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April 24, 2016

I Made a Funny

On a pellet forum, the question was, "I have been meaning to start this thread to get an idea what folks burned this year versus last year and how many pellets you may have left over for next year."

My answer, which got several "likes" and laughter emoji's:

I know I burned 6+ tons last winter. Let's see, this winter: I started with 5.3 tons. I purchased 5+6+27+15 and a few others probably - let's call it a 1.2 of individual bags. Then I bought 11 tons this spring. I currently have 12.7 tons. So 5.3+1.2+11 = 17.5. Subtract 12.7 and I get (hold on, I have to grab a cat because I ran out of fingers and toes, just gotta remember they only have 4 to a pad :rolleyes:) - umm 4.8 tons used so far this season. (Math is hard for this old brain !!!)

Then someone pointed out that cats have 5 on their front paws if you count the dewclaws. Then I remembered that Fuzzy has extra toes, so I would be in trouble if I grabbed him first.

Probably had to be there, but a few people got a smile from my answer


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April 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Cop Car

Cop Car's birthday was a couple of days ago - although her card should have made it to her on time, my blog posting is a bit belated. However, my Hyacinths bloomed right in time so these pics are for her.

Purple Hyacinth
Purple Hyacinth

Love you lots Mom!

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April 17, 2016

First 2016 Spring Flowers

Sad but true, here are all the flowering plants at this time; two English Primrose - one whcihc is much more expesed to wind and cold so is still showing affects from the really cold day a couple of months ago - but it is going for the flower, so I assume it will survive.

English primrose
English primrose

The bulbs I planted last year are coming up

Bulbs coming up
Bulbs coming up

Sadly, the gardens will most likely suffer this year as I will not be able to do any work at night, and weekends I have other house projects I want to get done. However, I'm not saying nothing will get done as I never know what I will be in the mood to work on.

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April 10, 2016

What I have Been up To

Two months ago I started a second part-time job cleaning offices at night. I had been only working 2-4 hours a week; working on Tuesday and Friday nights at a local dentist office with another gal and helping at other places when someone called in sick.

Last week I started working every week night as a gal decided 3 (!!!) jobs was too many and her last day was Thursday at another dental office in the next town over (this place is only open Mon-Thurs). This is a good fit for me as once a month I have the LOH meeting Thursday evening, so I can push out that night's cleaning until Friday. I will still be working the local office too. I will be getting in at least 3 hours every night except the Friday's that I only work at the local dental office - that will be about a 1.5 hour night.

Last Friday night I evidently didn't have enough of cleaning as I decided my wood floors really needed to be oiled. So, I vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed some sections, then got on my hands and knees and went to work. I moved every piece of furniture in the living room (except the entertainment center), while the rest of the room I just moved small things like chairs.

I was quite pleased with the results

Living rooom floor after oil-turned
Living rooom floor after oil-turned
Living rooom floor after oil-turned

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Wacky NH Weather

In this winter of El Nino, NH weather has made some records and distinctions this year; This was winter that wasn't, being somewhere between the 2nd and 4th warmest winter ever recorded (I have forgotten which and my Google-fu isn't getting the info I'm looking for).

Snow fall was at the least amount ever recorder until last week's snow - and I'm unsure where we sit now, but it is very low on the list. Last week Concord, NH (where official temps are recorded for the state) recorded the coldest April low temp ever at 4 degrees. The next day they set a record for the coldest low temp for that date.

Naturally, since I brought the bike home over a week ago, it has either been cold (high temp 20's) or warm with spring showers (AKA - severe thunderstorms, there has been nothing gentle about this week's showers). With the snow in the middle of the week, the roads are covered in mounds of salt/sand since the wise people of DOT failed to plow the 5-6" of snow we received. Instead they elected to use the melty and grippy stuff. Even the heavy rains on Thursday didn't budge the piles of sand in the corners of the road I drive to work.

Looks like at least another week before I can ride the bike, which means I get to listen to it putt in the garage as I need to charge the battery that is slowly being drained by the security system.

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April 03, 2016

Birthday Party 2016

Because Cop Car was complaining that I didn't post the picture on my blog - all the people that attended my birthday part (otherwise known as the April HOG meeting that happened to fall on my BD)

HOG Meeting 4-3-16

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April 02, 2016

Kansas Weather

Cop Car had posted about the wildfires in Kansas last weekend. Then I saw this on FB; wildfires, blizzard, Tornado, 80* - all at the same time. And New Englanders think they have it rough with the quickly changing weather.

Kansas Weather 3-23-16

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Watch Kitty

I have squirrels that constantly raid my birdfeeders even though the feeders are literally right outside my back door. I thought that when Fuzzy was outside the squirrels stayed out of the penned in area. They have figured out they are in no danger from me if they are outside the pen and I am on the back porch, but surely the squirrels wouldn't come onto the porch while the cat was outside. Remember, Fuzzy was feral the first 5-6 years of his life and I imagine he caught a lot of his own food.

Yeah, right. See how my hopes are dashed :)

Fuzzy and Squirrel

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Just in Time for Snow

After cleaning out the garage to make room to bring the bike home from storage, I arranged a ride for Sunday (4/3). What is magic about Sunday? The monthly HOG meeting is held on the first Sunday of the month and one of the gals goes pretty much right by my house to attend the meeting. The plan was that she would pick me up to go to the meeting and I would ride the bike home.

Monday night the weather guessers started talking snow for the weekend. Tuesday, they sang the same tune - ARRGGHH!. Wednesday they were predicting inches of snow for Sunday. Meanwhile it was in the high 60's with thunderstorms coming on Friday.I didn't want to wait another month to pick up the bike (the next HOG meeting).

So, I called the dealer and arranged to pick up the bike Thursday after work. I left the car there and rode home in 60* - a bit on the windy side, but plenty warm so it was a good ride.

Bike home on 3-31-16

I drove the truck to work yesterday even though it was plenty warm. I was glad I had as there were torrential rains on my way home.

This morning I texted the gal to make sure she didn't forget to pick me up tomorrow morning so I could pick up the car, and added that if she was going to Concord today, that would work for me also. Ack, she was sick and going to the minor emergency center because she thought she had pneumonia. If she had pneumonia, she wouldn't be going to the HOG meeting. I offered her a ride to the ME if she wasn't up to driving but she said she would pick me up instead . Turns out she went to the ME in Concord instead of the one closer to her; evidently, she doesn't like that place closer to her home.

Anyway, I got the car picked up, so all vehicles are now home. The gal texted me a while ago that she doesn't have pneumonia (Yay!), just a terrible cold. It was a juggle, but everything worked out.

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