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July 24, 2011

Unexpected Presents

I've wanted to go out for a several hour ride, to see how my bike felt, so last Sunday WS and I set out for a ride. We left about 10, went the long way to Lincoln, then the long way to Plymouth, then home. We put on about 220 miles and got home about 6.

When WS came in from getting the dogs, he announced that Karen had been by. I asked how he knew and he told me to go out on the deck. Well, when I saw this, it was pretty evident:

Full Cover
Full Cover
Full Cover 
She had made our old glider cushion, with fabric of wolves and pine cones against a blue background. It was almost colorless as it had been in the sun (and rain) for many years. So Karen had taken measurements a couple of weeks ago, promising to replace it.

I would say she did a fine job!

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Beautiful job! (And anyone who knew anything would recognize it as being Karen's work.)

Posted by: Cop Car at Jul 24, 2011 6:55:33 PM