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November 29, 2013

Basements Need to be Cleaned Too

 Yesterday was the big push to get the basement in some kind of decent shape. There were two reasons for the push:

  1. New washer and dryer (thanks CC and HH!) are being delivered this AM and I needed to make sure that their spots were clean.
  2. Tomorrow is moving day and a lot of stuff is going to be placed in the basement until I figure the bast place for it.

OMG the cobwebs! You see in movies houses that have been abandoned, or barns that are full of cobwebs. Okay, it wasn't quite that bad, but I spent as much time vacuumig the ceiling as I did the walls and floor (yes, the walls too desperatey needed vacuuming). I used a large shop vac that I hauled from the other house. Sorry, no pics of the cobwebs, but I did take a couple of the area. Oh, and I had already picked out a bunch of larger boxes that were in good shape to use for moving, removed about a gajillion blocks of wood, plus removed a bunch of plastic sheeting so you aren't getting the full effect.

  Basement mess 1 (800x600)

Bu heater (800x600)
Bu heater (800x600)

Doesn't look too bad, until you realize that every box was filled with more boxes, which were filled with other boxes. I had to break down every box, and remove styrofoam inserts, so the cardboard could be recycled. And, underneath the boxes was several years (maybe a couple of decades) worth of dust, grime, lost screws and bolts etc. After many hours of breaking down boxes, picking up various piedes of metal and more wood blocks, broom sweeping the major stuff, then vacuuming everything, the area was much better looking and organized.

  Corner cleaned (800x600)
Corner cleaned (800x600)

I didn't take a picture of the cleaned area under the stairs as it is now empty and quite boring. I also moved a couple of doors (room entry and sliding closet-type) and bed frames to the corner picture. I needed to move those as that is where the dryer is going (plus, it needed cleaned - I know, imagine that). I scrubbed the walls to get the old mold stains off (they show up as black areas on the walls) using Krud Kutter and bleach water. Then I scrubbed the 6 inches of concrete floor closest to the walls as there was about 1/2" of yucky black gunk (gunk mixed with years of dust/dirt) that I just couldn't let be. But neglected to take pics so you will have to use your imagination.

One find was an antique chair. It is in sad shape, butr the most interesting thing was that the pad was kept in a plastic shopping bag. Okay, that isn't the interesting part, but this is; the padding was falling apart (beautiful fabric by the way), and it was stuffed with straw. Yes, straw. I'm guessing that means this was truly an antique.

Antique Chair (800x600)
Antique Chair (800x600)

I really wish I had another day so I could paint the walls, but if wishes were horses . . .

Anyway, I gotta go do more cleaning and then the appliances will be delivered between 9 and 11 this morning. Will post more pics when I get a chance.


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Hmmm...horsehair, I've seen. Straw? Only in a mattress kept in an out-building.

Posted by: Cop Car at Nov 29, 2013 8:56:10 AM