March 27, 2014

More Changes to Bogies Life

So the big news for Bogie is that since life hasn't thrown me enough curve balls in the last 10 months, I apparently needed one more - I have lost my job. The Company has decided to mothball the plant as the market conditions for our product make it impossible to make money. I thought since I worked for a huge company with deep pockets, it would be safer. But somehow smaller companies are still able to get investors to keep  them afloat, while the mother company is no longer willing to invest. Which is weird since the plant has not even been open for 2 years, and we lost less money last year than we were allowed.

So, once again, for the second time in 16 months, I am hitting the pavement. I really wish I could find a position with the same parent company as I would be able to keep a decent amount of vacation time. Speaking of vacations. A long time ago I mentioned how every time I have a vacation planned (other than to see family), something comes up to keep me from taking it. Yep, had a vacation planned for July with good riding in new territory with people I have known on-line for years. That got cancelled in a hurry. Only good news was I hadn't made airline reservations yet.

The closure announcement was sudden. The decision was made late Friday, and announced on Monday. It was so fast that there wasn't any time for rumors to fly, so everyone was taken completely by surprise.

Last day of work was Tuesday (that was actually exit orientation) and by yesterday afternoon I had 4 resumes out. But these days even if they really like you, it takes at least a month to get hired since they have to do background checks, drug tests and physicals.

Dang, if this had happened before I bought the house, I would have had options (like relocating to another state and working for the same company if a position becasme available). But now my hands are tied as there is no way I could get what I had to put out for the place - all stemming from the way I financed it. The good news is that I don't have to worry about a house payment, so can survive quite a while withouth that worry.

Wouldn't want my life to be stress-free now would we?

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October 01, 2013

Pretty Much Sums it Up

My Luck is so Bad

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September 08, 2013

Some Luck Came My Way

I got a break on Friday in my luck. I got stopped before I lost a tire.

Seems the technician where I had the Jeep worked on forgot to torque either of the tires on the driver's side. Coming from work, about 40 miles from home I start feeling a front tire wobble. I thought my ball joint had decided to let go. Found a place to pull over and WS (who I had called) suggested I check the lug nuts. Sure enough, all the lug nuts on the front tire were extremely loose and several were on the last thread. I checked the other tires and the left rear had 3 loose lug nuts (not nearly so bad thought). The tires on the passenger side were fine.

That was me trying to get to my tire iron. Finally found it beneath the cargo section floor. tightened them up, got to a gas station (I wouldn't make it home) and re-tightened the lug nuts. WS met me further down the road where he really cranked them down.

Fortunately the rim seems no worse for the wear. Certainly didn't help the tires any, but at least I didn't lose a tire, or get killed, so that was a bit of luck that went my way.

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September 03, 2013

Luck Is Normal

As more great luck this summer, I have the Jeep in for minor recall work and to fix a leaky tire. The good news is that the tire itself is ok. It will only cost $200 to fix the tire stem and replace the air pressure sensor.

The bad news is that I need both front ball valves and new brakes - another $1100 worth of work.

Oh yeah, and since i have 2 more days of vacation, it is going to rain all those days too. I just cannot get a break at all!


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August 17, 2013

Moving Out Day


Had a busy week. While WS was on a bike ride for the weekend, I signed the lease and steam cleaned the carpet (previous occupant had clearly had cats that didn't always use the litter box).

Saturday I did the dump run and took a peek into the swap shop. Found an entertainment center that is in pretty good condition. Cost - $0, can't beat that with a stick. I had to go back to the house and get WS's truck to transport it, and the guys at the dump were super for making sure now one else took it while I was getting the truck, and in helping me load it. That thing is HEAVY! WS and the neighbor moved it into the basement Sunday night when WS got home.

 2013-08-11 19.48.09

Tuesday, I picked up a small computer desk off the side of the road. I put two screws into the side, and now it is ready to rock. We have a spare desk at the house, but it is too big for the apartment - this smaller desk, on wheels no less, will work much better.

Computer desk

WednesdayI found a wood futon, with a pristine mattress on Craig's list. Cost - $75, a really good price for a $300 piece of furniture (and most people wanted around $100 on CL for similar futons). We had to dismantle it to get it into the Jeep. But since WS was back in Maine for work, and had his truck, that was the only way for transport. Sorry no pics yet - will get one when we move it into the apartment.

Still need to find a mattress and box spring. I picked up a queen size frame for $5 last month. WS power washed the frame and I painted it. The futon can be used as a bed for now, then will be converted to a couch when mattress / box spring are obtained.

We are moving WS out to the apartment today. He will stay there for the next 3-4 months (unless snow flies really early this year). Once the snow starts, and stays, I will move to the apartment and WS will come back to the house. That way he can clear the driveway. I will take the cats and bird with me - unfortunately I won't be able to take Prince because the apartment is too small, but at least WS will only have the dog to take care of.

WS went shopping Monday night and got a TV, pots/pans, dish drainer and other basic stuff. We have plenty of sheets, towels and cleaning agents to send along with him. Need to ask the dump guys to be on the lookout for a vacuum (or find one on CL). A coffee table would be nice, but not a big deal at this point. We also have some end tables, kitchen-type table and chairs that will go. WS will also take his easy chair.

Thursday I stopped at the apartment to make sure the electric was on (they turned it on Monday) and the propane service was started (they did that Thursday). WS will start cable/internet service at some point, but certainly won't have it this week. The TV I suggested he get (and he did) can at least pull in over-the-air channels so hopefully he can get channel 9 (local channel). I also ordered him a refurbished modem off ebay, for when he gets internet.

So, that has been the happenings this week. Not the happiest of occasions, but my keeping busy finding stuff for the apartment has helped keep me from dwelling on the sad stuff. It is getting easier to take, and there is the remote possibility that the time apart will change WS's mind, but I'm not counting on it.

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July 21, 2013

Wishing My Life Was the Way it Was

Wish I could go back to June 15 - when all was right with my world, Shadow was still alive, aunt still alive, and family life happy (at least as far as I knew). Alas, there is no time machine, so I must deal with this the best I can.

Until I have something happy to post - or at least something that isn't unhappy, I dont think I will be on my blog. Don't want it to go all down in the dumps. I will still be on FB - probably not doing much, but liking things that friends and family are doing anyway.

Could I change my minds next week? Absolutely, but don't count on it.

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July 14, 2013

Just a Marker

Just a personal marker for me - move along there is nothing to see.

Shoe 3.33 dropped

Updated at 11 PM: Shoe 3.45 dropped.

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July 01, 2013

Shoe #3 - Dropped

I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks for the 3rd shoe to drop. Bad things happen in 3's, or so we are told. With a death in the family and the passing of my beloved Shadow, I was waiting for #3. Yesterday, that shoe dropped.


No, you have no idea what I'm talking about. No, I won't explain now, if ever.


I hope you have a much better week than I will have.

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November 04, 2012

Another Sticky Issue

Remember in March when I had a shot to alleviate the symptoms of trigger finger? Well, it didn't last as long as I was hoping (many get lifetime relief). It has slowly been getting worse over the last month. I'm doing as I did last winter, trying massage, stretches and ibuprophen to try to keep it from becoming a huge issue. The doc said that he wouldn't do another shot (unless the first lasted something like 5 years), so surgery would be next. Well, that is fine and dandy, but I don't think an employer would be impressed if I got a job and immediately had issues because I couldn't type with my left hand! Oh well, it's mostly pain and swelling so far - no major stickage - so I can deal with it for a while.

Yep, when it rains it pours!

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October 26, 2012

Tricks Only

So remember the dilemma that I hoped I would have, but dreaded. Fear not, no dilemma, just all tricks and no treats.

FD, who has had me on the phone several times, in to talk to 5 (yes count them, 5) people, finally made their decision. Not me. Seriously, the email said it was between me and an internal candidate. So, the internal candidate wasn't good enough to put in that job on 8/20 (when the job was posted), but is now? What that email really means is the people I interviewed with liked my qualifications, but they didn't like me during the personal interview, so they had to wait until they found someone inside that was willing to take the job. Congrats to that person, it's always exciting when one moves into a different role within company.

SG, who called me after 6 PM on Wednesday, and wanted me to come in for another interview this week, has found that they can't corral the people they want me to meet. Really? You were in such a rush that you wanted me in on Thursday afternoon. Then it was, "clear your calender for Friday" (which I did even though I had to reschedule a phone interview). Now it's, "we'll try to make it work next Wednesday afternoon". Well, I believe that the person who would be my boss liked me during the personal interview, but I could tell the Director of Manufacturing didn't. Now she is trying to find someone higher than him, who maybe I can get to like me. Good luck with that, I expect nothing from them at all at this point and will be shocked if a second interview round actually happens.

Which leaves door #3; OP, the company that has been stringing me along for 7 weeks and has stated it will string me along for several more. This is the company I have interviewed at twice (6 people total). The company that most likely won't hire me because I have no medical device experience. I truly believe that they are making offers to others, just keeping me on the back burner in case no one accepts.

Now we are getting toward the season when no one hires because of all the holidays (who wants to pay new employees for 4-6 days of non-work right after they have been hired?). So my next choice at this point is to try to get contract work.

Contract work offers pays 2/3-1/2 what I used to make. To put that in perspective, it pays what I made in 1999, when I was still hourly. It is paid hourly, without any holidays, and no benefits. And, from what I've seen, contract employees rarely get picked up as a permanent worker - the contract is only renewed, so the pay doesn't get any better.

The time that unemployment compensation runs out is quickly approaching (no, there are no extensions). In a couple of months I fully expect to be working at Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds (if they'll even hire me) since the more time passes without a job, the less likely employers will even want to talk to me.

The tricks are on me this Halloween Season - that's what I get for letting myself get my hopes up.

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