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October 28, 2017

Pretty Leaves

A week ago Friday evening (yes, I'm going in revers chronological order) I mowed the yard for the last time. However, I also used the mower to mulch all the leaves, for the second, but not last, time.

Lawn and leaves mowed 10-21-17

Saturday I noticed that a silver maple still had some leaves. The silver maples normally go from pale yellow to brown in about 24 hours, but when the stick around they aren't to horrible to look at.

Silver Maple

They did put out a prodigeous amount of helicopters this fall. Considering that the nearest tree to the ramp is 35-40 feet away, there is a minor amount on the ramp. And, to think, last fall I was wondering at my identifying them as some sort of maple might be incorrect since there were absolutely no helicopters produced.

Silver Maple

However, the new maples, although puny and having few leaves, far outshone the silver. These two are from the Autumn Blaze I planted just above where the willow used to be.

Autumn Blaze maple leaf 10-15-17
Autumn Blaze maple leaf 10-15-17

This next pic is from the Burgundy Belle maple that I planted on the other side of the house (The October Glory is apparently waiting for November - considering the warm fall we've had, I don't blame it)

Autumn Blaze maple leaf 10-15-17

And I have one lone sunflower, under the bird feeder, that is desperately trying to set some seed before the frost kills it (not likely as this was a very late flower) This picture was taken on 10-15, but it hasn't made much progress. We've had a couple of frosts, which haven't helped its cause.

Sunflower 10-15-17

I'm finding that I also have a burning bush shrub so will have fiery red leaves over in the shade garden. I vaguely remember last year I did identify it, but it only had a couple of limbs and was really struggling in the heavy shade. It has taken off since I removed the willow (and earlier in the year I removed a wild invasive rose that is coming from the swamp, which helped to). I'll take a picture when it gets into its full glory, so you'll just have to wait.

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It is wonderful that you are getting the colors this fall - something for which your area is prized. Unfortunately, this year, only those who have ornamental pear or sweet gum trees have been blessed around here. Most of our sugar maple leaves have turned brown and fallen; but, some years it has been spectacular so I shant bitch.

Burning bushes, in the wrong place (don't ask me where that would be), can be invasive. Birds don't seem to do anything with them; but, talk about spectacular. Do let us see, when it happens.

Thanks for the beautiful photos and the rundown.

Posted by: Cop Car at Oct 29, 2017 12:23:16 PM

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