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March 16, 2014

Closing it Up

A couple weeks ago I ended up repping some of the sheetrock out of the stairwell right after I had given it a first coat of paint. I had fixed bubbled tap by retaping/mudding and thought that would be good. But then I got the bright idea of removing the trimwork along the treads so I could cut in with more of a professional finish (well, advanced layman anyway) and found that the drywall was crumbly and the corners were all mud. Naturally, I couldn't stand that, so out the drywall came.

Stairwall Open

Yesterday I finally got the replacement sheetrock cut. Okay, that isn't tru, I had cut a piece a couple of weeks ago and managed to get it perfect except the 1" gap at the top stair. Last weekend I was busy with other projects, and I needed WS to bring me another piece of sheetrock since it won't fit in the Jeep, which he did on Friday.

It took forever to cut as I was being extra cautions. Actually the initial cut down was fairly quick, it was just the final shaving down for final fitment that took about an hour. However, I am quite proud of the results.

Stairwall Sheetrock

The small gap at top is from when I removed the old piece of drywall, but should be no problem to fill. not bad if I say so myself considering I had to cut each stair (and of course none of those are the same), and I had only cut one piece of sheetrock before (a simple width and length). I just about dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back - LOL.

Now I just have to get the bottom piece done and screw them to the framing before I can start the tape/mud and finally resume painting.

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And I dislocated my shoulder trying to reach far enough to pat you on the back. Well done!

Posted by: Cop Car at Mar 16, 2014 12:23:49 PM