June 19, 2014

Wednesday Happenings of Note

Two things of interest happened last night:

STBX is now the EX. I don't have the paperwork, but he texted saying he got the final paperwork from the courts.

Interesting phone call from a former co-worker and good friend. Things may be afoot, but too early to tell. I may have an opportunity to go to Isreal though. If it pans out, I'll have to get a passport.

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May 03, 2014

Brush and Mulch Pile and Property Lines

As I was getting ready for my ride this morning, a man was driving by and stopped to talk to me. He wasn't there just to chat, he was there to inform me that my mulch pile, doggie dropping dump and brush piles were on his land. I told him I was under the impression that they were on my land, and that my land went to the tree behind the mulch pile, but if not, then I would be happy to move them. Now, the guy was very nice, so I didn't take offense. He also mentioned that he was having someone come in to clean up all the leaves and dead wood on his property.

After my ride, I was going to start moving the brush piles, but then I saw something that made me get out my deed and figure out exactly where my land ended. Turns out that 99% of the stuff that he complained about is on my land; one of the brush piles did just slightly (I mean - maybe 6") onto his property. Since he is a landlord for the apartment's which land was in question, I didn't know how I could contact him. I didn't want him to have his guy remove my brush piles as there are some birds that use at least one of them for nesting underneath.

So I went to the apartments and they had a For Rent sing, with a phone number. I called and talked again to the guy, explained the situation (my land goes along a stone wall and to a metal pin. He asked if I had located the pin - yep, and it is by the big tree that I said I thought was my property line. He then proceded to explain how he had never located the pin. Oh? Really? That is amazing since I can see it from my back door (that is what I saw when I let Prince out that led me to dig out my deed).

Corner Pin
Corner Pin

That pin is now a part of the tree it is leaning agianst, so hasn't moved any in the last, oh, say 15+ years. In the second picture, the doggie doo pile is in the foreground, clearly on my land.

And what about that rock wall. Oh, he didn't know about that either. To give him the benefit of a doubt, it is rather hard to see as it is old, decrepit and sunken in. But I was pretty sure my property went to the huge rock in back - and it seems to be part of the rock wall.

Rock Wall
Rock Wall

Trust me, in person you can tell where the wall is and where the corner is made. Sure, it doesn't stick out, but if you look for it, you can find it.

So, once I explained this to him, and told him I would move the small part of the brush pile that is on his land, he seemed to be okay with it. Hopefully he explains this all to whomever he hires to clean up his property, because I will not be happy if he removes my brush piles (and the birds won't be happy either).

But, the real moral to this story is not to trust that someone knows what he is talking about when it comes to property boundaries. Make sure you have a copy of your deed accessible so that if you need it on a weekend, you've got it.

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April 26, 2014

Funniest Thing for a Long Time

Went with STBX to sign some paperwork pertaining to the old house this morning. When we were leaving the bank, he turned on his MP3 player. The first words sung to come out:

"He lies right at you, you know you hate that game . . ." (from Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper).

He couldn't change the song fast enough. Made my day!

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April 08, 2014

She's Home for the Season

Picked up my bike today from storage. In Concord it was 55 and breaks of sun. In Hillsboro, not so much (45 and dark clouds). But, I had a good ride home. We have to work on backing down the driveway - it is full of potholes, lumps, bumps and valleys. But after about 5 minutes of jockeying around, I got her in the garage. I think she likes her new home - LOL

Bike in Driveway after pickup from storage
Bike in Driveway after pickup from storage

And yes, those are shiny new tires that I had to have installed to pass inspection. Had to take it a bit easy on the way home as it takes about 50 miles of riding to abrade the oils off the rubber, but it was still fun.

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March 27, 2014

More Changes to Bogies Life

So the big news for Bogie is that since life hasn't thrown me enough curve balls in the last 10 months, I apparently needed one more - I have lost my job. The Company has decided to mothball the plant as the market conditions for our product make it impossible to make money. I thought since I worked for a huge company with deep pockets, it would be safer. But somehow smaller companies are still able to get investors to keep  them afloat, while the mother company is no longer willing to invest. Which is weird since the plant has not even been open for 2 years, and we lost less money last year than we were allowed.

So, once again, for the second time in 16 months, I am hitting the pavement. I really wish I could find a position with the same parent company as I would be able to keep a decent amount of vacation time. Speaking of vacations. A long time ago I mentioned how every time I have a vacation planned (other than to see family), something comes up to keep me from taking it. Yep, had a vacation planned for July with good riding in new territory with people I have known on-line for years. That got cancelled in a hurry. Only good news was I hadn't made airline reservations yet.

The closure announcement was sudden. The decision was made late Friday, and announced on Monday. It was so fast that there wasn't any time for rumors to fly, so everyone was taken completely by surprise.

Last day of work was Tuesday (that was actually exit orientation) and by yesterday afternoon I had 4 resumes out. But these days even if they really like you, it takes at least a month to get hired since they have to do background checks, drug tests and physicals.

Dang, if this had happened before I bought the house, I would have had options (like relocating to another state and working for the same company if a position becasme available). But now my hands are tied as there is no way I could get what I had to put out for the place - all stemming from the way I financed it. The good news is that I don't have to worry about a house payment, so can survive quite a while withouth that worry.

Wouldn't want my life to be stress-free now would we?

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February 14, 2014

I'm not a Jewelry Gal . . . But

Cop Car needs one of these!

Enterprise Ring

Picture stolen from the maker's website. Although they probably think this is a man's ring, it looks just feminine enough for a woman to pull it off (heck I would get one if I won the lottery).


Found thru Buffy's FB page.

Hey, and speaking of jewelry; although I'm not one for rings, I did get while I was at the Winter Storage Party in January. I had been missing the ring that I wore for 28 years and even after months of not wearing it still reached for it on a regular basis to "adjust" it. Although I wasn't looking, I found a ring that I could wear, that my mind would never mistake for what it isn't, but could help me think of other thoughts whenever I look at it or 'adjust" it with my thumb.

My New HD Ring

It holds all kinds of symbolism, not only as a biker, but for me personally along with my future.

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January 19, 2014

A Little Decoration

I've managed to find some time for a little decorating besides just painting. One of the first items I got up was a clock that WS gave me long, long ago when we still lived in Kansas.

Clock close

When I put it up, I immediately knew that was where it was supposed to go - the door and curtains play off the colores of the clock very well. I am sooo glad I painted the walls as the clock would have gotten lost if I had left the wall turquiose.

Clock from afar

Last weekend I put up some small pictures in the kitchen above the kitchen sink and window

Above Kitchen Window Decorations2
Above Kitchen Window Decorations2

Above Kitchen Window Decorations

I think they look right at home there.

I still have a very large box filled with large pictures, many of which were given, or forwarded to me, from Cop Car and her HH. It also has a large number of knick knacks, so this box is not a current priority for me. However, one of these days I will get it unpacked and I will have lions and wolves on my walls.

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December 22, 2013

Intro to a Great Neighbor

Last weekennd WS moved the last of his stuff out of the apartment, cleaned ut up, then he came by to drop off a couple of things. While he was here, a lady showed up at my front door. She asked if "bogie" still lived here and I informed her the I was "bogie" and I had just moved in. 

She introduced herself as a neighbor then explained that she had a package delivered to her house that was for me. and how it was a huge box and very heavy. I immediatly knew what it was. I hadn't missed it yet because the delivery date that was given to me was betwee 12/12 and 12/17 (really? REALLY? that was the best they could do for a guestimate?).

The neighbor then proceded to ask me for ID, which I gladly produced. She was very sorry for the trouble but didnt' want to give away someone's Christmas gift to the wrong person. I didn't have a problem with proving who I was before she allowed me to come pick up the package - in fact I was appreciative of that!

Fortunately WS still had room in the bed of his truck, so he drove over to the neighbors' house to pick up the package (I had to walk as his front seat was full - no problem, I can always use exercise). The neighbor and I chatted while WS lugged the huge, heavy box out the door and onto his truck bed. I again expressed gratitude before bidding the neighbor goodby.

Her parting words were, "So is it a Christmas present? I don't mean to be nosy, and you don't have to tell me . . "

I told her no, it was just an appliance. Then I rethought that, and told her that I guess it was a Christmas present to myself.

WS drove the box over to my place, lugged it into the house, unboxed it and tried to set it on a kitchen countertop but it wouldn't fit under the wall cabinets. that was okay as I had a back-up plan; using a microwave cart that I had inherited from Cop Car's HH when he moved back to Kansas from PA. And it works woderfully - as you can see by the pictures below the fold.


Why yes that is a dishwasher; a countertop dishwasher that can hold 6 place settings. It works great and allows me to do dishes every couple of days instead of every day (or everytime I use dishes). It uses 3-4 gallons of water, so uses a lot less than I would use by hand. Plus, I can load dishes in it as I use them, so the dirty dishes are hidden and off the limited counter space that I have. It works great and I usually only have to use the "lightly soiled" setting.

Yep, Merry Christmas to me!


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December 15, 2013

Snow, Snow, Snow - and Frigid Weather

Every day last week I awoke to new snow. It wasn't much, a dusting up to about 2". Just a nuisence really where I had to sweep off the porch and driveway before leaving for work.

Since WS was out of state for most of the week, I went to his house to pick up mail after work, and I would sweep off his porch and walkway, then drive around the driveway a couple of times to make it look as if someone were there.

It has also been very cold - more like January than December. I have been weatherizing my house, which has very little insulation. Last night I finally finished putting plastic over the interior of the windows using those shrink-wrap kits that can be found at hardware stores (yes, I got mine at the local hardware store which luckily for me had them on sale). 

After hearing that we were supposed to be in the negative numbers next week (we had been down to 2, but no lower here + and yesterday the high was 8), I went to a big box store on Friday and got 6 rolls of R-19 to insulate the basement ceiling (ie, living area floors). I used up 5 full rolls getting about 2/3 of the area done that night (okay, really about 1/2, but the future workout room already has sheetrock up, so I can't get to that part). I was working on it until about 9:30 that night. I don't think I did too bad timewise considering I had to measure and cut each length depending on the configuration of the plumbing and wiring. Doing this alone also meant that even for the few clear runs, I couldn't handle anything over 5 feet long - and even that length was a huge pain to deal with.  

No Insulation
No Insulation
No Insulation

During the week, I added weatherstripping to 2 of the exterior doors as they had large gaps. Caulking around door and window frames, and adding foam insulation to the electrical outlets has also been done.

Brings back memories of all the work we did on the Deering house. Actually I find myself enjoying the work - keeping busy and all. 

Today it is on to snowblowing for the first time ever, with the machine the former owner left me. WS stopped by yesterday and showed my how to start it, and I made sure I could pull-start it (easy pull, so no issues there). The driveway isn't long, so for smaller snowfalls, shoveling will be easier, but for more major snows, the snowblower will see use. I also will have to clear a path for the propane tech to deliver.

Settling in for winter has kept me very busy the last week or so, now I gotta quit stalling and tackle the snow. 

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December 08, 2013

Last Push and Moving Day

Before moving, I had a huge push to get all the painting done. To that end, I spent all of Thanksgiving and the following friday getting everything as ship-shape as possible. I already had the kitchen, dinette, and one bedroom done. I painted my bedroom another coat of light blue paint, 

The office was a horrid yellow (horrid to me anyway), so It got a coat of light green paint, which offset the green curtains nicely.

Yellow Room
Yellow Room

The livingroom took two heavy coats of white chocolate paint to cover up the turquise (after pic will be shown shortly). I also ended up painting the hallway at the same time. It was the same yellow as the office had been, but I covered it with white chocolate and was quite pleased with the results (no pics of hall - use your imaginatioon).

Living Room

Friday morning was also the day that my new washer/dryer set was being delivered. The guys called me an hour before the time frame (9-11) and asked if I was ready as they were just 2 blocks away making another delivery. I hadn't gotten down to my house yet, but assured them I could be there in 5 minutes. Tehy said not to worry, they would hang out. I got there and showed them where to place them, and gave them the pedestals I had gotten online (got a great deal!) and they commenced to working. In almost no time, they had my appliances all set up.


Saturday was moving in day and I was overwelmed by all the people showed up (WS had arranged for the manpower). Jimmy, Harry BIL and Karen came to help move the massive amount of stuff I have (25 years worth of stuff). Harry and WS did most of the heavy lifting while BIL and Karen helped me load up vehicles with boxers, and boxes, and boxes. Jimmy also helped with boxes, but he has a bad hip, so played doorman at times too. Whe all was said and done, they had my living room, bedroom and office furniture in place. That night I set up the computer and printer (don't ask why since I had no internet until Monday - LOL).

  LR-moved in
LR-moved in

Jimmy's vehicle was perfect for transporting Birdie, and he came thru the move just fine. Acting like nothing had happened.


Sunday WS and I continued moving stuff. Actually we did pretty good - the only casualty was a vase.

I really didn't have all my stuff boxed up. Still had lots of books, plants and plant supplies, summer clothing and miscellaneous stuff left at the house. That is stuff that I can slowly get as I get my house organized and everything unpacked.

There better not be another moving day in my future - I can't imagine doing all this over again!

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