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January 07, 2018


Cop Car

OK, Bogie, you have me puzzled: "reefed once more"? Is that a typo or will you teach me a new use for "reefed"?

Cop Car

P.S. Doesn't if feel good when a project goes smoothly for you? Congratulations!


Gave it a good crank, honked on it

Cop Car

*chuckling* So you did the gorilla bit. In working on aircraft hydraulic systems (Navy), I found that some of the guys (mostly, the muscly kind) needed counseling to back off the torque after tightening connectors. The muscly ones hadn't stopped to consider that their over-torqueing was causing the leaks they encountered. As a relative weakling, I didn't share their problem.

P.S. I didn't say in my last comment; but, I like the nice, clean look of your new format. Is it more compatible with non-desktop manipulation?


Oh yeah, I don't have the over-torqueing issue with tightening things either. I was going to buy a torque wrench but others on the forum just suggested to hand tighten then give it another 1/2 turn with the wrench. Well, I know from experience that my hand tightening is very weak , as is even my wrench tightening, so decided to forgo the expense.


I have no idea if the new format is more compatible with other-than-computer use. I only have a couple of readers so didn't really worry about that. I would guess that it is just because the custom code that I had developed so long ago never took into consideration such things. I'm sure Typepad has my back on that :)

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