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May 06, 2017

Live and Let Live Farm LOH Donation

Back in March, LOH of the Concord HOG Chapter held a fundraiser and half the money raised was to be donated to Live and Let Live Farm, an animal rescue organization of which one of our members is a volunteer to.

L&LLF Barn
L&LLF Barn

We wanted to give the donation at the farm and get a tour, which was great in theory. After two snowstorms, HOT training and lots of rainy weather, we finally made it come together. Although not many got to go, we had a good time feeding the animals and getting some of the background on them.

First, because the farm is a working farm and obviously very busy, we got the donation presentation out of the way; Michelle is on the left with the owner of L&LLF next to her. I'm in back with Darlene in front of me. Keith is next holding a goat. Then there is Tom and Linda (married to each other and both volunteer at the farm.

Donation group with LOH flag

This kitty was having a ball playing with its toy. He had the run of the upstairs of a barn where dogs are kept in isolation until it is determined they don't have any communicable diseases and have gone thru temperament evaluation.


The cattle loved the carrots that I brought


As did the goats. The goats are so energetic and fun to watch


The fowl (geese, chickens etc) are allowed to roam the grounds freely. This goose has set himself up to be the greater / protector of a specific barn that housed several hens, some horses, goats and sheep.


Keith, our Director, feeding a horse



Linda, an LOH/HOG member who also volunteers a lot of her time at the farm



I got to pet and feed a mustang who was being worked with by the farm's "horse whisperer". The horse was very good at taking the carrots out of my hand and seemed to be thriving under the whisperer's guidance.


These two mini horses roam the grounds. They are very good with people and kids. They, of course loved the carrots.

Some of the animals had horrific stories and it was amazing how a lot of them have come back to trusting people again. They took in 5 horses from an alleged neglect situation a couple of days after our visit. There were a lot of children there volunteering their time - some with their parents and some were dropped off by parents who did not share their children's interest, but who had found a great outlet for their children's love of animals.

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Some of us would not have thought to take carrots. Good for you! Looks/sounds like a wonderful time was had by you, the other members, and the animals!

Posted by: Cop Car at May 7, 2017 12:39:19 PM

Linda suggested that we bring carrots or apple slices. Since I usually have a bag of baby cut carrots in the fridge, it was easy enough to grab them as I headed out the door. I was the only one who remembered. But, since I had most of a 2 pound bag - I shared them so the others got to feed the animals too.

Posted by: bogie at May 13, 2017 8:12:33 PM

Two-pound bag? You eat a lot of carrots. We buy the small carrots in small bags.

Your dad has quit eating carrots. Of course, he never was one for fresh veggies and is also tired of spaghetti and chili. And...he doesn't want to eat a meal at the table - wants something he can reheat for lunch and a cold plate for dinner. (He wants to eat at his own convenience!) I'm starting to have a hard time feeding him.

Posted by: Cop Car at May 14, 2017 10:28:11 AM