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October 26, 2012

Tricks Only

So remember the dilemma that I hoped I would have, but dreaded. Fear not, no dilemma, just all tricks and no treats.

FD, who has had me on the phone several times, in to talk to 5 (yes count them, 5) people, finally made their decision. Not me. Seriously, the email said it was between me and an internal candidate. So, the internal candidate wasn't good enough to put in that job on 8/20 (when the job was posted), but is now? What that email really means is the people I interviewed with liked my qualifications, but they didn't like me during the personal interview, so they had to wait until they found someone inside that was willing to take the job. Congrats to that person, it's always exciting when one moves into a different role within company.

SG, who called me after 6 PM on Wednesday, and wanted me to come in for another interview this week, has found that they can't corral the people they want me to meet. Really? You were in such a rush that you wanted me in on Thursday afternoon. Then it was, "clear your calender for Friday" (which I did even though I had to reschedule a phone interview). Now it's, "we'll try to make it work next Wednesday afternoon". Well, I believe that the person who would be my boss liked me during the personal interview, but I could tell the Director of Manufacturing didn't. Now she is trying to find someone higher than him, who maybe I can get to like me. Good luck with that, I expect nothing from them at all at this point and will be shocked if a second interview round actually happens.

Which leaves door #3; OP, the company that has been stringing me along for 7 weeks and has stated it will string me along for several more. This is the company I have interviewed at twice (6 people total). The company that most likely won't hire me because I have no medical device experience. I truly believe that they are making offers to others, just keeping me on the back burner in case no one accepts.

Now we are getting toward the season when no one hires because of all the holidays (who wants to pay new employees for 4-6 days of non-work right after they have been hired?). So my next choice at this point is to try to get contract work.

Contract work offers pays 2/3-1/2 what I used to make. To put that in perspective, it pays what I made in 1999, when I was still hourly. It is paid hourly, without any holidays, and no benefits. And, from what I've seen, contract employees rarely get picked up as a permanent worker - the contract is only renewed, so the pay doesn't get any better.

The time that unemployment compensation runs out is quickly approaching (no, there are no extensions). In a couple of months I fully expect to be working at Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds (if they'll even hire me) since the more time passes without a job, the less likely employers will even want to talk to me.

The tricks are on me this Halloween Season - that's what I get for letting myself get my hopes up.

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