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March 19, 2016

Birds are Arriving Ahead of the Storm

Saw my first robins for the season last Sunday. Just two, but that is 2 more than I've seen since last fall. Then I saw two geese in a swamp a couple of miles from home yesterday afternoon.

Just opened the back door to let Fuzzy in and heard a cacophony of birds that I hadn't heard lately. I believe they are redwinged blackbirds but since I can't see them, can't be positive. The confusion arises because the calls aren't their territorial calls, which are easy to identify - but seem to be just the last syllable of the call. I'll have to keep an eye on the bird feeders and see if they come in so I can confirm, or deny, my identification.

Have a Nor'Easter coming in tomorrow evening and lasting thru Monday morning. They started out predicting up to a foot of snow. Last night they said 3-5". This morning the forecast was down to and inch +/-. It all depends on where the track takes the turn at. We'll know for sure by Monday evening :)

Update at 5:35: Just looked out and there are about 15 redwinged blackbirds in the trees immediately behind the house. Opened the door and heard the same bird calls - so my earlier ID was correct.

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