February 08, 2014

Work Out Help

Psst, Hey you. Yes you. Do you have limited time to work out? Do you have limited mobility? Do you have limited room?

This workout is perfect for you. 4 moves. 4 easy moves. But a challenging 17 minutes. All you need is enough room to lay daown (I suppose that technically you could even do it on your couch, although I wouldn't recommend it).

Just did this this morning and it was great. I did have to take a short rest during the 4th movement, but it's all good. My but was already sore from doing a lot of lunges (front, back and side) last night, but I still made it all the way thru the second move. Oh, and don't let the title fool you - guys can benefit from this too.

H/T to someone on FB - I don't even remember who had it up, but I was intrigued so had to look.

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