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February 11, 2018


Cop Car

Love it (curled ice)! Your roof got a new hairdo. As to the belt holders: cool! I used a tie rack for my belts, back in the days when I owned some. At one point, it was installed on a slope. Don't recall why, but probably, like you, I didn't have the space to mount it horizontally. Looks good, too, with your refinishing talents!


I looked for tie racks, but evidently those are a thing of the past.


Well, now that I think of itm maybe I saw some but they were way too long.

Cop Car

It occurs to me why you have so many more belts (and wear them) than did I. In my life, I've owned exactly one pair of pants that did not come up to my waist - and I hated them.

When one with as much hip as I had (and even more, now!) bends over, the waist of one's pants is pulled. With a belt, it is extremely uncomfortable and apt to lead to splitting of the pants - as happened to me in college co-educational physical education class without a belt, when I weighed about 110-115 pounds. Dudette got hips, presumably from me, while you got your dad's. Of course, neither you nor he wear pants that rise to the natural waistline.

Cop Car

P.S. It isn't just bending over that causes stress over the hip but sitting or stooping as well. That's why I must buy "tall girl" pants - to provide a bit more ease.


Actually, I have so many belts because I lost so much weight a couple of years ago that is the only way I held up pants. Even now, with most of the weight gained back, I have a couple of pairs of pants that are large waisted so I need a belt. Other times, I just feel I look shabby without one to "finish". Most of my belt wearing these days are for work - and most of my pants do go to the natural waistline although some are just below.

Cop Car

Yes, I too wore belts at work, when I switched to wearing pants - owning one black and one brown belt. Since retiring, I've stuck with pants for the coverage when I sit or bend over. I keep thinking I'll buy/make some longer skirts, but I don't get around to it. Actually, if I could live 24/7 in my robe, I would!
; )

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