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February 14, 2015


Cop Car

Bogie--I'm really happy that the thermostat works. It just proves that you really knew what you needed!

As to the 68-degree bedroom: better you than me. I would be smothering.

To be fair, when you were using propane, your house had much more heat loss, didn't it?

Love the photos of your roommates.

Cop Car

P.S. I know you've been having low temperatures; but, have you been getting the blizzards? I know they've been reported not-too-far from you.


The house probably had more heat loss, but I am now heating the basement too (an extra 650 sq/ft - about an extra 66% of area) over what the propane heated. Also, the bedroom and craft room are over the garage, so the floor lets in lots of cold air (even with area rugs).

Cop Car

Ouch! I would not appreciate the cold floors. That is one nice thing about my bathroom in the basement. The floor is never really cold. (My adjoining bedroom, as you will recall, has carpeting, so even less cold.)

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