November 27, 2014

New Roof Report

During the summer I had the shingle roof stripped and a metal standing seam roof put on. I have a very low pitch roof that holds onto the snow, and I was hoping the metal roof would allow the snow to slide off so I wouldn't have to roof rake as much. Add to the mix that my house also has a eave on all 4 sides, and roof raking becomes a nightmare for basically 130 feet. We had done the same thing at the Deering house (which had more of a pitch than my present house does, and a conventional roof with eaves on 2 sides), and it would shed snow fairly well once it started accumulating.

Well, I am happy to report that it has exceeded all expectations. The snow started sliding last night over the backside of the house.

Roof Clearing

This morning, one side was almost clear - the side that has both pellet stove exhaust pipes on it, plus the living room pellet stove makes that room very warm (of which I assume at least some of that warmth makes it to the attic).  The front side still had lots of snow, even though I had to clean up  some that it had dumped overnight.

Right side almost clear

When I got home about 3 this afternoon, the roof had cleared itself.

Roof Cleared

For those wondering, Some of the simplistic theory behind a metal roof shedding snow is that sunlight goes thru the snow and heats up the metal (the darker the color, the better the heating). Plus, any heat that escapes into the attic warms up the metal. In turn, the lower level of snow starts to melt, making the roof a water slide for the snow. This snow was very heavy, which means it probably slid faster than if it had been a light snow - that is my theory anyway, and we'll see how it holds up as the winter progresses.

I have the only completely clear roof in the neighborhood, and there are some houses with mighty steep roofs. Of course that meant I had to shovel the driveway and front steps again, but I don't have to worry about the snow load on the house at all!


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Thanksgiving Snow

I started today with snowblowing the driveway. I had snow blowed last night, but that was just the first 5-6", so I had to get the rest of the 13" total taken care of along with the berm the town plows left at the end of the driveway.

After getting the driveway cleared, I took time to look at the trees and how magical they look

Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees

These trees are just across the fence

Trees at ditch

This tree is across the street from me, and usually doesn't look like much, but with the snowy covering lit up by sunlight makes it just explode with beautifull

Tree across street

I went to my boss's house for an early Thanksgiving dinner and she had created a lovely spread

Turkey at Jens2
Turkey at Jens2

On the way home, I was enchanted with the trees to either side of the road

Snowy Fir Trees
Snowy Fir Trees
Snowy Fir Trees

Stop and smell the roses during the spring and summer, Enjoy the colors of fall, and take the time to be enchanted with the beauty that fresh snow brings to the otherwise barren landscape during winter!

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November 09, 2014

Humor for the day

Seen on one of those electronic speed limit signs in Hillsboro, in a 30 MPH zone (it may, or may not, have been directed at me)


OMG Dude - Slow Down

This isn't NASCAR

Who says the cops have no sense of humor?

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November 02, 2014

Well That was Short Lived

I got the small pellet stove hooked up a couple of weeks ago. On a couple of nights, it got cool in the house so I ran it for a short time (maybe 1.5 hours each time).

Englander Stove

Then last weekend I started it up and just as the pellets caught fire, the combustion moter failed so it went into shut down mode. Okay, I can take a hint (I left out a few exciting details - let's suffice to say we all survived and the house did not burn down).

Thimble and hookup pipe2

So, after an ad on CL, it is back to the upstairs being in the low 60's while downstairs is toasty from the big pellet stove. Damn, and it really hasn't even started getting cold yet. Guess I should have bought a new stove instead of a new (to me) bike.


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October 26, 2014

Air Infiltration is Everywhere

Air leaks in this house are everywhere. Some are so obvious, one wonders how she missed them before now.

The ceilings are not sheetrock, they are either acustical tile or material you normally associate with dropped ceilings.Normal housing construction has sheetrock for walls and ceilings so tape and mudd cover any gaps. Thus, airflow is kept to a minimum (there are other steps that good builders use, but lets just go with that simplified version).

With tiles, no such jointing can be done. Any gaps are covered with crown molding. This is something I completely missed, even after having new sheetrock installed. Here is a small joint (very rare in this house)

Small air leak

How could I have missed such obvious issues while I was putting up the crown molding in the bedroom? Once I recognized it, the crown molding came back down and I started filling gaps. With very small gaps, I could use rope caulk. With larger gaps, more creativity was involved. I had some weather seal from previous projects (some from the old house); some of felt and some of foam, so I started with what I had for the gaps less than 3/4 inches

Half inch gap covered with felt
Half inch gap covered with felt

I had nothing large enough for the 3/4 and larger gaps, so scraps of foam board are temporarily being used.

Three quarter inch gap

I have gotten larger foam weatherstripping to replace the rigid foam. Eventually, I will be putting in sheetrock ceilings and then the gaps will be covered more conventionally. But for now, this will have to do.

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Oiled Up

Last weekend there was a small mishap hear at the Bogie house. Iw was getting all the stuff together that I needed to make shower gel (I haven't bought any soap but dish soap and laundry detergent for a couple of years). I was being lazy and decided that I could carry the container of essential oils, a gallon jug of gell base, can of grapeseed oil and bottle of glycerin. I had quite the arm full and juggled everything around a couple of times until I figured I could make it the 20 steps to the kitchen.

Following picture is of my EO (essential oil) container next to the kitchen sink so you can get an idea of the size. 

Oil Container

Wo, the EO container was balanced in one arm, the gallon jug clentched by the handle of the opposite hand, and the other containers wedged between my arm and body on the side that had the gallon jug. Naturally, I bumped into the door frame of the craft room as I was exiting. The can of grapeseed oil, being a tad slick on the outside, got just enough of a jolt to make it squirm out of my grasp and hit the floor in the hallway just in front of the bedroom door. At that point, its flip top flipped, and oil started to ooze out - Yay - NOT.

I proceded to the kitchen with the rest of the stuff, put it down, then headed back with a big wad of paper towels to clean up the mess. This is where I had a bit of luck; I had completed putting the bedroom in order and had mopped the wood floor a couple of times to get up as much of the sheetrock dust and other stuff off the wood floor. Once I started wiping at the oil, I realized it was helping to get all the stuff trapped in the wood grain out, and giving the wood floor a more finished look (most of the protectant of al the wood floors is pretty much worn off). So, I ended up spreading the spilled oil all thru the bedroom.

  Wood floor oiled versus not oiled
Wood floor oiled versus not oiled

So, my clumsiness paid off. I will remember this as I finish working on each room and finish it off by coating the floor with grapeseed oil.

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October 18, 2014

Quick Quiz

What is new here?

Morning after first night in redone room

Yep, that is this morning after I slept in my own bed, in my own bedroom, for the first time since spring. The base trim has been sanded, stained and polyuerathaned


The crown molding has been painted, although not all is up. The sheetrock that was installed was 1/2". The sheetrock that I tore out was apparently 5/16" (or less), so I have to cut some of the pieces to length yet.

Crown Molding

And, I haven't done any of the window trim. But I did get curtains up so enough is done that I moved in. Yay!


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So, about 11 dyas ago (Wednesday 10/8/14) the driveway was paved. One is not supposed to drive or park on it for at least 5 days.

New Driveway

No problem, I have been parking my Jeep on the lawn and wasn't taking the bike anywhere once it was ensconced in the garage.

Saturday (10/11), I figured I better pre-buy 3 tons of wood pellets. They asked if I wanted to take some home. Sure. The Jeep can hold a few.

I got home and realized my issue - new driveway that leads to garage. Garage leads to basement. Basement is where I store pellets. Other way to basement is up the front steps, down the stairs and around the stairway to the back of the basement. Car was loaded with 1/2 ton (who needs a truck when they have the cheapest, wimpiest Jeep they make?)

Half ton Pellets
Half ton Pellets

Decided I could drive into the garage, unload, then park back in the yard. Since I didn't have to turn the wheels while in the driveway, not much danger of doing damage. But still . . .

Didn't see any damage. And since I didn't have to turn my wheels while on the driveway, there wasn't likely to be any. However, illustrates PPP perfectly.

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October 05, 2014

Bed Room Paint

Finally got all the wallpaper off of one wall in the bedroom then mudded the nicks, dings and natural divots of the wall board. That, of course, meant retapping and mudding the corner that meets the new sheetrock (which I had already put on one coat of paint.

BR wall - wallpaper removed
BR wall - wallpaper removed
BR wall - wallpaper removed

I then used leftovers from the livingroom paint to prime it and see if it would look okay with paint since it is wallboard and not sheetrock. Then started painting it with my color of choic, and gave the other two walls a second coat of paint. Ended up getting a second gallon made up at the Depot in a different town. Bet you can't tell where the first gallon meets the second gallon.

BR painted bay window
BR painted bay window
BR painted bay window

I'm quite pleased that the two cans of paint matched up so well. I haven't done the other wall as that is where all the furniture is shoved up to. Plus, the wallpaper is mostly intact so will leave that one for later. Now just need to paint the crown molding and base trim to those can be installed. Will trim out the windows later too. I may actually get to move into the bedroom in another week or so.

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September 21, 2014

Ant the Paint Goes On

When I last left you fine folk, I was mudding and sanding. I finished that (except for the office) thru the week and yesterday started painting the bedroom.

As a refresher, the bedroom when I bought the house was a turquise

  Turquise Room

Then I painted over that with a milder Honolulu Blue, knowing that I would be tearing out walls later so just hoping to tone down the brightness, but without the use of very expensive coverage paint. It didn't work as well as I hoped, but it was better than nothing.

  Blue Room

With the new walls in, and not much of the Honolulu Blue paint leftover from last year, I thought it was time to really think about the color I wanted. As usual, I thought I was going to default to an off-white. That has always been my choice. But then I though that I really wanted something that would make the room more cozy and den like. As a bedroom, it doesn't need to be bright and airy. Plus, with the bay window, it gets plenty of natural light so could support a darker color.

I went to the big box store that starts with H during lunch and studied color samples. I knew I wanted a bluish tint, but darker, with more gray. After agonizing over the samples for 10 minutes (I know, a lot of people think that is a snap decision, but for me that is a short time for something so mundane as paint or carpeting or linoleum), I decided on Oxford Blue - a steel grey with blue undertones.

I also went with the Bahr self priming paint and let me tell you, that paint choice was a great decision as it is nice and thick and covers even bare sheetrock well with only one coat (going to do two coats anyway). The flash lightened up the color a bit, but when I try to darken it by computer, it turns it more purple - which it definitely isn't.

  BR new color oxford blue

As you can tell by this side-by-side, the old turquise bled thru the Honolulu Blue over time, which I had not fully realized until I looked at the picture taken last November.

BR two colors compared

Notice in the above picture the crown molding on the right hand wall is still there. This is where the story takes a turn to the obvious (if you think about my luck). I removed the molding so I could paint beneath it. In the process, areas of paint started flaking and chipping. So, I figured I would scrape those portions down, mud/sand, then it would be ready for painting when I got to it.

Yeah, uh, huh. Not so fast. that would be wallpaper that started stripping down the wall. Damn. I had forgotten when I had originally painted that it sounded like wallpaper. However, in all the walls I have taken down (exterior and  stairway), there hasn't been any wallpaper (except the mural in the living room), so I figured it was just the surface of the sheetrock was old and delaminating. Wrong answer! So, I spent some time stripping off what came off easily (the picture is from early in the process).

BR wallpaper strip

And, of course, that isn't sheetrock underneath but a wallboard, which probably means I will be papering over. The good news is at least the wallboard is in pretty decent shape, so I won't be replacing it. Now I need to get wallpaper stripper to get the stubborn stuff off.

Meanwhile, I had White Chocolate paint left over from when I painted the kitchen and living room last November, so I started painting the living room. The leftover paint was a cheaper Coronado, so I dind't expect it to cover nearly as well as the Bahr, and it didn't (although you can't really tell in the picture).

Living room 1st coat White Chocolate

Then I went to the local store and got some Benjamine Moore Premium (the Valspar was so expensive it was rediculous - about $20 more per gallon than the Bahr, so I wasn't touching that stuff). Well, that was better than the Coronado, but still runny and under-coverage compared to the Bahr. That is okay, I'll just put on more coats - which will use the same amount of paint, just more effort and time. Next time I buy paint, I know what brand I am going with.

And to top off the evening, I did some polyeurathaning of the living room trim work, which I had sanded down and stained over the last couple of weeks. I'm doing that in the craft room, so it will be a while before I get to painting that room most likely.

Hpe everyone has had a more entertainning weekend than I have had so far - but at least I feel like I have been productive.

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