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January 26, 2013

Ethonol-Free Gas

The Weekend Pundit had a dialog this past Sunday about ethanol laden gas. Ethanol lowers our fuel efficiency in our vehicles, and attracts water which can cause corrosion. This is especially true for engines that aren't run every day (motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, mowers, weed wackers, generators etc.).

Scary Yankee Chick says she can find pure gas fairly locally. I have wondered for years if the fact that I haven't gotten the advertised MPG out of my last two vehicles was due to my not having access to ethanol-free gas (cause you can bet your booty that athe testsing is run on pure gas!). I got either at the high end, or even bertter, MPG out of previous vehicles (pre-ethanol) because the roads I run have few stops and speeds of 40-55 MPH (the sweet spot for most car engines).

Anyway, for anyone interested, there is a petition at We The People to keep ethanol-free gas available. You will have to sign up (if you haven't already), but it is fairly straight forward. There is also a site that tracks were ethanol-free gas can be found in your state. To my surprise, I found 4 (last I knew there were 2 - both over 70 miles away). Unfortunatly none of them are in areas that I drive, but we do ride out into some of those areas occasionally.


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