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April 15, 2012

Still Dry

It has been so dry and windy that New Hampshire was under a red flag warning (extreme fire danger) most of last week. Hillsboro had a brush fire that took 7 towns to knock down. It wasn't easy to get too, as it was in an area that had no roads, but that is why God invented 4-wheelers and light water hoses (WS was on the fire department when the only option was to carry water on his back - uphill naturally).

We did get a bit of precipitation last week. Not much, probably about 1/4-1/2" all told. I had just gotten home on Wednesday when it started raining. I got the groceries into the house and it started pouring. Then it started hailing, then sleeting. By the time it was done everything had a nice coating of slush.

Fuzzy was not impressed as he had spent the day out and was at the slider desperately wanting in (I finally saw him and let him in before the sleet hit). The dogs just had to stay in the pen until the event was over; the were even smart enough to get in the dog house - that doesn't happen very often!

Unfortunately that didn't even begin to touch what we need, precipitation wise, to reduce the threat of fire. We still haven't seen spring rains (after a winter of little snow), and all the storms out west look to travel to the south of us.

Well, if we all got the weather that we wanted, when we wanted it, all the time, that would probably mean that we were in heaven - and I'd miss a whole bunch of my friends in that case (or they would miss me!)

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