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April 02, 2017

Patches and Pins

I am going to Harley Officer Training in Buffalo, NY soon. As an officer of our Chapter, I am expected to proudly represent my chapter - and let others know what chapter that is. Up until now, I have worn a leather vest with verious patches - 2A, 9-11 memorials, travels map, a Lady Rider and LOH Patch (national group). That vest is quite full (and I have lots of patches/pins that sit in a box).

I happen to have a HD denim vest given to me by a coworker who used to ride with her ex. She no longer had a use for it and gave it to me quite some time ago. I have never used it, but no am putting it to good use by placing Chapter as well as National patches on the back. Oh, and please notice that Rita was helping so had to photo bomb - at least her chest and legs :)

Jacket back - turned

On the front are featured my officer patch and pin (on the left as you look at the picture), and on the other side are the chapter pin, the national LOH pin, and the national HOG pin for the current year.

Jacket pins

1 day of driving there, 2 days of classes, then another day of driving back. My butt is going to be telling me all about the sitting I will be doing.

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Beautiful, Bogie! I love my own denim vest - mostly because of the deep, inside pockets where I can slip my phone into one side and my wallet into the other.

My butt still hurts to sit - from my driving to/from Salina & sitting at a computer for 12 hours on two days, one month ago. Hope your skinny butt does better. Well...I not only hope...I am confident that it will.

Safe trip, Sweetheart.

Posted by: Cop Car at Apr 5, 2017 12:49:45 PM

Clarification: those were 12-hour days for two days.

Posted by: Cop Car at Apr 5, 2017 12:50:35 PM