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May 13, 2017

Basement Flooring

Last summer I installed flooring in half of the basement. Since the floor is damp during the spring I had to put in an Air Gap system, then install the plywood on top of that. A couple of weeks ago since the pallets of pellets I keep in another corner of the basement were pretty much empty, I decided to do the same thing.

First I cleared out the 10 bags of pellets, the pallets, and other miscellaneous stuff from that corner.

Bare basement floor
Bare basement floor-side-trnd

.Then I installed the Air Gap system

Basement floor w air gap-trnd

Then I covered with plywood. I was pretty proud of myself for doing a "once and done" cutting of that piece with the hole for the floor drain.

Basement floor w plywood-trnd
Basement floor w plywood-trnd

I also covered the rest of that Air Gap with another piece of plywood for now. It will probably come back up as I will need to have a fire proof material there in front of the stove. In fact, I may be cutting out to the drain for that reason, but the stove is off for the season, so it makes walking on it easier to have it all the same height.

Maybe next summer I will get the rest of that basement floor covered :)

Posted by Bogie on May 13, 2017 at 08:05 PM in House Work | Permalink


Are you learning about all of the stuff you do through the internet? Super! Wish it had been around when I was rehabilitating Vesta.

Great job!

Posted by: Cop Car at May 14, 2017 10:34:12 AM

A bunch of the stuff that I do is learned thru the internet. I knew from touring H*me Dep*t that there is some special materials for working with a damp floor and it is something like 2' x 2' squares, which would be a total pain to deal with (and probably too much for my patience and the uneven floor I have to work with).

The Air Gap system I am using I only found out about thru the web. I ordered it thru HD - but they don't stock it.

Posted by: bogie at May 21, 2017 9:41:29 AM