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February 18, 2017

10 Days and 2 Nor'easters Later

Three weeks ago, although there was snow on the ground, there was only 5-6" of hard packed and frozen snow. That has changed a bit as since just before Valentine's weekend we have had 2 Nor'easters and several snow storms.  These pictures were taken Valentine's day after I had cleaned up after a storm.

Truck in snow 2-14-17
Truck in snow 2-14-17

The day before Valentine's Day, I constructed a snow break for the back porch as the snow hadn't dumped off the roof, and we were expecting another 12-18" that night into Monday. When large amounts of snow dump it literally keeps me from being able to open the back door, so I wanted to mitigate that. The snow break as built using a couple of rail planter boxes as the base, two 2x4's, two 2x2's and a couple of pieces of plywood. Total $ spent = $0

Snow break-trnd

This picture was taken the next day after a mall snow storm. The little bit of snow under the snow break was wind-driven and was taken after the small slideage shown in the following picture. I was well please on the results even after the Nor'easter the next day.

Snow break-trnd

The snow dumped on the ramp was just a small slidage of a couple of sectionsthe morning of the 14th. A big dump will leave 6-12" (or more) of hard packed snow most of the way across the ramp.

Snow break-trnd

Today we had a nice sunny day and it got up to 53*. I was out in a t-shirt shoveling, breaking up ice and moving berms.

I shoveled the berm away from the ramp.

  Shoveled snow along ramp 2-18-17-trnd

Cleared off most of the snow from the top of the pellet pile. I used the snow shovel to scrape off the snow. I could have gotten the roof rake out to clear off the middle, but decided this was good enough for now.

Snow scraped from pellet pile

I cleared the roof dumpage berm as well as I could from in front of the Propane tanks. Tomorrow I will see if I can get more out of there as they should be delivering next week.

Snow shoveled from propane tanks-angle

I had to shovel out along the path on the other side of the house as apparently the roof dump had been pushed by the wind and completely filled in the area I had snow blown. I also shoveled a lot of snow drifts gathered at the sides of some of the paths that had been cleared.

While out there, I looked up in the willow tree to see if it had limbs hanging off. No limbs, but I was amazed that the gale-force winds we had sustained for a couple of days hadn't taken this down

Large nest in willow

That is a large nest. I don't know if it is a squirrel nest (I have a group of 3 sibling squirrels that run around here, as well as another lone squirrel that sneaks in when possible) or a bird's nest.

I probably got sunburned, but it was great getting out in the sunny, pleasant weather.

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Good grief, Bogie - I cannot tell one of our squirrels from the other. You keep track of familites?!

Oh, my, in my (much) younger days, I would have enjoyed shoveling the snow. Now...not so much. I am so, so happy that you have the stamina. With all of the physical labor you put into keeping up/improving your hom, snow isn't that much additional challenge, is it?

Yay, Bogie!

Posted by: Cop Car at Feb 19, 2017 2:07:27 PM

We got dumped on too, snow wise. And then it all melted again.....The sun feels nice at least!

Posted by: Ruth at Feb 20, 2017 9:24:46 AM

CC - Those 3 squirrels are always together so it is easy to tell they are a family. When the fourth squirrel shows up, there is mayhem as the others try to drive it away. If I see a lone squirrel, I have no idea which one it is.

Posted by: bogie at Feb 26, 2017 10:36:46 AM

That makes me feel better. I just realized, though, that I've no idea what a "familites" is. tee hee

Posted by: Cop Car at Feb 27, 2017 7:29:27 PM