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October 28, 2017

HOG Procession

During our HOG Chapter October 1 meeting, we got the call that a member had passed just moments before (so during the meeting). It was not unexpected, he was elderly, had been sick, and had less than 24 hours previously been transferred from the hospital to hospice. It was still sad and many members have done a lot to help his significant other (it seems just weird to say girlfriend at that age) thru the grief and the process of letting him go. Some of the LOH members also created commemorative ribbons, in the colors of his motorcycle.

Last Sunday we held a procession from the dealer to the church where his celebration of life was held. The HOG members donated food for the reception afterwards. However, the biggest contribution was carrying his ashes and his SO other on the lead bike to the Church.

Box with ashes adorned with commemorative ribbon

Jacks box prior to procession

Commemorative ribbon on an LOH member's bike
Jacks box prior to procession

Although I had planned to ride, my rear tire had other ideas, so I, along with another LOH member rode in a car at the back of the line so I was able to take pictures during the procession. It was a gorgeous fall day, with temps in the 60's and sunny. The fall foliage was still nice too.

Heading out from Heritage
Heading out from Heritage
Heading out from Heritage

Some of the bikes at the church (many others came later).

Bikes at church-lower lot
Bikes at church-lower lot

The deceased's bike (which was ridden by his son and was the second bike of the procession). Next to it is the bike that led and carried his SO and ashes.

Jacks bike

Although I didn't know him well, he was a veteran and had been a Concord HOG Chapter member since the chapter's inception. He was well liked and always had jokes to tell. Rest in Peace Jack.

Of all the truths and lies
And stories of riders in the sky
They say only the bravest try
Where eagles and angels dare to fly

Last verse from Poison's Ride the Wind



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I'm sorry for the loss of your friend - even if you were not besties. It was a lovely trail for a last ride.

Posted by: Cop Car at Oct 29, 2017 12:28:28 PM

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