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February 23, 2014

Head High

New Hampshire has seen plenty of snow the last couple of weeks. The berms have gotten so tall that if meltage hadn't occurred Friday and Saturday (and should continue today), the next snow would meen hand shoveling as the snow blower was at it's limit as to the height it could throw. As it was, it was a good thing the 13" of snow I got during the week was dry and fluffy, otherwise the shovel would have gotten a workout then.

Front Walkway
Front Walkway

Sorry the pictures are so dark, but I lightened them as much as I dared - they were taken thursday night when I got home from work.

With all the snow meltage over the last couple of days, I was gratefull to find that the sump pump is actually in working order. The garage floor has been very wet with seepage from the overhead door and it would be going into the basement if not for the pump. As it is, I have to squeegee the low spots so the water goes to the sump hole, but that is no big deal.

  Sump Pump

And the lights that Harry installed a couple of weekends ago do a great job. Once the vapor barrier and drywall are in, they will have LED, recessed lights, but for now I just have regular incadescents in there. There are 3 lights in all, which provides plenty of illumination.

Garage Light

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, with its stunning photos of sump pumps and light bulbs, then you really need to find better hobbies than reading my posts - LOL.

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My daughters do not constitute a "hobby", Lady - they are much too important. BTW: I included you in distribution of the email that I sent your dad with your postings of today so that you could see what a great job Microsoft Office 2010's "Auto Correct" function does on too-dark (or too-light) photos. That function saves me a bunch of work - not that I don't have to use other, individual functions at times.

Posted by: Cop Car at Feb 23, 2014 9:09:15 AM