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May 06, 2017

International Female Rider Day 2017

Today, 5/6/17, was International Female Rider Day (IFDR). Our LOH group had a group ride planned by Assistant Director Michelle and for which a couple of us ladies contributed by arranging the additional insurance (it was open to anyone, so we needed gap insurance for the day) and creating the flyers. Michelle also made sure we had additional Road Captains to help keep us safe (they all have communications so if anyone had troubles or if part of the group got caught by a light/stop sign they could keep in touch).

And, just like last year, Mother Nature decided not to cooperate and it rained quite heavily Friday afternoon into this morning. However, we have a core group of die hard ladies, and all our Road Captains are quite hardy too, so a group of about 8 ladies and 3 Assistant Road Captains, and one guy that goes to everything set out for the 1.5 hour ride. We had a great time and only saw a couple of light showers. Pictures before we left:

In the purple is our Assistant Director Michelle and Blake, her husband and one of our Road Captains is the guy next to her. Behind Blake is Sandy, our Membership Officer and way to the left in the background is Darlene, our Secretary. I don't know the name of the other guy in orange and yellow - he just joins any ride and has that beautiful bike with red, white and blue decals. Oh, and my bike is the closest one to the camera.

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm


The two ladies, Gina and Traci, in this next picture don't belong to our chapter. They rode from near the seacoast to join our ride. Apparently the group they had planned on going with wimped out for IFDR :). They were great and we were glad to have them join us! Traci's bike is the gold Deluxe and Gina's bike is the Road Glide (the one she is standing behind).

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm

Dave, our Editor a(the tall dude) and Bob, our Safety Officer (the smaller guy) who rode Sweep (last) were both Assistant Road Captains. Sandy is over on the right and Michelle is way back there by her beautiful purple bike.

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm


This was the registration table with Patty, our Treasurer next to Bob. Sylvie, our Merchandise Officer is in the white coat and is standing next to our Director (sitting). Peter, our Activities Officer is in the background. Everyone under the tent stayed and ran raffles and held a BBQ.

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm


The BBQ was just getting set up and we were happy as heck there was food there when we got back around noon!

Bikes lined up with Michelle-Blake-Darlen-Sandy-sm

And then the Group photo after we came back; Gina and Traci, our guests are at the very left. The tallest one in back is Patty, and the short one in front of her is Darlene.  Peeking over Darlene's shoulder is Nancy, who had a heck of a time getting out of her muddy driveway so she joined us part way thru the ride. Then of course, there is me, then Michelle, then Sandy.

IFDR group pic 3

After eating I left for home, and naturally it started pouring so I got soaked (seams in rain pants don't keep out water when you are sitting in a big puddle - the seat). Fortunately it was fairly warm, almost 60, and I had my helmet on, so my biggest worry was that traffic on the highway could see me thru all the road spray and rain. I got home fine and of course the sun came out about 10 minutes after I pulled into the garage. No matter, I still had a great time!

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