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February 28, 2012


I have become a research resource on sled dogs - given as an assignment by a Texas teacher. The teacher points to a post I did quite some time ago.

Found this little tidbit because my stats automatically loaded when I signed it=nto Typepad and I got curious as to why I was getting referals from Teacherweb.

Hey, and only 3 days until Iditarod 2012 starts!


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Real Snow Due

Things ought to be interesting in the next couple of days. Our first real snow (read: over 4") since November is due to hit Wednesday into Thursday. 6-10" of the stuff is projected to fall (still subject to change of course).

What will make it interesting is that the snowblower is in pieces. WS started to work on it a couple of weekends ago, found more parts that needed replaced, ordered the parts, and the parts aren't in yet. Even if they had been received, WS worked about 15 hours on Saturday and Sunday, each, so he wouldn't have had time to put the parts in. Oh, and for those keeping track, all days that WS has worked during the weekend, we have gotten snow/sleet, so I have had to deal with it all by myself. Of course, it is much better than the hours, and hours of brutal wind and cold, so I haven't complained too much.

Town Meeting is coming up soon, so we are in line for another snow storm on that weekend too.

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February 26, 2012

Eagles Landed

Bald Eagles Land On 101 Eastbound - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire.

Rt 101, in Bedford, was closed down for a while this morning as two bald eagles thought it was a great place to get a break from the wind.

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Belated Valentines Posting

Normally WS and I just get each other cards for Valentine's Day. This year I decided to surprise him by sending flowers to his office. Naturally, he wasn't there when they were delivered, but he did see them at the end of the day. He brought them home - probably so the guys at work would quit ribbing him (they were just jealous because they weren't getting anything!)

WS Val flowers


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I'm normally not the luckiest person in the world (except for meeting and marrying WS of course), but I managed to win a little something from a local grocery store chain. Yesterday I picked up my winnings:

Winning box


Winning box


Yep, a camera. Just a cheap thing, but still something. After charging the battery, I found that all the animals were within the same area:












It takes good pictures and has a higher megapixel and zoom available, so perhaps it will show to be a superior camera to my Canon. However, it doesn't have the micro picture taking ability, so the Canon will still be used for a lot of garden shots.

As an aside - Sony could really work on its software installation and updating; it sucks big time. Windows 7 doesn't help by asking if what I really want to run the software each time I was asked to run something. I never did get it to update because the update is initiated by the software, the update can't be done while the software is open. The update can't seem to tell that you have closed the software (even after you click on the button that says "retry"). Oh, and downloading the photos to the computer is no where as intuitive, or easy as the Canon.

I've dealt with more recalcitrant software before, but not lately.

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February 19, 2012

Doggie Fun

You gotta go check out the pictures of the dogs on Little Friends Lifestyles. (found thru Hell in a handbasket). Somebody likes to take pictures of dogs as they plunge into a pool after a toy - some great stuff there, even if you are't a dog person. Give it a moment to load, then it will go thru a slideshow.

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New Hampshire State of Mind*

By way of the Weekend Pundit, comes this Facebook truism:

I'm From NH

* Yes, I stole that from the song of the same title by the Super Secret Project.

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Good Read

I've been reading Perigee, by Patrick Chilis, for the last couple of weeks. I actually abought the electronic version and have it on my phone so I can read while in line at the store, or other times that I have a couple of extra minutes. I bought the book, not because I knew anything about the author, or the book, but because Amazon had suggested it to me and it was on sale for $0.99.

I have been thouroughly impressed - a very good book. If my airplane loving relative hasn't read it yet, I suggest she hie herself to the library (or the book store) and grab a copy. Oh, and I suggest it for anyone else that is in for airplane / aerospace thriller. Although I haven't finished it yet, I find it hard to put down when my couple of minutes of reading time is over.

Since I've recommended it, I'm hoping the ending doesn't suck!

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Bird Count Slow Down

The bird counts have not gone well. We've had little snow this winter, since the 25.5" we got in October. All of that melted, and we have had precious little snow since then. Last weekend, we had several inches of packed snow still left over the ground; the only open spots were where we had shoveled/plowed, and just over the septic tank. It got warm enough during the week,that even most of that has melted (we actually had mud in the pathways yesterday).

The Audubon birdcount of last weekend netted a whole 13 birds of 5 species. So far for the GBBC, I have 5 birds of 3 species. Okay, I will admit that I forgot about this weekend's bird count, so didn't watch Friday, and didn't start watching until late afternoon yesterday. But I'm guessing that really, that has almost no bearing on the count so far. The bird feeders are rarely visited. And it's not that I miss seeing lots of birds (I've never seen bunches at a time), but that I've missed the flurry of activiby at the feeders. In fact, even with the squirrels making forays onto the deck, I rarely have to fill the feeders (every 2-3 weeks). Even the Blue Jays don't come out for their bread crumbs and peanuts - they are left on the platform feeder for days.

Well, an easy winter on us, means an easier winter for the birds, deer and other wildlife, so I shouldn't complain. Iy just seems lonelier without the birds flitting around

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February 15, 2012

Age Test

ROADKILL had this age test:





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