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April 02, 2017

April Fools - I Wish

The March 30-April 1 snow storm dumpe about 16" of wet, heavy snow in my area. It was great that it didn't start sticking to the roads until I was almost home. I shoveled the first 3" Friday night, but the real accumulation didn't start until later that night. By 8:30 I measured 12".

I got the driveway snow blown, then started on the berm from the road plows

Berm at driveway
Berm at driveway

It was hard going and I was thinking how I loved that old snow blower for soldering on only asking that I put in gas and watch the oil level. Well, I'll bet you can guess what happened - I died. Oh, the motor runs great, just engaging the auger kills it. I can't find any reason so suspect either the clutch blew or some sort of bearing froze. The blessing is that it waited to die until I had the berm done. The bad news is that I had to hand shovel a path to the propane tanks and all the way to the back door. I declined to shovel the path to the front door or from the ramp to the mulch pile and where I dump ashes from the pellet stoves (and I have wasded thru the snow 3 times today to go out to that corner of the yard).

I also had to dig out the truck since the snow was over the bottoms of the doors. Also, I need a place for the snow that I pushed off the truck to land - otherwise the snow would have been window high.

Truck snowed in

I finally got to the point I could pull the truck into the driveway - I needed to load up the trash and do the dump run. I started the windshield wipers and the driver's side wiper shredded itself. So, on the way to the dump I had to stop at AutoZone and get wiper blades. The back wiper was in sad shape so I went ahead and replaced all 3.

April Fool's Day was not very kind to me, but I just had to laugh at everything anyway.

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We got some nasty wet stuff on Friday, but no where near that much!

Posted by: Ruth at Apr 3, 2017 8:19:27 AM

Too bad I wasn't there to help - by making the cocoa for you. Sorry you had such a time of it and more so that it probably isn't/wasn't the last of the snow for you. I did get a kick out of your blower "soldering" on. Non-electrical solder, one thinks?

Posted by: Cop Car at Apr 5, 2017 12:45:31 PM