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July 01, 2017

Neighborhood Work

The last couple of weeks there has been work going on in the lot behind my house. Up until now it has been just a paved parking lot for some apartment buildings that are catty-corner to my property. I could tell that they were taking out trees, digging up dirt and rocks, and putting in a foundation, but I was unsure what for.

I am pretty sure it is a garage and once they started building on it this past week, the work has gone quickly. On the 27th they got the outer shell wrapped in typar.

Garage foundation next door 6-27
Garage foundation next door 6-27

Thursday they installed the roof and Friday the roof was shingled. This morning (Saturday), they put up siding.

Garage next door-far
Garage next door-far

And honestly, it will keep car lights from shining into the back windows of my house, so I'm not displeased.

I actually am happy with the color they chose; not too bright nor an intrusive color, and it does fit in well with the trees. During the winter it will stick out, but it will give a bit of cheer on dark, snowy days.

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