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April 23, 2014


Dear MA Unemployment,

That brand new website that you are so proud of is light years behind NH's in user friendliness, organization and useability. And I'm talking about NH's website that I used back in 2004! When I submit paperwork, I expect it to be submitted; I don't expect it to sit there and do nothing - every time regardless of which browser I use. When you tell me to submit online, I don't expect to have to mail it because it won't submit. And, I expect if it doesn't submit, to let me know that it didn't work.

I expect it to take URL's when asked for a URL - and not have it complain that I didn't put in a valid email address. And, when I put in an email address (because it complained about the URL and specifically said it was looking for an email address), it still complains and I have to back out and redo the entire thing to MAYBE get it to go thru.

When I have actions pending, I expect a notification to pop up somewhere. I shouldn't have to guess - expecially since finding those notifications is like a treasure hunt, without a good prize at the end. Oh, and those notifications have some strange ID, that doesn't match with the ID of the submissions that I am making (or trying to make) online, so I have to guess which it goes to. Could you give the two items that are related some sort of matching ID, if only the title?

The programmers, project managers, and debuggers should be fired for making such a poor product and allowing that poor product to be released for public use when it does not do what it is supposedly designed to do. MA citizens, and those that work in MA - this is your tax dollars supporting very poor work!

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Congratulations on your new job, Bogie! Although it sounds like Massachusetts could improve their unemployment insurance system a great deal, for now, it won't be a big factor in your life. Woohoo!

Posted by: Cop Car at Apr 23, 2014 11:28:19 PM