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August 05, 2017

Yard Art

After the doings from last Sunday morning (see previous post), I went to Tractor Supply to get cat food. I always have to wonder around and see what they have and have lusted after some yard art 6' tall metal windmills in the dark bronze color that I favor. I even knew exactly where one would go. However, I was not willing to shell out what they wanted, so I have always just looked.

Well, last Sunday they had a sale and although the windmill I really wanted was only $10 off, another was $25 off. The only difference between them was the motif (I wanted the horse, the cheaper had choice of doves/rooster). Ah well, not like I was going to be looking at the tail of the windmill much anyway. So, after much internal debate, I grabbed a cart and the windmill made its way to my car.

After getting groceries and putting them away, I started putting together the windmill. And in short order, I had it in place.

Windmill full picture-trnd
Windmill full picture-trnd

Blades are turning slowly in this pic - not that you can tell.
Windmill full picture-trnd
Windmill full picture-trnd

Naturally, we have had perfectly still days for the last week. So still that 80 degrees feels much hotter. So, I'm guessing we won't have any wind until I have to take it down for the winter.

Oh, and at the base of it is a whole bunch of the iris from Cop Car that I planted Saturday afternoon (use your imagination since they are just rhizomes right now).

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very cool!

Posted by: Ruth at Aug 7, 2017 9:12:12 AM

Hmmm...I wouldn't have thunk of taking the windmill down for the winter. Of course, I more-or-less grew up with working windmills - not only the large ones that pumped water for the cows but smaller ones that mounted on a shed or garage to power a radio.

Posted by: Cop Car at Aug 7, 2017 2:00:31 PM

Only reason I will take the windmill down for winter is that it is fairly close to the roof edge and the snow dumpage would do damage.

Posted by: bogie at Aug 12, 2017 6:47:50 PM

Aha! You are always thinking ahead. Obviously, that didn't occur to me.

Posted by: Cop Car at Aug 13, 2017 12:39:11 PM

No reason you should think about it, not getting as much snow as we do, nor having a roof that dumps the snow.

Posted by: bogie at Aug 20, 2017 5:49:21 AM