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April 16, 2017

1st Day of HOT Training

They kept us pretty busy thru the Harley Officer Training (HOT).The Introduction to the training was held in an auditorium with all attendees.

Welcome screen

This year's theme of the training was "No Boundaries". That was in reference to the boundaries that we, and our groups place on ourselves that can limit chapter growth, member retention and yes, even the riding and fun.

Theme - No Boundaries

Sometimes I felt like I was back at high school changing classes every hour or so. The first class for everyone was Building Strong Foundations. Although these classes went on in several different rooms, each chapter was placed at one table. We were lucky and our Sponsoring Dealer attended training also, so we could all discuss what we wanted out of the training and preliminary planning for putting that in action

  1st class - building strong foundations

After the planning stages, the schedulers had broken up the Chapters by placing members in different classes. Somehow they knew that I was the one that am not comfortable with other people, so they managed to always place me in a class by myself (except one class on day two). Most of the other Chapter members got one other familiar person in their class.

My second class was Inspire thru Leadership where we were introduced the reason for HOG, what rules the Company institutes for HOG Chapters and ways that leaders handle challenges.

2nd class - inspire thru leadership

My 3rd class was a "Powerpack" or bonus class that we got to pick from and I chose Using Social Media. I learned a few things about posting picture do's/don't's and a few things to put into action for emails to new members.

  3rd class powerpack - using social media

My 4th class was Forging the Dealer-Chapter Relationship. We broke into groups and were asked to think as  a sector of the Chapter - Sales, Engineer, Designer, Production/QA (this coincided with the 4 types of people that started the H-D brand/company). The groups were self-determined thru personality types and my group was "William - the Production/QA person who listened and didn't talk a lot. Each group was given an exercise and to share results with the entire class. Once again I became the organizer. My work experience with leading meetings was certainly coming in handy by keeping group members on task and leading them thru the different aspects that we were asked to consider.

4th class - forging dealer-chapter relationship

That evening HOG hosted a dinner with entertainment. I was not originally planning to go as I was all peopled out, but decided to attend the dinner. The had screens set up where pictures taken thruout the day were presented on a slide show. Much to my surprise, my mug was captured.

Profile on screen

While everyone else stayed for some of the entertainment (a cover band, alcohol and dancing), our dealer and I headed back to the hotel as neither of us drink (okay, she doesn't drink at all and I rarely drink), nor fully appreciate bashes with all kinds of strangers. After a full day, it was nice to curl up with the Kindle and just decompress.

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It sounds like you had a full couple of days there, Bogie. Some of the sessions sound interesting. Something I'd be interested in knowing if they covered in the social media session: How to attract people who are not like me/you/whoever. It seems (to me) easy to attract people who have the same interests as I have, but attracting people who are totally different is a challenge to some of us.

Posted by: Cop Car at Apr 16, 2017 3:32:21 PM

Well, I'm not sure why we would want to attract people not into Harleys (same interest). HOG chapters are different than charities (who want to attract people with money to donate or who can help in various capacities). The Charter, handed down by the corporation states that You have to be a National HOG member to belong to a local HOG Chapter. And in order to be a HOG member, you have to own a Harley (proof must be given).

However, in other classes they did discuss having events for different types of riders; group riders, lone riders, weekend warriors, off-shifters etc. Plus, there isn't just one Chapter in any given state, but several; NH has at least 5 that I know of - so you are basically competing with other Chapters for members.

Posted by: bogie at Apr 29, 2017 7:22:38 AM