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May 16, 2015

Long Walks

April is the time of year that I have to get my car inspected (yes, I realize it is May, but I am working on old stuff off my camera and phone). Unfortunately, my car needed a lot of work to pass inspection. I had originally taken the car to a place close by where I work, so I could catch a ride from a coworker. However, I found that they were not as honest, or as reasonably priced as I would like, so I ended up taking my car to my local maechanic that I have don't business with for 20+ years (actually did business with his dad before he passed the business to his son Glenn).

Local is in relative terms; it is in Antrim, and is 5.8 miles from my house (yes, I know exactly the disatance). Now, the issue was that the work would take several hours and probably be over the course of a couple of days. Sure, I had my bike to get to/from work, but getting home after dropping the car off (and getting there to pick it up) was problematic since I have nobody around to ask for help (not asking EX).

So, I dropped the car off on a Thursday after work, and walked home. The shortest way back is about 2.5 miles along a main road, then split off onto back roads, some of which are dirt. If there were more ways to cross the Contoocook River, I could have shaved off some distance, but there isn't, so I couldn't. However, I was able to eventually utilize a snowmobile trail that runs alongside the longest stretch of the walk. Gave my shins a much needed rest from pounding the concrete and also ran straighter and flatter than the road it paralleled. Although cloudy and cool, it was still a nice walk and I got to see some parts of the river that I normally don't see, and go right by the local gun range (Deering Fish and Game - last picture).

Snowmobile trail by fish and game
Snowmobile trail by fish and game
Snowmobile trail by fish and game
Snowmobile trail by fish and game
Snowmobile trail by fish and game

Glenn kept the car until Tuesday as his tire supplier misunderstood and thought he didn't need the tires until then. Worked out fine as Monday was very hot and sunny, but Tuesday was cool and cloudy - I was comfortable and not sweating my but off on the walk to the shop.

I was pleasantly surprised while passing a house that is shortly before I hit the main road - it had lots of tulips and daffodils blooming. If I had known, I would have taken a picture when I went by on Thursday to show the difference 5 days makes.

  Flowers on the way to pick up car

It all turned out well; I had a great excuse to get more exercise than I would normally do on my own, got in some awesome scenery, and had pleasant weather. Hey, and I know it consistently takes me 1 hour and 20 minutes to walk 5.8 miles at a decent pace (not hurrying, but not quite strolling either).

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You had a lovely route to walk. Gorgeous! That's what I normally do while my car is being serviced. It's been several years since I've had to leave a car overnight, though. Nick (filling station owner South of El Paso Shopping Center) used to shake his head at my walking home from leaving the car for him to service; but, it wasn't that far to Sunrise.

Car inspection in Kansas was short-lived.

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