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April 10, 2011


Yesterday was a day for outdoors - and bringing the outdoors in. While WS was at work, I did our regular Saturday dump run. While out and about, I picked up a new chain saw for WS, since he killed his taking down the maple (he had to borrow the neighbor's saw just to get it cut up).

WS had had the old saw for 10 years, and he bought it used, so it was time to retire it. WS had researched the saw he wanted, and decided on a Husqvarna Rancher 460. He called around for prices, and was happy to find that our local equipment dealer in Antrim, Taylor's, was competitive. Sure, yeah, we probably could have gotten it a bit cheaper on the internet (maybe), but the local guy did all the prep, and is just down the road if something should go wrong with it. Plus, he had one in stock, so no waiting.

When I got home, the sun was shining brightly on the house, and although it was only in the high 50's, the house was heating up. I was glad to be able to open a few windows and crack the slider, to let in some fresh air. While the house was airing out, I went and swept the street.

No really, I swept the street. - or parts of it anyway. I cleaned off in front of the driveway (upper portion) and several feet above it. I also cleaned at the top of the hil where it meats rt. 149. Those are start and trun spots for the bikes, so I wanted at least most of the sand off the road there. The road currently looks as if it is a dirt road, so you know the sand is deep.

After that, I pooper scooped and raked up all the small twigs that were left in the yard from the maple being taken down. WS had already removed the large stuff and mid-sized stuff, I just took care of the stuff that would get caught up in the mower. I also chipped away at the snow bank where the bikes will turn from the yard to the driveway, to give us a larger area in which to work (the front yard is still has a good amount of snow left - I'd take pics but apparently the camera is with WS as he went to a job today).

Prior to raking, I set out the tomato, cauliflower and broccoli sprouts. I started sweeds last weekend and those 3 had come up so I figured they would appreciate the brighter sunlight out on the deck. Bout 3, I brought the sprouts back in and shut up the windows as clouds were moving in. Although it was still in the high 50's, the house was cooling off rapidly. In the early evening I started the woodstove once again.

When WS got home, he brought the Suzuki down from the storage container. He thought that it would be muddy, but the ground is still frozen back there, so there was no trouble getting down to the shed. I may get to ride to work a couple of times this week. The temps are expected to be in the hight 60's or low 70's Monday. It is also supposed to rain, but it will depend upon how much rain, and if it is raining in the morning, before I make the decision to ride or not. I'm hoping to take the bike in for recall work next weekend, but it depends on if they have the part and the time to do it.

Today it is supposed to be in the low 60's, so as long as the sun is out, I'll get to open some windows again. Then I'll have to figure out what I can do outside to enjoy the weather. Maybe Mother Nature has finally decided to loosen her grip on winter!

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