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November 24, 2013

House Rehab Update

I have spent all my free time working on my house. All last weekend, and after I get home from work (7 to 9 or so), all of yesterday, and more planned today. That sounds like a lot of time, and I have little to show for it, but the house is getting cleaner and better looking - which is important to me before I move my stuff in.

I didn't get any before pictures of the kitchen and dinette that really show any differences. Just be assured that 2 coats of White Chocolate paing, scrubbing the cabinets inside and out, scrubbing the fridge inside and moving the stove to clean out all the crap underneath  out took up 2.5 days. Additionally, I polyurathaned the kitchen window, the bay window in the dinette, and the shelves in the dinette, which they sorely needed.

  Dinette - Polyd

The biggest bedroom, which will be the craftroom and contain bookshelves was really ugly. It had one wall that was a bright reddish pink and the other walls were a brownish pink. It took 2 coats of specialty paint (I chose that instead of putting on up to 4 coats of regualr paint to cover the colors), the entire room is painted Nob Hill Sage green. This color has a bit of energy (this is a craft room) and is slightly soothing (don't want too much energy!)

  Red Wall
Red Wall
Red Wall

The smaller bedroom, which will be my bedroom, was painted a turquiose blue. Although not a horid color, not a restfull color either.Instead of going with the expensive coverup paint, I decided I would use a similar color. I settled on Honolulu Blue, which I think is working very well despite the fact I have only one coat of paint on there (another coat will go on today).

  Turquise Room
Turquise Room

The livingroom has not been worked on yet. It is the same turquise as the small bedroom was, with a mural on one wall. I think I will keep the mural for a while. In fact, painting this room is not a high priority, so I am unsure if the room will get painted before I move in. Depends upon other if other priorities get completed.

  Living Room
Living Room

Part of the cleanup was taking all the FHW registers off and fscrubbing them, then painting them. These were horribly scuzzy and they are way too long for me to fit in the shower, so I took them up to the family house and cleaned them in teh tub (some of the registerss are 9 feet long, so even that wasn't easy). Each register consists of 4 pieces; 1 cover, 1 face, and 2 end caps. After just 4 pieces, the water had to be replaced.

  Nasty Registers
Nasty Registers

Last night, just before leaving for the day, I painted some of the registers. Didn't take pictures, but will see the results soon. The good thing about having an unfinished basement is you can paint these types of things inside. I have always had to repaint registers outside before, whcih made it challenging with wind, bugs, leaves etc. Actually, I ended up doing the registers in the workout room, whcih has panelling for the walls so I had to cover them in plastic. The floor is concrete, so I just swept out all the dirt (after moving the crap they had left), and it was good to go. I'll take pics later, so I will just leave you with the fact that I did not paint them the traditional white/cream. 

Gotta quit dilly-dallying around. Need to get my butt down to Hillsboro and work on the house. Oh, one last thing - WS finished putting up the dog pen, so now I don't have to take Prince for a walk every time he needs out. I have been taking him with me so he doesn't spend so much time alone, and he can get used to the new house.

Have a great week people, I will update when I can.

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Did paint the living room white - originally as a base coat but think it will get a second coat of white instead of the blue I was planning. Karen came over and painted the "yellow room" (to be the office) for me, leaving me extra time. Did not get the second coat on the bedroom - probably do that tomorrow night.

Posted by: bogie at Nov 24, 2013 6:58:18 PM

White is so flexible. Damn! Karen beat me to the yellow paint. As I recall, yellow was the color of the paint that I put in your bird room, years ago! Let me know when you are ready for me to slather on more paint. ; )

Posted by: Cop Car at Nov 26, 2013 3:53:12 PM

I left a comment on this posting a few days ago - about how Karen had taken over the yellow paint. (Wasn't that the color that I slathered on your new walls in the bird room at the other house?) Obviously, it went to spam. ; (

Posted by: Cop Car at Nov 28, 2013 9:18:11 AM

No - the paint for the bird room was white. I have never painted a room any color than a version of white until I moved here.

Posted by: bogie at Dec 15, 2013 5:07:43 PM

Chalk another one up to my fabulous memory!

Posted by: Cop Car at Dec 16, 2013 12:41:41 PM