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May 29, 2017

Window Treatments

At the beginning of the month we had a couple of sunny, 95*+ days. I started thinking of ways to keep the house from heating up so badly and the simplest is to keep the sun from coming in the windows to the east and south side of the house I had already taken care of the west side bay windows. My house being older, does not have "traditional sized" windows so I had to special order. Fortunately, H*me Dep*t had a 20% off sale going for Bali window treatments, so I took advantage.

For the south facing window in the living room, there was special consideration to be given since it is just behind the pellet stove. Technically, it should be fine with any type of window treatment, but why take chances? So, I went with a metal blind. I got really lucky as the color I picked closely matches the bay window curtains. I ordered a cordless blind so there was no potential for cats to get themselves in trouble (the white item to the right is a plastic stick that opens/closes the slats).

Window Blind behind stove

For color comparison, here are the drapes on the bay window

Living room drapes-curtains2

For the window above the kitchen sink, I wanted more of a shade. Then I ran across shades that I could see thru - icing on the cake. Of course, I can only see thru it when it is lighter outside than in - and the see thru works opposite; people can see in if it is lighter inside than out. But I don't worry about people being able to see my microwave on the opposite wall, so it was perfect. The see thru picture below was taken this morning - a very cloudy, dark, gloomy day where it is just slightly brighter outside than inside with the lights off.

Window shade above kitchen sink
Window shade above kitchen sink

I still need to get a treatment for the bay window beside the refrigerator (south side), but that is shaded most of the day by the willow tree and it has large plants in it to also help keep sun out. Plus, I am having difficulty figuring out what to put there since access to open/close is not good and I can't place the rod above the window as it would interfere with opening a cabinet door.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. While I was thinking of it I measured the actual space needed and found that I could indeed install an outside mount shade to the kitchen bay widow and the cabinet door would have just enough room to open all the way. So, while the sale was still going on for Bali shades, I ordered the same type as I have on the other kitchen window, except motorized so I'll be able to use a remote. I got a bit of sticker shock with the motorization, but then adding up the costs for the motorized  drapes in the living room, found that it was  in the same ballpark. I will just have to make sure that I keep the plants trimmed so none of their branches/leaves stick outside the plane of the shade.

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very nice! do you recall the name of the see through shade?

Posted by: Ruth at Jun 1, 2017 8:30:06 AM

Ruth - that is a Bali Solar Roller shade. You can get them with up to 14% "openness", depending on material chosen. The one I got is 5% Lucence Mica (40469). You can get samples of colors/fabric if you need to. Just keep in mind these aren't privacy or light blocking shades but they do keep out a lot of solar glare.

I just checked and they have extended the sale until 6/14 at https://blinds.homedepot.com/p/bali-solar-roller-shades/205177055?id=205177055 (using :save20now" at checkout). I even put up a review and the same pics to help other customers.

Posted by: bogie at Jun 3, 2017 6:51:16 AM

Nice, thanks! I was actually thinking more for our back windows. They get direct sunlight for an extended period in the afternoon and evening in the summer, and it adds ALOT of heat to the house, so the privacy problem isn't an issue.

Posted by: Ruth at Jun 4, 2017 9:34:58 AM

Windows are always a problem - if one lives in a semi-public setting or has sun issues. You've done very, very well I think!

Posted by: Cop Car at Jun 9, 2017 4:13:12 PM