July 20, 2014

Bug Eat Bug World

Yesterday I was out back and saw a dead bug on the railing. Didn't think much about it, but thought it a strange place for one to pick as its final resting spot. But I placed a finger next to it, and it moved - but didn't fly off.

Strange. So, I got my reading glasses to take a closer look. I could barely make out what seemed to be wings below the bug.

Got my camera, put it on macro (it has the BEST macro ability - I can get as close as my fingers, or the subject, will allow me to get - and this is what was going on:

Bug Eat Bug
Bug Eat Bug

After his/her meal, it was time to wing away to parts unkown.

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Pet Pics

I haven't shown any photos of the kids for a while, so here are a couple

Prince and Fuzzy out in the pen (Fuzzy is way back at the fence):

Prince and Fuzzy

Prince all spiffyfied up. I took him to a kennel Friday morning thru Saturday afternoon since the window guys were there with the door open all day. While he was there, I had them give him a bath, and apparently their groomer gives an extra touch with the bandana. This pic is after I picked him up on Saturday.

Prince from kennel

They said he did well, which is nice since he has never been in a kennel except at the vet for a procedure, and he doesn't like other dogs since being attacked several time. He definitely looked like a happy and relaxed dog when I picked him up. Sure, he was happy to see me, but he knows how to guilt a person, and he didnt' do that. He was relaxed and in good spirits - a huge relief as I will probably want to kennel him for any trips I take.

Guess I'll have to make an effort to get a pic of Tory so he isn't left out next time.

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New View

I am all excited! Friday they started installing the new windows. So far, only the front three are in, but those were the tough ones. Compare and contrast from when I bought the house to now:

12 Union Street
12 Union Street

Here are some pics from the project and views from the inside:

Putting in front windows

Above pic is of Friday evening's progress; the installer said 5-6 people stopped Friday as they were driving by and told him how wonderful the windows looked.


Oh, and the garage looked like that - still looks a lot like that since only the BR bay has been removed since the pic was taken.

Putting in front windows
Putting in front windows
Putting in front windows

I do have to stain the seats/bases of the bays and garden window, then polyuerathane them. Easy work compared to what I have been doing the last couple of months!

Monday, the rest of the windows will go in. They will be much easier and quicker as they are just replacement double-hungs. Already loving that I have windows I can open more than a couple inches; I had one 12" wide window I could open 4-5 inches in the living room, the bathroom window wouldn't open at all, and neither would the bedroom windows.

Out of the 6 windows they will replace tomorrow, one BR window opens all the way (has to be held by a piece of wood to stay open), one in the office opens 8-10" - none of the rest open. Some are painted shut from inside and outside, some the pully systems are broke, and some are just so warped that the clearances don't work. The office window that opens took Hurculean efforts to break the paint bonds to get it to open, even after knifing between the sills and the panes inside and out (EX actually had to finally do it and he wrestled with it for about 10 minutes).

Okay, technically the side window in the living room opens, but it has no screen or storm window. And, it is the one odd-sized double pane window, so I can't transfer from another non-working window. So, to keep cats in and bugs (and wild birds out), that window stays shut.

It will be good to get cross breezes in here!

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July 13, 2014

Last Room to Demolish

With the windows being installed this coming Friday and Saturday, I had to make a last push to get the exterior bathroom torn out.This is the shortest wall at 5.5 feet so shouldn't take much time right?

All the walls are covered by an ugly tile board. Great to keep moisture from attacking walls in a humid oom, ugly as sin and there is no patching of it that isn't obvous.

Bath wall 2
Bath wall 2
Bath wall 2

So I removed the tile board, and found there was sheetrock underneath. Hu, who woulda thunk it? Then, I remove the sheetrock. Well, in order to remove the sheetrock, I had to remove the double cabinet on the wall above the toilet as it was too close to the exterior wall to be able to remove the sheetrock.Let me tell you, installing a wall cabinet by ones-self, although hard work, is much much easier than taking one down by your lonesome - if you want to keep it in one piece anyway.

Cabinet location
Cabinet location

 and there is actual insulation in that there wall - double hu! It is R11, and I am putting in R13 anyway.

Bath insulation

I figured I wanted to get rid of the ugly tileboard anyway, so while the cabinet was down, I ripped out that wall too. This house never ceases to amaze me - there is a lone square of insulation in the side wall - WTF? Really, nothing but the tileboard and sheetrock was removed before I snapped this picture.

Lone insulation piece

When I removed the insulation I found it was really good that I had. Apparently the reason it is there, instead of rockwool, is that the wall had come out before because of water damage below the window. Well, they hadn't properly dried and treated the mold, so I am in the process of remediation. I have cleaned the surfaces and used a mold killer on the wood (I know, only gets surface stuff, but that is fine according to my research). Then I had fans on the area for about 5 hours to ensure the wood was dried fairly quickly.

Sometime this week I will use a mold restrictive paint for the affected area and beyond. Let that all dry out and then I can put up insulation. Fortunately the insulation is not the important part to have done before the windows guys come in, so it should all be good.


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Good Eats

I found that I have black raspberries growning in the front hedge. They are small and seedy, but delicious!

Black Raspberries

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New Stair Rails

The rails to my front steps were in really sad shape. The were abuse aluminum and you certainly didn't want to hold onto them for balance, much less depend on them to keep you from falling off the steps.

The EX had told me that he would make new railings, which he did, and he installed them last weekend. They are of galvanized steel, so should hold up to just about anything. And the galvanization means I have all kinds of time to paint them if I so desire.

Stair Rail
Stair Rail

I feel better knowing they are in before the window guys come as I could envision them going over the side with a window - without good results!

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July 07, 2014

Summer in the 603

The Super Secret Project is a NH band that doesn't do mainstream airwaves, but has done several songs about NH (or the 603 - our area code). The have teamed up with Roots of Creation and made a new song, Summer in the 603.



Money quote in my book: The Devil Went Down to Georgia because Daniel Webster kicked his ass!

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July 06, 2014

Team Names

This is for Cop Car, pertaining to her posts in the last two weeks. This is also to the The Weekend Pundit who had a post or two about this topic, but I'll be danged if I can find it again.

Team NamesH/T to SIL in Derby who shared this on FN


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July 05, 2014

Finding Things of Use

After dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing floors for 4 hours yesterday (to get the majority of sheetrock dust and insulation strands out of the wood floors and off the furniture), I started rearranging the basement in preparation for a delivery that should happen in the next two weeks. There was a corner behind the heater and water heater that held a lot of large flat items; inside doors, closet doors, a spare window pane for the living room window, frames for a couple of single beds, and a shower door.

Wait. What? What was that that I didn't realize was there? A shower door? It was in its original box and I had never looked closely at it. I assumed it was an old storm door or another window. But when I started opening the box so I could figure out if it would go to the dump or go to EX for metal scrapping, I found this wonderous find.

Shower Door
Shower Door

I really hate shower curtains. I had investigated getting a shower door when I was at the old house, but couldn't justify the cost (those puppies are tres' expensive). Why this thing was put into storage, and as far as I can tell never actually installed, I have no idea. But, the dimensions seem to be correct. All the hardware seems to be there - and instructions too.

Me thinks I have found another project to work on.

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Office Worker on a Motorcycle

 Last weekend was fairly easy. I only had to demolish one wall, in the office. I got the demo done on Saturday, including running all the dtritus to the dump. Then I got the plywood scabbed in and caulked. Sunday morning I got the insulation put in and then I played the rest of the day by going out for a ride.

  Office start demolition
Office start demolition

Left about 11 and got home shortly after 4 so I would have time to get regular chores done.

Bike - mountain

There is a hang-gliding hill outside Claremont and I stopped to take pictures becuase I saw an ultralight towing a hang glider

At hang glide Claremont
At hang glide Claremont

It was good to get a project done (or at least as done as it is going to get until contractors come in) and still get to relax for a while.

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