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August 12, 2017

HOG Ride

Last Sunday I finally got to take a break and joined a Concord HOG Chapter ride. There weren't many attending as a lot were on vacation, but I prefer small groups anyway. We met up a 10 at the dealership then took a circuitous route that eventually meandered past my place and over to Peterborough, where we stopped for lunch.

My bike is closest to the camera

Bikers in peterborough

I asked Darlene to take a picture to prove I was actually there. I stood behind her trike, so am a bit hard to see.

Bikers in peterborough

After lunch, many of us split off to find our way home, while others continued on for a couple more hours. I chose to ride home in the company of two other members; one of which stores her trike in my town (although she lives elsewhere) and another trike rider who was headed back to Concord. It was cloudy and cool so I decided to wash and shine the bike up a bit. As I finished, the sun shone a bit thru the clouds - she cleans up nice :)


Bike wash front fender
Bike wash front fender

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She surely does! Glad you had the opportunity for a bit of enjoyment.

Posted by: Cop Car at Aug 13, 2017 12:36:24 PM