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February 17, 2013

Final Pics from Snowmageddon 2013

Just a few pictures from last weekend's Nor'Easter:

Sunday was so nice; sunny and a high of 28F, so I got hot shoveling and ended up taking off my jacket.

Still had to wear gloves because the handle was cold, and the Sorrel boots to keep the feet dry, but it was still a really nice day for finishing the clean up.

On Monday, the roof started shedding its snow load - WS snapped these pictures of the snow overhanging in the back, then the front of the house before he got out the roof rake:

Ice overhang
Ice overhang
The roof took a couple of days to completely shed its load, but it cleaned off fine and is nice and clear for the next storm.

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Aha! Your (almost) new roof works well. I'm glad that you got it!

Posted by: Cop Car at Feb 18, 2013 12:15:55 PM