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November 08, 2012

First Snow 2012

Yesterday I started getting ready for the first real snowfall. Sure, we've had flurries, but nothing that stuck or accumulated. The first order of business was to remove the furniture from the deck, but first I had to take a picture of Fuzzy laying on top of the wood rack.

Then, this morning I got to shovel - only about 3" of snow. Just enough that I had to use the shovel instead of the broom.

While shoveling, I saw a black speck. I thought it must be soot or ash from the chimney. However, it moved, and there wasn't any wind. Then, it continued moving, slowly to be sure, but moving.

It is now buried in the snowpile below the deck. I don't know if that will insulate it enogh to survive until the temps rise this weekend - and seriously it won't keep me awake at night.

Shortly after I went back inside, I happened to look out the kitchen window and saw an Evening Grosbeak at the feeder. Scary Yankee Chick had recently posted that she had the same visitors (with beter pictures than mine) and I had commented that I only had them come around every few years. I only saw the one, but I'm sure his buddies weren't too far away.

The snow won't stick around too long. We are supposed to get a warm up on Sunday. We still need to get the bikes to storage, so we definitely hope that we have some nice days ahead.

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We've not had snow yet here. Some white flakes mixed in with sleet, but no real snow....I'm sure its just a matter of time!

Posted by: Ruth at Nov 8, 2012 8:40:49 AM

Bogie--It is well that you kept your priorities staight - thanks for the photo of Fuzzy! I cannot imagine a fly's being moving in the temperatures that you likely had.

Scary does have some good photos. Since the Harris' sparrow is common around here during the winter ("our" flock of 10-12 hasn't yet arrived), I had to laugh at the need to provide a photo for confirmation of ID.

Posted by: Cop Car at Nov 8, 2012 9:13:54 AM

Cop Car, you think having to provide a photo is bad, you should SEE the knots the local birders have been tying themselves in trying to get a glimpse of said little birdie with setting Apollo into a protective frenzy (since said noise and agitation sends the birds flying....)

Posted by: Ruth at Nov 8, 2012 2:39:40 PM

*with OUT setting Apollo

Sigh, can't type!

Posted by: Ruth at Nov 8, 2012 2:40:04 PM

Temps aren't bad - they warmed up for the snow. I think low was 26 last night and it was probably right around 30 when I was shoveling this morning. Although once I typed the temps, it does seem kind of odd for a fly to be moving then. But I watched him crawl for a minute or so before thinking to take a picture - and it was meaningful crawling, not just nerve spasms.

Posted by: bogie at Nov 8, 2012 3:47:18 PM