 11.5 year old kid get 3rd in the truck racing (a 14-15 yar old got 1st, a young lady got 2nd). The venue, although small, is very fan friendly and prices at the food stands much more reasonable than other places - which we appreciated since we were there from 3 until about 9.

We told Oren that we will definitely have to come back next year!

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July 15, 2012



That is how many miles we road in 6 days. Technically, we rode those miles in 4.5 days as from 6 PM Friday until noon on Sunday, the bikes didn’t move an inch.

Bogie Behind WS - sm
Bogie Behind WS - sm
Bogie Behind WS - sm
We left early Thursday morning and took Rt 9 thru NH and Vermont. In NY we picked up Rt 7 – a big mistake. Nice road and all, but slow, slow, slow. After a couple hours on that road, we had made very little progress so we hopped onto US 88 which took us to Pennsylvania. There we got on Rt 6. Another mistake. Although faster than Rt 7 had been, it was still slow and we needed to pick up the pace. So, we did what we were hoping to avoid and hit the big highway and took that to Du Bois, PA where we spent the night. The next morning we hit the highway and rode all the way to Sturgis. The whole ride was hot, hot, hot. I later heard on the news (at 7 PM) it was 100 at that time – so we were probably riding in 105 or so. We stopped a couple of times and I grabbed two drinks at each stop; one water and one slushy-type drink, and drank them simultaneously. At the second stop before Sturgis*, we stayed in the convenience store for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t all that cool in there, but better than outside. I finally got smart and went to the restroom, washed off all the sunscreen (which was keeping me from sweating very well) and ran cold water over my wrists, fore arms and inside the elbows. That cooled me down pretty well. Then we went to the Sturgis* Harley dealer about 2 miles from the convenience store and browsed for about 20 minutes. I now have a shirt from Sturgis*. When we left the Harley dealer, we turned back south and headed for our destination of North Manchester, IN (just south and west of Fort Wayne.

At HandH House
We had a great visit with Heather and Harry. They kicked one of the kids out of her room so we had a place to sleep (poor girl had to room with her sister). Saturday night, WS got to looking at a map of the states and decided that just adding PA, OH, MI and IN to my repertoire wasn’t enough; he was trying to figure out how to get some more southerly states into the mix. After explaining the route he was contemplating, it was determined that we needed about 6 more hours of ride time to be able to do it. So, we decided to get out of Harry and Heather’s hair early and leave noon Sunday instead of Monday morning.

H&H made us a great send-off breakfast (almost brunch) of biscuits and gravy with French toast after which we packed up and got on our way. Everything was great until somewhere in KY, where we ran into a storm. We could see it coming our way, but it was hard to tell if we were going to hit it as the direction of the road changed constantly. However, once the temp dropped about 20 degrees, and a few drops of rain fell, we stopped and put on our rain gear. We got back on the highway and the rain got progressively worse. It began pouring so hard that traffic slowed to 30-35 MPH and everyone turned on their emergency flashers. Then the wind started. After a while (with the rain still pouring and speed still at 30-35), the wind made it almost impossible to stay in one lane. Behind tree screens, we would regain control and get to the right side of the lane. Wherever the tree screen broke, we would be blown all the way to the center line even though we were prepared and leaning into it. We finally found an off ramp and followed it to an underpass. We were not the first there, just the driest. Two bikers were there without any gear at all. The wind howled and the rain continued to come down in sheets. Even cars were seeking shelter. Then, the wind shifted and came from the opposite direction. WS and I agreed that if we heard a train, it would be time to panic.

Fortunately, we never heard a train (tornado) and the wind and rain eventually died down enough for us to get back on our way. WS walked out from the underpass and found that there were train tracks about 50 yards behind our position. We would have freaked if a train had passed at that time! We had holed up for about 40 minutes but the rest of the trip to Lexington was uneventful.

WS in front KY
After a good night’s sleep, it was back on the highway to go thru several more states; Tennessee (thru Knoxville), Virginia (thru Roanoke and Winchester – the Shenandoah Valley is very pretty!), and West Virginia before stopping for the night. We had hoped to spend the night in southern Pennsylvania, but a traffic jam that cost us an hour, then a stop to don rain suits, made that impractical. The last leg of the journey on Tuesday was a long one thru a bit of Maryland, thru Pennsylvania, then New York (on the Taconic), Massachusetts and Vermont before winding up home shortly after 8 PM.

My Bike at Taconic PKWY
My Bike at Taconic PKWY
My Bike at Taconic PKWY
The dogs and cats were happy to see us (and we, to see them). The neighbor kids had done a bang up job of taking care of both the animals and plant life, vegetable garden and potted plant, while we were gone (it doesn’t hurt that we pay them well). Wednesday we recovered from our whirlwind tour, doing laundry, putting things away, washing and waxing my bike (WS had waxed his the day before we left).

*Sturgis - the one in Michigan, not the one in South Dakota.

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