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June 24, 2018


Cop Car

Wow! The paint makes a great difference - at least, in the photos. How did your shoulder take the painting and pellet toting? Good to have progress to report, isn't it?


Lots of ibuprofen and other natural remedies help keep the pain down (no, not alcohol or illicit drugs - LOL). I've decided my shoulders are not going to get any better by babying them, so will soldier thru the best that I can. Actually moving pellets doesn't bother me a bit. Painting, mudding, sanding and scrubbing (as I did this weekend) are big culprits.

Worst part is sleeping at night I can't find a position that doesn't bother my right shoulder. And my left shoulder kills me while riding the bike (right shoulder is fine for riding)

Cop Car

Strange combination.

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