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October 23, 2010

Progress Report on Siding

Here is proof that ther is headway being made on the outside of the house:

Front Strip  The front was the last to be stripped of siding. WS was surprised to find plywood at the bottom, but that just means that there was no insulation there (except what we put up on the inside).
Front Strip 

The contractor showed up on Monday, and I managed to get home early enough Tuesday to get a couple of pictures.

Front Plywood  All Plywooded up.
Front Plywood  Two new windows on the side of the house.

The rest of the week I haven't gotten home until well after sundown, so I haven't seen any of the siding that has gone up. It is not complete yet (the electric company decided not to do the standoff until Friday - they were scheduled for Tuesday), but should be done sometime next week.

Naturally they ran into a couple of problems. We had to get a plumbing guy in to repair the pipe that they nailed into (FHW pipe for the upstairs was run thru the overhang in front). Then yesterday they nicked an electric line (fortunately we shut off a lot of the breakers while they are working). 

There was also a casualty amongst my plates - the Indian Maiden with wolf fell and broke. My fault - I should have taken the plates off the wall. I'll be removing the plates from the front wall this weekend so that we won't have that problem when they do the front of the house!

All in all, the project has gone rather smoothly (knock on wood). Hopefully it continues on that path!

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Progress is, indeed, being made on your house. Great! Bummer on the pipe, electric line, and plate. That was a gorgeous plate!

Posted by: Cop Car at Oct 23, 2010 6:01:16 PM

I got lucky and found the same plate on Ebay - for less than what it was orinally sold for. So I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. Today it is up on the wall - like nothing ever happened.

Posted by: bogie at Oct 30, 2010 5:11:27 PM