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November 18, 2017

HOG Duties Expanded

At the HOG meeting in October, officers for next year were nominated for 16 positions. In most cases, since all the officers have only held their positions for a year, those same people were nominated - and accepted the nomination. There were a few that declined (moving, health reasons etc), and for those we nominated new people for the position, or asked for people to think about it until voting in November. Some people took on two positions (and in one case, two people are sharing the duties).

At the November meeting we were informed that one member, who had taken on two positions suddenly needed to back out - and was already out of country for his work without being able to communicate (due to the nature of his work). We had no volunteers for one position, Editor, so I volunteered to take that on along with continuing as the LOH Officer.

So now I am in a weird position of not having a template to follow, nor having the information that had been previously been given to the former Editor for our newsletter. I know that National HOG requires certain fonts, logos and has rules/regulations to follow and I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. Additionally, the newsletters have Volume and Edition numbers that I have no idea what they are in relation to. I am fortunate that 4 newsletters have been published this year, as that is the minimum amount that is required. However, I also want to put out a yea-end edition as there are several news-worthy items that should be shared, but wouldn't have the same impact or interest if I wait until next spring.

This will be a learning experience for sure.

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November 11, 2017

As Promised - Autumn Pictures

Pictures of the Burning Bush. Sadly, we had a huge windstorm and heavy rains so I never got a picture of it in it's full glory, but it was still pretty. I realize that BB is an invasive plant, but around here there are many old plantings of it (even the state planted it along the town bypass put in 10+ years ago), and shade keeps it mostly in check, so I don't feel badly about letting this bush live. The first picture was taken the end of October, the second on 11/4/17.

Burning bush 1trnd

To the right of the burning bush is the October Glory maple I planted a couple of months ago. When I saw it turning yellow, although a prettier and more enduring color than the silver maples, I thought I was going to have to replace it with another Autumn Blaze.

Burning bush 1trnd

However, the leaves endured and then started to change even more. Luckily, the wind and rain didn't even phase the little tree and the leaves stayed put so I could enjoy them. This is the last maple with any leaves on it at all. Pictures from today.

October Glory tree 11-11-17
October Glory tree 11-11-17

Today started off as the coldest of the year at 18* (Last Monday I rode the bike to work and it was 58* at 4 AM!). The sun was strong though and it quickly jumped up to 30 then topped out at 35*. Warm enough and dry enough to finally mow the leaves for the last time. I also pulled the last few lily stalks that had stubbornly stayed firmly attached to the bulb.

Although my shoulder nerve issue hasn't been resolved, it has been mitigated to a degree and I no longer have a completely numb thumb. I do still have tingles run from my shoulder blade up, around and down my arm when I stretch it, but it is better than it was. Only time and rest will allow my body to heal up. I'm disappointed I didn't get the last of the planned landscaping done, nor did I get anything done on the house, but I have reserved the arm/shoulder pain for what I have to get done, not what I want/wish to get done. Thank goodness I like to read:)

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