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March 19, 2016

Maybe I'm a Prepper :)

Since receiving pellets a couple of weeks ago, L*wes has halved the price of pellets. Fortunately, I am active on a pellet burner forum and members alerted me not only to the bigger sale, but also the fact that they will price-match previous buys within the last 30 days. The last two tons I received were bought on 2/27; within the 30 days. I made a trip to the store this morning with receipt in hand. I ended up getting half my money back. With the "found" money, I am getting even more pellets delivered. They won't be delivered until the first weekend of April, which is fine by me. At that time I will have pretty much two more year's worth of heat on hand - and spent only a little above what I would normally pay for a heating season.

Not bad, even using the average price, and paying for delivery, I averaged $155/ton. At the beginning of the season I was happy to get "early season saving" prices of $259/ton (and that is for middling pellets - really good pellets were much more). People on the forums can't remember when the prices were this low. Of course no one is making money - just moving the stock out and taking the loss and getting some cash flow. It will be interesting to see what shakes out for pellet prices over the next couple of years.

So, once the pellets are delivered, I will have 8 tons outside plus 3 in the garage. Then I have 2.3 tons or so in the basement.

If prices stay low next season, I will top off my supply as money and availability allow. If prices are volatile, then I can ride it out on what I have stashed. Does put a crimp in my plans for what I was going to do to the house, but it only affects me, the cats, and Birdie so is not a big deal. Not like the house will fall down or anything, just spend more time looking at framing instead of proper walls :)

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