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July 01, 2017

Happy Anniversary Rita

It has been 1 year since Rita joined Fuzzy, Birdie and I; I picked her up on 4th of July weekend of 2016. She has fit in well. Although Fuzzy and she aren't best buds, there isn't any annimosity and they are polite and pleasant to each other. She is my desk and bed cat - making sure I can't see the computer screen and laying between my arm pit and hip at night. She has had new experience such as going outside, which it was evident she had never been allowed to do before. Heck, until November or so of last year, she didn't even get near the door and looked indifferently on as Fuzzy went in and out.

Rita on porch walking-trnd
Rita on porch walking-trnd
Rita on porch walking-trnd

As you can tell from the blurry pictures, when I am outside she is always twining around my legs and "talking" to me. When she is not next to me, she is looking for bugs to chase. She definitely has some Siamese in her or may even be purebred Oriental Cat. Doesn't matter to me, I've been enchanted by her and am happy I can give her a good home.

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