April 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Cop Car

Cop Car's birthday was a couple of days ago - although her card should have made it to her on time, my blog posting is a bit belated. However, my Hyacinths bloomed right in time so these pics are for her.

Purple Hyacinth
Purple Hyacinth

Love you lots Mom!

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April 02, 2016

Kansas Weather

Cop Car had posted about the wildfires in Kansas last weekend. Then I saw this on FB; wildfires, blizzard, Tornado, 80* - all at the same time. And New Englanders think they have it rough with the quickly changing weather.

Kansas Weather 3-23-16

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April 11, 2015

Island Birthday - Part 2

The Cliffs were truly grand - giving a great view of the ocean, with a very nice staircase down to about 100 feet above the sands.

Sairs from half way - up
Sairs from half way - up
Sairs from half way - up Waves from steps to beach
Waves from steps to beach

We then went to another viewing area further down the road, before we headed back to the Resort.

Waves breaking
Waves breaking

When we got back, I broke out some wine that I had brought to celebrate their first opening (for them, not the resort). We had some good conversation while I played with their kitty. Eventually kitty got tired and decided my jacket was a really nice place to snooze.

Island kitty
Island kitty

Sunday morning, SIL wanted to go to the Easter Sunrise Service at 6:15AM. So, we started walking about 6. The horizon was starting to show color when we got there, The service was beautiful, and short. The sun broke thru the clouds on the horizon shortly after the service started.

Sunrise service - before
Sunrise service - before

When we turned to head to the church for breakfast, I saw that there was a full moon too.

Sunrise service - full moon

The church put on a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, bacon (fresh, not store bought), potatoes and French toast made with cinnamon raisin bread - with real maple syrup. I put in donations for both of us since they had provided my room and two large meals while I was there (I took salads, sardines and bananas with me for my other meals). We walked the long way back to the resort to help all the food settle.

All too soon it was time to board the ferry for my trip back home. I had a great time, got to see and hike some new territory, had great food and even better conversation. I am so blessed that they invited me to come down (and meant it!). I hope to go again in the fall, when there is more color.

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February 23, 2014

Care Package From Mom

When I was in Kansas for Christmas, Cop Car and I discussed what I needed for my home. She had plenty of tools for which she no longer had use for, and I gladly accepted her offer to pass them on to me.

Last weekend her care package arrived, and although I won't bore you with the details of what was in each package (I'm sure I'm the only one that really cares), I will share a few photos.

The first thing I saw upon opening the package was a sander. I had forgotten about it, was delighted to see it! I have a lot of furniture to refinish (most of it tables or items with large flat surfaces), and this will be much faster, easier and better to use than the small palm sander I have (in all actuallity, I'm not sure the palm sander is mine - I happened to pack it up with my things so WS may come to claim it one day). The drywall mud tools have already been used, and will see much use during the summer.


As I mentioned to a friend in a text, only my mother would use toilet paper as packing material! It did the job admirably and hey, I won't have to buy TP for a very long time now - LOL!

Packing Material

Cop Car was very good at labeling things - like what I should open first

Open First

And a nice "carefull" message (the retainer box made it thru the mail just fine by the way).


The care package was well appreciated and I will be using the paint mixer today. I will be posting pics of the latest project next week (assuming no more computer mishaps.


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January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013 Catchup

I got to go back to Kansas for Christmas; it had been two years since the last time I was there, so I was really glad to get the chance to go back and see everyone! My flights into ICT went well. Of course when you book one of the first flights of the day from Manchester, there is very little that can disrupt the timing. I walked lots of laps at Chicago Midway airport between terminals A and B as I had a several hour layover. Besides that, the only excitement was a medical emergency on my flight between Chicago and ICT. It wasn't a huge deal but the flight attendant did ask if there was a doctor, nurse or paramedic on board. Once we were on the ground, we waited to disboard until paramedics had transported the woman off and hustled her to a medical facility. Never did find out what was going on, but it didn't seem to be a critical emergency.

Cop Car and her HH graciously housed me during my stay, and what hosts they were! we had great conversation, bird watching at the house, watched deer bounding thru their back ard. And of course there was food - plenty of food. And Cop Car outdid herself with the nut rools, almond horseshoes, fudge, date pudding and other treats. I literally gained 5 pounds while I was there! I also broke my no wheat eating plan, but the issues that crop up from that were well worth it!

Christmas day I went to Wichi Dude and Dudette's place and had a great time watching the kids open presents. Fantastic Niece's kids were quite entrhalled with the whole experience and were a joy to watch. I also got to meet FN's SO for the first time in person. We had texted each other and spoken on the phone a coupole of times, but I was glad to finally meet her in person. Cop Car's Elder Brother drove over from Colorado and spent a couple of days there too - I was happy to see and talk to him as that is a rare treat.

Saturday I met up with WS's family. We had a great time and I was glad to see them again, even if WS and I are no longer together. Some of the family had even come up from Oklahoma for the gathering. 

All too soon, the time came to leave. The flights home weren't nearly so smooth as the ones to ICT. The flight from Midway to Manchester was boarded on time but then we waited an hour for other planes to land to gather another 35 passengers. It was snowing lightly, so the planes had to be de-iced before takeoff. We were 19th in line, and it takes 10-20 minutes for de-icing. By the time we made it to 2nd in line, we had to go back to the gate to get gas!!!! The flight was supposed to land in Manchester around 12:30 AM. Instead we landed shortly before 5 AM.

I got home around 6 AM to cats who were extrememly happy to see me (Prince stayed at WS's house, so he wasn't there). Tory had apparently given WS the cold shoulder, so he spent a good amount of time crying his woes to me and telling me not to leave him again! Then it was off to an appointment at 8 AM. I finally laid down for a nap about noon and felt much refreshed afterwards.

It was a great Christmas. I was so thankful for all the people that made sure I had a good time and good company. Being the first Christmas in 28 years without WS in my life, being around family was just the thing I needed!

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September 08, 2013

Riding in the Rain

Bike at NH rest area - from cape
Coming home from the Cape, I had a dry ride all the way thru MA (did hit wet roads though) then when I got to the NH rest area, the skies let loose. I waited out the first bout of rain, took off, and about 2 miles down the raod ran into another deluge.

Even the cars ahead of me slowed down to 45 MPH (on the highway, where we had been going 75-80) and put on their flashers. It even hailed a little (teeny, tiny hail). The most amazing thins is that other drivers were extremely curteous and kind to this biker - they stayed well back from me, if they passed, they did so at the far left side of their lane and pulled well ahead before pulling in front of me. I am so used to other drivers trying to kill me (hey, that's the way you have to ride) that I was almost stunned by the change in driver behafiour.

I did finally hit drier air and made it home safely.

The time with SIL was exactly what I needed. even though it was cool, dark and damp, we had a great time. We did a lot of walking, window shopping (and a bit of clothes shopping), eating (ice cream - lots of ice cream), and working out. The time share had a great gym so we could work off a few of the calories we injested. We also played a round of mini golf (I need lessons from HH because I lost badly).

even with the weather, we had a great time and I really appreciated being able to get away and forget everything for a while. Even the ride in the rain was good!


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August 17, 2013

Moving Out Day


Had a busy week. While WS was on a bike ride for the weekend, I signed the lease and steam cleaned the carpet (previous occupant had clearly had cats that didn't always use the litter box).

Saturday I did the dump run and took a peek into the swap shop. Found an entertainment center that is in pretty good condition. Cost - $0, can't beat that with a stick. I had to go back to the house and get WS's truck to transport it, and the guys at the dump were super for making sure now one else took it while I was getting the truck, and in helping me load it. That thing is HEAVY! WS and the neighbor moved it into the basement Sunday night when WS got home.

 2013-08-11 19.48.09

Tuesday, I picked up a small computer desk off the side of the road. I put two screws into the side, and now it is ready to rock. We have a spare desk at the house, but it is too big for the apartment - this smaller desk, on wheels no less, will work much better.

Computer desk

WednesdayI found a wood futon, with a pristine mattress on Craig's list. Cost - $75, a really good price for a $300 piece of furniture (and most people wanted around $100 on CL for similar futons). We had to dismantle it to get it into the Jeep. But since WS was back in Maine for work, and had his truck, that was the only way for transport. Sorry no pics yet - will get one when we move it into the apartment.

Still need to find a mattress and box spring. I picked up a queen size frame for $5 last month. WS power washed the frame and I painted it. The futon can be used as a bed for now, then will be converted to a couch when mattress / box spring are obtained.

We are moving WS out to the apartment today. He will stay there for the next 3-4 months (unless snow flies really early this year). Once the snow starts, and stays, I will move to the apartment and WS will come back to the house. That way he can clear the driveway. I will take the cats and bird with me - unfortunately I won't be able to take Prince because the apartment is too small, but at least WS will only have the dog to take care of.

WS went shopping Monday night and got a TV, pots/pans, dish drainer and other basic stuff. We have plenty of sheets, towels and cleaning agents to send along with him. Need to ask the dump guys to be on the lookout for a vacuum (or find one on CL). A coffee table would be nice, but not a big deal at this point. We also have some end tables, kitchen-type table and chairs that will go. WS will also take his easy chair.

Thursday I stopped at the apartment to make sure the electric was on (they turned it on Monday) and the propane service was started (they did that Thursday). WS will start cable/internet service at some point, but certainly won't have it this week. The TV I suggested he get (and he did) can at least pull in over-the-air channels so hopefully he can get channel 9 (local channel). I also ordered him a refurbished modem off ebay, for when he gets internet.

So, that has been the happenings this week. Not the happiest of occasions, but my keeping busy finding stuff for the apartment has helped keep me from dwelling on the sad stuff. It is getting easier to take, and there is the remote possibility that the time apart will change WS's mind, but I'm not counting on it.

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May 12, 2013

Timely Message


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April 20, 2013

April: The Month for Family Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Cop Car who is a somewhere around legal drinking age now.


Also, a big Happy Birthday to Fantastic Niece - her birthday was a couple of days ago, but since she rarely (if ever) reads this blog, won't know that the internet BD wishes were a couple of days late. Her card should have arrived in time anyway.

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February 24, 2013

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Aunt Helen saves me from having nothing to blog about. I clicked on her blog and scrolled thru some recipes until I found a video of her on a TV show (the recipe is here). This is a really easy recipe (even I should be able to follow it) and can easily be made into a wheat-free version by using corn meal instead of bread crumbs. I think I will have to try it for dinner tonight if I can find spaghetti squash!

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