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October 28, 2017

Tires are Important

Last Sunday I met up with a gal from LOH here in town. We were going to ride up to the dealer's where the procession for a HOG member was starting at (see next post). I had checked tire pressure just before leaving, as the days were getting cooler. We were discussing tire pressure, as she was finalizing getting ready, when the sun and bike angle managed to grab my attention. WTF is that on my back tire? I had ridden thru some sand, so assumed it was that, but grabbed my readers and took a good look. ARRGGHH, my back tire had no rubber left on the contact patch (center of tire). In fact, it was down to the belts.

N.O.T. G.O.O.D.

Old rear tire tread2

I was smart and rode back home to grab the car. I called the dealer on Tuesday and orderd both front and rear tires as the front was worn badly (which I knew - but it at least still had rubber covering). The tires came in and I rode up this morning, in 36* and extremely foggy weather so they could install the new tires. (first pic is of new rear tire, then front tire)

New rear tire Dunlop American Elite
New rear tire Dunlop American Elite

New tires have such a weird feel to them. They aren't as smooth riding as broken in tires. However, they are much safer than what I had on there. Although cold weather has hit, and massive rain is in the forecast (thankfully not snow), there is still riding to do so I can do so with confidence now.

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SO not good! The new rear tire looks so much better. Treadless tires do run smoothly - but - can come up with unwelcomed surprises. Your mother feels better, now.
; )

Posted by: Cop Car at Oct 29, 2017 12:26:03 PM

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